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Rodney Atkins is quite a show man!  His spirit blazed and his love for his fans was obvious.  His voice was pleasing and his passion was contagious.  Nick and I were a little too close to the speakers, so the drummer gave my heart some good tests.  Thank God for all the exercise lately!  We were slightly outside the range of the dozens of guitar picks he flicked into the crowd, but we were close enough to see his face well.  He was loving his life!

Rodney’s skinny jeans made his long legs look even longer.  His tight shirt made his arms look bigger.  His simple ball cap covered wild spirited hair and framed his laser eyes, which showed his appreciation for all of us.  A lot of us were there last night!  It was so fun!  ( :

Is this the way we wish to live?

If not, then why not strive to give

focused effort to change our ways?

Living fully, in regret-free days!

FEAR be gone, you’ve done your part!

You’ve taught me every day to start

to take more steps towards being free,

as healthy practice sculptures me.

Baby steps towards a better life

with much more fun and much less strife!

I’ve learned from fear that life’s less fun

when from pain I try to run.

Befriended pain polishes to a shine

deep, lasting faith that all is fine!

I’m lovable, it’s true I see,

with a wellness focus to who I’ll be.

 If nourishing love comes to my side

I hope she finds me free of pride.

Staying healthy and letting go

an easy role in the natural flow.

No grabbing on, no lesser me,

rock solid values guiding who I’ll be.

I wish to grow and love with zest.

I do not want to be a pest.

We are precisely what we choose.

May our examples be great news!


I feel so lucky to be enjoying good health and good weather in a lovely place.  Many things have spurred my gratitude lately, like driving to work with the windows down, sun roof open, sun shining and streaming XM music.  Driving a new rig has been very nice.  The cab is quieter.  The steering is better.  The stereo sounds better.  I am safer.  The seats are more comfortable.  It’s all good.  I appreciate the blessing.

Feeling the progress in my muscles has always been good.  I’m grateful that I’m able to do some weight lifting again now.  Chi running techniques have really opened up my running opportunities, so I’m able to run farther and more often, without pain.  Thank you Lord!  Riding my bicycle in the glorious sunshine feels like heaven to me.  Getting a tan, unloading stress and endorphin trips are nicely packaged in scenic jaunts.  Yay!

I like the recovery of my spirit, feeling faithful and optimistic, knowing in my heart that all is and will be well.  I enjoy bantering with funny people at work and at home.  It’s ironic that these are the same people who have really bothered me at times.  Is this great evidence that our happiness is derived from our spiritual well-being?  Are most of our troubles created by our own struggles with attitude?

I’m looking for ways to better my body, my job performance, my parenting, my treatment of others, my home, my office and my enjoyment of life.  I like finding ways to serve others, including sharing my bounty, opening doors, and gifting smiles.  I often recognize my egocentricity and my self-protective denials, so I can pray to keep them at bay.  As we live better, becoming more well, we shine our lights, offering example and encouragement.  It this the way of enlightenment?  The path to self actualization?  It is being all that we can be?  Is it is the way to solutions?  Does it beget creativity?  Can it foster cooperation?  Is this road to wellness?  ( :

Hooray for themed potluck day!  My co-worker/friend Sandy instigated Friday themed potluck Fridays in our office with Zucchini Friday last week.  We had zucchini Quiche for breakfast with zucchini bread.  For lunch, zucchini salads and more zucchini bread.  It was fun!  Today’s ingredient is corn.  I was so tired from my run last evening that I’m cooking this morning.  I wonder if I’ll pass inspection with corn and steak and melted cheese?  I’m bringing garden fresh cherry tomatoes as a peace-offering.  Sandy mentioned corn hotcakes and I’m guessing we’ll eat cornbread.  I wonder what else?  It’s exciting and fun!  ( :

I feel freedom sometimes.  I want it often.  I keep finding different definitions for it.  I sense this is because I’ve tasted its serenity without being completely free.  That is, waves of freedom arise from surrender, but my surrender has not been complete, so the peacefulness has been intermittent.  Whether this is the definition of being human or not, I’m not sure.  I know in my heart that I crave this freedom, and that my greatest wish is for everyone to have it.  I pray for it for those I’ve loved who still search for it.  I pray for it for those who don’t even know to want it.  I pray to move towards more complete surrender in my heart, my soul and my mind, so that I can be an example of acceptance, compassion, love, tolerance, contentment, happiness, joy and service.  Hey!  Someone told me to dream big!  ( :

Hooray for Monday!  Thank God for my job to go to.  What a blessing to have chores lined up.  Thank you Lord for healing my body parts, my mind, my soul and my spirit.  Thank you for putting all types of people in my life to help me move towards your ideal for me.  What should I do today?  First of all, get ready and get to work.  There’s a budget to craft.  There are people to inspire, joke with and serve.  There’s air to breathe deeply, feeling the boundless potential of this gift of life.  Let’s dance our way through all parts of our lives!  Let’s help each other laugh, smile, dance and grow.

Happy sunny summer day!

The orthopedic surgeon told me a lot without clarifying much.  Apparently, almost all of us have been, or will be, stricken with elbow problems.  Our elbows are weak links, much like the rotator cuffs in our shoulders.  Healing is perhaps as much luck and art as it is science.  My elbow has improved over the past three months, but not completely.  The specialist gave great insights into advanced treatment options, as well as healing struggles, ending with the same message as my primary care provider:  if it hurts, don’t do it.  Otherwise, carry on!  Resting it is not the answer.  So I’m back to living a bit more fully.  I hit the weight room last evening, going very light with the weights and ramping way up on repetitions.  I’m excited to try golf, tennis and throwing a football.  I hope I keep healing.  I’m aiming to strengthen my arms, going more slowly this time.  Maybe I’ll be the tortoise; someone else can be the hare.  I hope to avoid cortisone injections, but the doctor said they seem to work well.  This feels like a big lesson for me in listening to my body, instead of trying to rule it.  Perhaps there are even bigger lessons: seeing more clearly my powerlessness, utter dependence and amazing blessings.  Even more, my complete ignorance of what’s coming next.  That’s reason for excitement!  Come on life!  Deal the next hand!  ( :

I sense that the Olympics are not finished with me.  I have enough unseen material on my DVR to stretch them out, and I ignored much of the news, so they’re good for me.  Plus, I’m hopeful that the spirit of the games will live on for as long as possible!  The top-tier athletes are looking good!  I’ve ridden my bicycles and ran often, so I’m feeling pretty fit.  Today I visit an orthopedic specialist to assess my healing elbow.  It would sure feel good to be able to do more upper body work, play golf, throw a football, play tennis, etc.

Yesterday I ramped up my ab work and today I feel good.  I want to seize this Olympic after-glow to break past mental barriers and reach new heights.  I can be better, stronger, faster and more flexible.  I can also be more enlightened, more adaptable, more patient and more creative.  Last evening I hopped on my Kona mountain bicycle and was totally enthralled with it again.  It had been several weeks since I rode it, after a tire blowout, a car flattening windstorm and the resulting separation.  I’m just as amazed all over again.  It is an engineering masterpiece!  I feel like my legs are powerful pistons when I’m riding it.  I zoomed around for an hour last night, passing sundown and many people, out for their evening walks, runs and rides.  I embraced the burn in my legs, the pull of my abs and the pumping of my heart and lungs.  I was like a kid at Christmas, loving the moment, as well as measuring my progress.  I was a believer, full of hope, dedication and zeal for the moment.  I was fully alive!

Wow!  It’s so amazing to me how life/God deals me what I need when I need it.  Or maybe I see what I need exactly when I’m ready to see it.  In any case, there are many lessons for me to learn along the path to a better version of myself.

Annie is so fun!  We went to our second concert in as many days on Friday, and it was incredibly inspiring!  Jo Dee Messina had more life perspective than when we saw her at the Pendleton Roundup concert about five years ago.  Marriage and giving birth to and caring for two kids changed her world quite a bit.  But she has not lost her love of the stage, nor has she lost her powerful voice, or her passionate delivery.  Asked if marriage had dampened her tendency towards man bashing, she suggested that it had only given her more material!  Jo Dee delivered humor, songs about bouncing back from life’s hardships, and commitment to her dream when others thought her career was winding down She was better than ever.  Richer in the ways that matter.  She was real and she was in her element.   The crowd was not huge, but we were passionate, and she felt the love.  Her encore lasted half an hour!  We all left richer, inspired and full of treats for our souls!

Annie and I treated our bodies to her amazing culinary creations:  whole wheat pizza, zesty pesto, protein cinnamon bread, red pepper humus and quinoa with vegetables.  My taste buds and my health are loving them!  We also organized my kitchen and rode our bicycles for 95 minutes yesterday on the Bennington Lake/Mill Creek trails.  I was excited to keep finding ways to better my life, so I went to “The Dark Knight Rises” last evening and ran five miles this morning.  I plan to continue the re-organization and purging of my possessions today.  It feels good!  ( :

How fun!  I hadn’t been to a concert for a while.  Ana stirred the idea, Annie checked the web and spur of the moment fun won out.  Yay!  The crowd was a bit small, but the music was wonderful!  It’s so invigorating to see and hear passionate singing.  As Josh said, the best songs are the ones about direct personal experience.  Some of his were about lost loves, a commonality for so many of us.  I could relate and heal at the same time I experienced a masterpiece.  Josh’s soul was beautifully illuminated by his diverse vocal talent and enthusiastic delivery.  We were fully alive!  ( :

Yes it’s a word!  I’m learning who and what inspires me, getting to know myself better.  I’m defining my dreams and optimizing my health, striving to be the best possible version of myself.  Endorphins fit nicely into this plan.  They help me feel optimistic, content, grateful, peaceful and successful.  So I feel best when I push myself.  Yesterday, after sleeping in and sipping coffee, I went for a run in the sun.  It was past 10 AM, so it was already quite warm.  I went without expectations of how far I would run.  My right ankle has been a weak link.  Heat makes running hard.  I was pampering myself to celebrate my birthday.  After walking two minutes, I felt the need to start running, before it got even hotter.  I focused on keeping my column straight, leaning the column forward and landing on the middle of my feet.  I hoped these Chi Running tips would help my body hold up.  I also focused on relaxing my ankle muscles, so I wouldn’t be fighting myself.  When I relax well, I can run farther.  I found some big trees that offered shade, so I fit them into my route multiple times, avoiding cooking my brain and sapping my energy.  Then, as I ran, I became mentally tough.  I found determination to make progress.  I remembered past running highs.  I recalled basking in the joy of being fully alive.  I felt the refreshing, almost cool, breeze in the shade.  I kept on plodding, left, right, left, right……

I diverted my attention from the heat, sweat, tiring muscles and sore ankle with mind games.  I strived to balance the benefits of achievement with the risk of lasting injuries.  So I targeted four miles, after feeling good to start.  Then I kept ratcheting my target up, checking in with my ankle, and relaxing it.  I ran for sixty-two minutes, or about 6.5 miles.  When I was done I felt so good!  I felt great!  I knew in my heart that my attitude would be good for the rest of the day.  I knew I’d made progress on my physical and mental health.  I knew that whatever came the rest of the day, my cup would be running over.  I had faith.  My kids chose to spend time with me, so it was a great day.  Today I’ll find ways to have another great day.  Perhaps a long bicycle ride?

I surely didn’t expect to write this, but it’s true.  I’m inspired by my new 4Runner!  It reminds me of who I am.  It helps me visualize who I want to be.  It flashes me back to amazing discoveries, free-spirited friends and exhilarating adventures.  I’m a wild thing!  I like to go back to nature.  I’m fired up to climb mountains, ski slopes and bike wild trails.  I want to do more kayaking, snow-shoeing and sight-seeing.  I’d like to try paddle-boarding and wind surfing.   

I like listening to the sounds of nature.  I enjoy the splendor of a starlit night in the deep darkness of the backcountry.  Escape from electricity!  I love mountain-top views and alpine lakes.  Natural beauty polishes my spirit!

I enjoy college football games on snowy Saturday afternoons.  Go Cougars!  It’s a huge blessing to have a sure-footed vehicle on slippery days.  Modern safeguards like air bags and computerized traction and braking also add to my peace of mind.  

I appreciate having a rig that can handle a variety of conditions.  I’m enjoying the chance to sit up higher.  It’s a new perspective on life.  Exceptional ground clearance and a stiff suspension make my world bigger.  I have room to carry several friends, or a lot of gear.

This ride will help me live fully.  Time to get wild!  ( :

Nicholas is very much like me in many ways.  He is also very different from me in some ways.  Both help him be a good teacher to me.  Our teachers appear from everywhere!  We can learn much from careful observation of others.

Nicholas has a very kind heart.  He loves people and is very good at reading them.  He loves to laugh and play.  He does not love chores, but is getting better about doing them, because his heart tells him it is the right thing to do.  Mostly, he wants to have fun!

Nicholas believes in clean living.  He’s chosen to avoid drugs and alcohol without having to go through the learning pains of overuse/abuse.  What a great running start on life!

Nick is strong and agile.  His quickness makes him a fun hackysack partner.  His creativity helps him invent new shots, keeping the game fun and entertaining.  He is also very good at tennis.  He’s at a higher level than me, though I give him my best when I get the chance.

Nick’s creativity helps open my mind.  He’s not afraid to challenge my thinking, which is exactly what I need.  Examining my database helps crystallize the positive beliefs and overcome the hurtful ones.  What a blessing!

Nicholas has blossomed beautifully in recent years.  He’s learned to eat better, study consistently and work earnestly.  He’s building life skills that will be crucial to his continuing progress.  He’s learning to balance more parts of life, though he has a very strong passion for video gaming.  Luckily, he also is passionate about his girlfriend Jaslyn, which draws him back to non-virtual life!

Nick is blessed to have good guidance from his older sister Annie.  It’s easier for him to learn from her at times, and she is a great role model and source of ideas.  She’s helped Nick become an excellent student and a healthy eater.  Those are wonderful gifts!  ( :


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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