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Where is life headed?  I don’t get to know, so obviously I don’t really need to know.  I’ve spent a fair part of my life thinking I knew what would happen next.  I’ve been wrong a lot!  Experience has taught me that specific expectations about future events are illusions of the mind.  We don’t know what will happen.  That’s what keeps life interesting, exciting and challenging.  What is the meaning or purpose of life?  Perhaps to find an answer to that question?  Maybe it is to continue to learn to love better, more unselfishly.  Love is giving, serving, listening, praying and trusting.  Love is the greatest joy of my life.  Seeing love in others reveals the greatest beauty I’ve ever seen.  I call this seeing God in them.  To me, God is love and love is Godly.  When I act selfishly it drags my spirit into a downward spiral.  When I act unselfishly, it lifts my spirit up.  When I continue with unselfish acts, I experience spiritual freedom.  All is well with the world.  I can more easily tolerate selfishness in others.  I stick to observing the behavior of others and judge them less, focusing on how I can better give to a positive environment where we all can continue to grow.  This life is a process that is sometimes bewildering, joyous, saddening, invigorating, depressing, exciting, challenging, enriching and endearing, to name a few.  What a gift!  It’s taken me many years to actually thank God for the most difficult challenges of my life.  These challenges offer the greatest growth, because they show my utter reliance on God, when no human power can relieve me of my afflictions.  In these moments, God works His most amazing transformations in my spirit.  I become a little less selfish, a little more loving and thereby a little more like His perfect image.  I’ve been blessed with incredible people in my life, people whose smiles glow with amazing images of God.  Thank you for the love you’ve shared with me!  You build my faith by serving as living examples of God’s love.  Love is the mightiest power of all.  Love is everything.  All you need is love.  ( :

Thanks to for the link above.  It speaks to women, but is easily transferable to men.  I believe it advises us to:  (1)  Be prepared by carrying lean protein sources,  nuts,  fruits and vegetables when we travel.  This reduces the likelihood of eating unhealthy convenience or fast foods.  (2)  Eat every few hours, with smaller meals, of course, always including protein.  (3)  Minimize unhealthy fats, like unnecessary butter on an omelet, for instance.  (4)  Eat fewer carbohydrates on days when we don’t work out.

I love feeling good!  Eating right helps me feel great.  It’s a circle of success, because I get more energy for working out, which increases my ability to do more things.  I love the spiral towards better health!  Might we cross paths on our journeys to better versions of ourselves?  Live well!  ( :

 I just read that I can build three pounds of lean muscle in a couple of months of weight training, thereby boosting my metabolism by seven percent.  This intrigues me, as I love to eat!  I’ve been very regular at weight lifting (mixed with other types of exercise) for over four months now, and I see progress.  I’m guessing that at this rate I’ll be comparable to an NFL lineman in about seven years.  Brett Favre would seem young!  Are you feeling skeptical?  What if I merely feel stronger, more energetic and more confident?  Will all the sweat and exhaustion be worth it?  I have this perverse goal to trick the actuaries and outlive my expected lifespan.  Since I can’t afford to “retire” yet, I’m plotting to become so healthy that I’ll be rewarded with years of happy, joyous living when I do end my current employment.  If it works out that way.  For now, I’m loving the anti-depressant effects and the challenge of trying to keep up with my kids.  Can I become the world’s oldest hackysacker?  Who knows!

Hmmmm.  When I actually ask the question, the answer is obvious.  Whining will help no one.  Shining will at least help me and hopefully others too!  If I’m tired enough, or lost in self-will, I can whine without realizing it.  What a sad way to chase people away!  How to shine?  Thinking about what I can do to make other people’s slice of this world a better place to live.  How can I serve?  Can I help them find their way?  Can I make them laugh?  Can I help them see their God-given potential?  Can we brainstorm together?  Might we enrich each others’ days, even if only with smiles?  I write this today to remind me to make the most of this amazing gift of time alive.  Can this be the best day of my life so far?  How could one possibly measure that?  What if it were my last day on earth?  I’d want to show you all my love, my hopeful spirit, my kind heart, my passion for life and especially my appreciation for you and the incredible gift of this journey we share.  Hey!  I”ve lost the urge to whine!

What do you think of my equation/causation?  Perhaps add “in” on  the front of my “sanity”?  Sometimes so!  I’ve certainly been there enough.  My deep belief is that recognition of my powerlessness over all people and emotions, most situations and many substances holds the key to true freedom.  Powerlessness relieves me of the overwhelming challenge of trying to play God!  Lack of control necessitates a measure of humility, which opens the door to acceptance.  Acceptance allows for the possibility of gratitude, which paves the path to service.  Serving others is the source of true happiness, the definition of love and the polar opposite of selfishness,  known to me as the bed-partner of insanity.  Lord, help me do the next right things!  ( :

Wow!  I am so inspired!  I’ve always advised my kids to chase their dreams.  Do what you love and your life will end up well.  I took a safe path in my education and career and it’s been a good life.  But what if I had chased a passion?  Who knows what would have happened?  Hey!  Life’s not over!  One of my current passions is building my physical body into the best temple of God that I can.  It’s fun, exciting, hard, painful, exhilarating, invigorating, challenging, social, confidence-building and really good for me.  I’m not obsessed, but I’m more dedicated than I’ve ever been.  Sometimes I feel sore, injured or discouraged.  But when I work out, I don’t get depressed.  So I work out almost every day!  Exercise is one of the best medicines for me.  I want the best for me!  I want the best for you too, but your choices are totally up to you.  I don’t have time to think too much about how life might have gone differently if I’d made better choices earlier.  I’m too busy making up for lost time!  ( :

Age really is a state of mind!  Maybe it’s a state of sore ankles, tight back and slower recovery too…. NO!  That’s my mind trying to trick me again.  I need to rest, I need that giant Costco chocolate muffin….  Ha!  I want to be child-like, not childish.  I want to be adventurous, not fool-hardy.  I prefer to be athletic, but not obsessed.  I remember some cool old adages:  variety is the spice of life, moderation in all things, etc.  A balanced life: the elusive, alluring goal that draws me on.  When I was a young man, I was too lazy to build the strong muscles that now tease me on.  Some days I think I’m making good progress and other days I think I’m losing the battle, physically speaking.  I refuse to surrender, as my belief is that the aspects of health are so inter-related:  physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.  Life has dealt me blows, as it naturally does.  I want to bounce back, better than ever before.  My belief is that God makes all things possible.  He’s done amazing things in my life.  My recovery from the pits of despair and hopelessness fired my faith.  If the value in life is loving others the best I can, then I need to be the best version of me that I can be, to be spiritually capable of such love.  Today I ran 8.5 miles in glorious sunshine!  I tried to serve my kids as best I could today, which strangely led to the start of this blog.  My loving daughter Annie, aka, masterfully pointed out that the worst case scenario is that I’ll have documented part of my life and thoughts for my kids to read.  Cool!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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