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Go Cougs!

Go Cougs!

It’s been an entertaining week. Lots of people have been demanding that Mike Leach be fired. I guess their egos are hurting. Leach, his team of coaches, and his Cougar players simply did the right thing: they played the next play. Practice the best you can. Flush the past. Ignore the distractions, like kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns, putting you in scary places. The Cougars were believers and moved 90 yards in less than a minute and a half to win their game.  What a great lesson for so many parts of my life.

I put this lesson to use today. My drive on the short ninth hole went way right, in the middle of an adjoining fairway. A pretty lousy drive. So, I played the next play. I stroked a sweet 90% 52-degree wedge shot right at the pin. It seemed to be one foot from the pin. But it was really 8-10 feet past. Play the next play. A smooth putting stroke towards the left edge: birdie! Net eagle, worth a $22 skin. Many other challenges came my way, including a dude taking 30 seconds to line up a one foot putt and whining around the entire course.  Another talking incessantly as others hit.  A third oblivious to the play of others, trampling putting lines and blocking play. I was convinced the pro decided I needed lessons in patience.  So I got them!

My scores still have not gotten to where I’d like them. Golf is perpetually challenging, in so many ways. Just like people! So I just can’t stop. I keep playing. I love the chase of the difficult. I’m intrigued by how good I can stroke in practice and how much tougher it gets on game day. So I keep practicing and entering every competition I can find.

Yesterday I played with a gentleman who shot a five under par 31 on the front side, despite making a bogey. He made four birdies, an eagle and three pars.  It was so fun to watch. Excellence is attainable. It looks like fun!

So I will practice golf, run, lift weights and watch Mike Leach. I’ll go to work and engage in social endeavors. I’ll play the next play to the best of my ability.

I’ll strive to set aside my ego and clear my mind. I’ll take cleansing breaths, relax my muscles, smile and play the next play. It’s the biggest gift I get!


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