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Some things sound so obvious, but I need the reminders anyway.  So to say I need to do more to become able to do even more seems unnecessary.  But these types of reminders help me push myself, so that my conditioning improves.  This opens beautiful doors to me!  Reading Cheryl Strayed’s book “Wild” has me fantasizing about hiking more of the Pacific Crest Trail.  The parts I’ve seen and heard of are spiritual magnets.  But I’m the guy who found a thirty pound pack to be heavy on my recent hike.  So I think leg and core strengthening is in order.  Now I have special motivation to do it!  I’ve never seen the High Sierras.  There are 1,700 miles of Pacific Crest Trail calling my name!  Who wants to go with me?  I think we’ll be in for heaven on earth!  ( :

Gran Fondo’s bike ride was fun!  As the leader announced two groupings, I guessed mountain bikes would lean towards the slower group.  But when I saw some join the first group, I hopped on my bike and followed.  Starting at the back, I started passing the slower riders.  I typically ride only an hour and a half or less, so I tend to push the pace.  Maybe I’m an endorphin junkie.  I’ve had worse addictions!  After passing the mountain bikes and slower road bikers, I pedaled furiously to keep the medium quick road bikes in sight.  There were a lot of turns, so I finally lost sight of them, limited to a rather slow top gear.  Somewhere I missed a painted red arrow, and got off course.  Too bad for me and the half-dozen people who followed me!  A kind lady’s smart phone got us back on course.  I was grateful, because I got to tour several beautiful vineyards, orchards and wineries that I’d never visited before.  It felt so good to ride hard.  The challenge of chasing lighter bikes was just what I needed!

After watching football and the Ryder Cup, I was primed for more sunshine today.  So I went for a run.  I was a bit surprised by how good my legs felt, so I ran my full training loop.  It was a little slow, partly because of the warm weather, but the sun and the workout felt so good!  Maybe I”m getting in better shape.  What adventures will open up to me?  I’m hoping for new discoveries, new achievements, new foods and new friends!  ( :

What a glorious time of year!  The afternoons have been gloriously sunny, warm and inviting.  Hooray for the weekend!  It’s a little tough working indoors on these beautiful days.  It’s awesome to have a good job.  It might be even more awesome to be on vacation, soaking up the sun!

Tomorrow I’m joining the Gran Fondo event to do some bicycling, hang out with active people and support a great cause.  I feel so lucky to be healthy, happy and centered.  I’m also excited to hop on my bicycle again; it’s been out of service for over a week due to a nail in the trail and my busy schedule.  Now I have a new tire and internal fire!  My legs are anxious to go!  ( :

It’s been a great weekend!  I took Friday off to start early, joining my brothers Pat and Jim for some very challenging golfing tests.  The Palouse Ridge golf club offers panoramic views, sloping fairways and smooth, fast and hard greens.  There is absolutely no boredom here.  Extreme side-hill lies, British style bunkers, tall native grasses and well designed holes offer challenge, opportunity and danger.  My best advice is to bring extra balls, especially the ones you can hit with a club!

After golf, Annie treated us to oven fresh bread, roasted vegetables with feta and parmesan, red pepper vinaigrette chicken, cheesy cauliflower quinoa and chocolate pumpkin bars.  It was all so good!  ( :

On Saturday we enjoyed good sleep, burgers and sausages at Jim’s fifth wheel party and awesome sunshine in the student section of Martin Stadium.  We had an impressive view of the stadium expansion and saw some good plays by the Cougars.  Not enough to win the game though, as they fell to Colorado, 35-34.  As usual, Mike Leach’s post-game interview was entertaining and enlightening.  He’s changing a culture; I believe he’ll get it done.

After a short rest and re-fueling, Annie and I visited the Rec center to exercise.  We started with 25 minutes of fast paced lunges and weights and then moved to ellipticals, rowing machines and 12 percent incline treadmills, for 40 more minutes of cardiovascular training.  It felt so good!  We then had wonderful leftovers and chocolate applesauce oatmeal muffins, fresh from the oven.  Yay!

Tomorrow we hope to hike up Moscow Mountain.  What lucky people we are!  I hope we smuggle some muffins along!!!

Annie is so fun!

Eagle Cap from East Fork Lostine River Trail

It’s not every day I get to sun bathe on the top of a 9,572 foot mountain.  Glorious sunshine and amazing scenery gave splendor to my weekend.  Eagle Cap is a very special treat.  Yay!

The Matterhorn.

Packing a bunch of weight around is not normal for me.  Walking up a mountain is not normal for me either.  Walking up a mountain with a bunch of weight on my back requires desire, commitment, perseverance and faith that I can do it.  It didn’t kill me and it did make me stronger and richer, as well as more inspired, motivated and grateful!

Frankoshanko on Eagle Cap summit, fully alive! ( :

The hardest places to get to are often the most beautiful.  Mountain tops are wonderful examples of this.  Camping in a place where every direction offers heavenly views is a rare treat.

Lakes Basin.

On Friday, I’m hoping to get my first experience golfing the Palouse Ridge Golf Club with some of my brothers.  On Saturday the Washington State University Cougars take on the University of Colorado in Martin Stadium.  I’ll get chances to visit with family and hang out with Annie, enjoying fun, exercise and great food.  I think I’m learning to live my dream, little steps at a time.  ( :

View of glaciers from Eagle Cap summit, 9/16/12.

Truly, it’s just one step at a time.  Thinking about the size of the mountain might leave me on the couch.   But I can do the next step.  The step after that is too far in the future to worry about!

Achieving physical challenges is a form of spiritual art to me.  Faith means believing in something.  Gaining this faith in my physical ability grows from taking all the baby steps that have molded me into a person who can go climb a mountain.  Climbing the mountain may yield many positive benefits.  The forecast is for sun, so some soul igniting views are highly possible!  Views of heaven from earth?  It really excites me to think about it!

Other potential benefits are that I may be spurred to climb the other mountains in my life.  A cleaner home?  New ways to relate to challenging people?  Paddle boarding?  Making new friends?  Chasing my passions?  Embracing the beauty of all types of days, encounters, personalities, styles, activities and challenges?  Living fully more of the time?  Could it be?  Am I limited only by my decisions to believe or not believe?  Wow!  It’s a sunny September day!  I’m very blessed!  Thank you Lord!  Help me live this day really well.  Help me make it better for some other people.  Help me feel complete gratitude for all of my blessings!  ( :

So tasty!  So healthy!  How could one go wrong?  I’m leaving the mainstream, abandoning white flour and sugar laced cookies and cakes for much healthier treats.  Greased white flour pizzas are replaced with whole wheat crusts and healthier and tastier cheeses.  There are many simple carbohydrate junkies running free, so most restaurants still cater to them.  Oh well.  My body knows the truth.  My energy levels show the wise path.  My creative inspirations and excited anticipation show me the ways to eat and live.  Recognizing the signs of how our choices affect us is a crucial first step.  Short-term highs correlate with long-term crashes.  Steady energy flows from healthful balance.  The complex interactions of health fostering health play out on all levels:  physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  Spiral up or spiral down?  Faith means knowing the truth and sticking with it.  Discipline is a cornerstone of moving towards a utopian freedom.  Spaghizza plays a beautiful role.  Combining wonderful things opens up new wonders.  Now my body wants to run and jump and skip and dance!  Yay!  ( :

It’s a Saturday in September.  It’s game day!  Even if I didn’t enjoy watching American football, the social spectacle would probably still draw me in.  I’ll join 35,000 others in Pullman today to celebrate the art of body slamming.  It’s right up there with boxing and head butting on my list of good things to do with my body.  But I’m always excited to watch other people do it.  For myself, I’ve always loved throwing and catching the ball, as well as using shifty moves and speed to avoid tackles.  The more brutal aspects are manly fun, but perhaps not worth limping around for the rest of one’s life.  Wars like these lead to many casualties.

It’s only a game!  This is a great lesson for those of us who’ve invested our egos in fanhood.  Can victory by “our” team validate our worth in any way?  Celebration of competition is fun and exciting.  Wanting to win is human.  Losing is smothered in beautiful lessons.  Achieving our best and watching others do so is magnificent.  Hoping to see such mastery draws us back, searching for more proof that everything is possible.  Let’s re-kindle our fires!  Go Cougars!!!

Thank you to Patricia Awapara for nominating me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.  I’m getting a rush just looking at the cupcakes!

Here are the instructions, some of which I plan to ignore:

1. Thank the super sweet blogger that nominated them.

2. Nominate a baker’s dozen of other bloggers.

3. Answer 5 super sweet questions.

4. Add the Super Sweet Blogging Award image to your blog post.

5. Notify your nominees at their blogs.


1.Cookies or Cake?  No thank you.  ( :

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?  Chocolate is so tasty!  But it treats me poorly….

3. What is your fave sweet treat?  Chocolate, or huckleberry pie, or ice cream…..

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?  When I’m in the habit of eating them.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  Hard candy.

Here are my nominees:

No baker’s dozen?  C’est la vie!

This journey we’re on seems to be filled with perpetual opportunity to live more fully in the present.  The present really is the present!  Our challenge is to embrace it with grateful attitudes, opening and expanding the riches.  I just love it when I get it more right!

Yesterday I savored coffee in the bath with “The Alchemist” before embarking on a fifty minute run around Kirkland with my daughter Annie.  It was gloriously sunny and a perfectly cool temperature.  Heaven!  A couple of my brothers suggested my shirtless appearance in the fancy hotel lobby was inappropriate, but I wanted vitamin D from the sunshine and route suggestions from the lobby staff.  It was a good call, as we jogged a part of the Lake Washington shoreline on board walks and a long pedestrian bridge.  The park was filled with happy people and Annie and I may have been among the happiest.  Endorphins rock!

Trusting God to deliver our needs is really impressive sometimes.  Just after we decided fifty minutes was enough running, we discovered a patch of beautifully ripened blackberries, where we ate our fill.  How perfect is that?

After leisurely preparing for Julie and Mark’s wedding, we discovered that we should have left sooner.  Oops!  We arrived in time to see them take their vows, however, but we didn’t need chairs.  They are so happy and so right for each other.  My heart is glowing!

The dancing was fun!  I almost felt like a chick, dancing with no one and everyone.  It wasn’t about finding someone for me.  It was about living fully and loving the moment.  Grooving to the tunes and enjoying the people in my life now.  Making the best day possible.  Honoring myself and others.  Then sleeping well and doing it again!  Thank you Lord!  ( :

Truck yeah!  The 4runner was great on the long drive through the Cascade mountains, though the wind pulled on it.  The redneck song about “truck yeah!” seemed to fit.  ( :

Annie and I really enjoyed rackysacking, a slight misnomer of a badminton-hackysack hybrid last evening,  There was no sack.  Perhaps cooperative badminton better describes our fun.  I had three days of pent-up need for exercise and Annie needed some fun.  My right elbow rebelled, so I went left-handed.  Our progress was good and the fun challenge was therapeutic!  Annie showed good mobility.  Today we hope to enjoy a run in the sun, a family wedding and some dancing!  Yay!


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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