This journey we’re on seems to be filled with perpetual opportunity to live more fully in the present.  The present really is the present!  Our challenge is to embrace it with grateful attitudes, opening and expanding the riches.  I just love it when I get it more right!

Yesterday I savored coffee in the bath with “The Alchemist” before embarking on a fifty minute run around Kirkland with my daughter Annie.  It was gloriously sunny and a perfectly cool temperature.  Heaven!  A couple of my brothers suggested my shirtless appearance in the fancy hotel lobby was inappropriate, but I wanted vitamin D from the sunshine and route suggestions from the lobby staff.  It was a good call, as we jogged a part of the Lake Washington shoreline on board walks and a long pedestrian bridge.  The park was filled with happy people and Annie and I may have been among the happiest.  Endorphins rock!

Trusting God to deliver our needs is really impressive sometimes.  Just after we decided fifty minutes was enough running, we discovered a patch of beautifully ripened blackberries, where we ate our fill.  How perfect is that?

After leisurely preparing for Julie and Mark’s wedding, we discovered that we should have left sooner.  Oops!  We arrived in time to see them take their vows, however, but we didn’t need chairs.  They are so happy and so right for each other.  My heart is glowing!

The dancing was fun!  I almost felt like a chick, dancing with no one and everyone.  It wasn’t about finding someone for me.  It was about living fully and loving the moment.  Grooving to the tunes and enjoying the people in my life now.  Making the best day possible.  Honoring myself and others.  Then sleeping well and doing it again!  Thank you Lord!  ( :