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Sometimes I fly like an eagle!

Sometimes I fly like an eagle!

Bicycling is cool cross-training. I can pedal hard for a couple of hours without feeling sore or overly tired. It’s fun, scenic, invigorating and healthy. What a win!

Weight-lifting leaves me sore, most often. It suggests a hint of masochism, mixed with egotism. Sometimes it feels great, sometimes it’s really hard. It always keeps me more fit, more youthful and better prepared.

Standup paddle boarding is a new addition to my life. It fits in beautifully with a self-propelled lifestyle, delivering great abdominal, back, arm and leg endurance training. It always feels adventurous to me.  Yay!

Nordic skiing has a very special place in my heart. I’ve skied into heaven on earth. The risk of cold, remote places is enhanced by beauty, adventure, invigoration, inspiration and wonderful endurance training. I love it!

Running is in my spirit, woven into my soul. It offers endurance or speed. Self-propulsion feeds self-confidence and a willingness to tackle new pursuits. Running opens doors to greater adventures, like awe-inspiring backcountry hikes!

Hiking with a heavy backpack, for many hours, feels like a marathon to me. I like that it makes me stronger. The process gets really tough. I learn mental discipline. I learn that “can do” trumps “can’t do” almost every time I really want it to.  The views are painted on the front page of the newspaper of my soul. Treasures!

Golf is the best game I’ve ever found. It challenges my mind in every way imaginable. It offers physical challenges in beautiful locations. It can not be mastered. I’m lured by the feeling of balls struck well. It’s been a busy couple of decades, but golf teases my spirit with a sense of impending reunion.

Volleyball is one of my favorite team games. It tests quickness, creativity, coordination and spirit. It’s fun to learn teamwork. Basketball and football are other favored team sports. The excitement makes these almost as much fun to watch as to play.

When I was a kid, riding my motorcycle was part of my daily routine. My bike gave me freedom and wild adventures. It got me high! I’m sticking with non-motorized bikes now, because I want to extend life if I can. But I still love to get high.

One way is water-skiing. Cold water slaps my face and everywhere else. Bam! The boat jerks hard, testing strength, balance and mental toughness. I rise above the fish and skim across the water, as free, wild and crazy as a teenager. Yeah! Hit it!

Who named them standup paddle boards? I think they’re just as much fun while sitting down, or kneeling. In fact, they’re great for laying down too. Personal, portable sun tanning stations. Nice!

It seemed like a good idea to try my sandals on the board, since they have custom orthotics to fit my feet. The theory was that my feet would not tire as quickly. Balancing was tougher, however. I felt unstable. So I sat down! I still got a great core and arm workout. One fun version involved paddling hard and fast on one side until I’d carved about half a circle, then switching to the other side. The result was big S curves and focused work for my muscles.  I liked it!

Annie lazed through my S work, but then approached for more paddling. I “accidentally” showered her with a well placed toss and the game was on! She was standing while I was sitting. She’s a natural on the board, so she approached me with a refreshing splash on my back. I fired back and paddled hard, trying to outrun her. She sped up, flanking me on the left. I pulled hard three times on the left, back paddled hard once on the right and darted off to temporary safety. Until we master the step back quick turn, sit down paddling offers easier maneuvering.

The movie “Mavericks” is fun to watch and great perspective on boarding in general. For now, for me, learning to paddle different water conditions is the plan. But who knows? Surfing sure looks fun!

Mom and Dad at Twin Lakes, their favored vacation retreat.  How sweet it was!

Mom and Dad at Twin Lakes, their favored vacation retreat. How sweet it was!

Nick made me eggs and hash browns, one of my very favorite breakfasts today. It was awesome! Annie’s celebrating Zach’s birthday with open-water swimming and hanging with Zach’s family. How cool! Like any weekend, I had about 400% more ideas than I have time to fit in. But it’s all good! I’m watching some U.S. Open golf, remembering wonderful games played with my Dad in years gone by. We had some great competition, and memorable times. Now I’m enjoying hackysack, bicycling, running, standup paddling, weight-lifting, skiing and swimming with my kids, among other things. The activity is much less important than the chance to spend fun times together. I’m one happy father! I love you kids!

My Dad taught us much about family, honesty, commitment, nutrition, willingness, priorities, love, kindness, adventure, gratitude and fun. I love you Dad!

My life is sometimes a bit scary!  See what I mean? That’s me between Annie’s legs.

Jurassic Park 4 - it's a good thing she's nice. Maybe she'll carry me and my board back to the car.  But then crush it.....

Jurassic Park 4 – it’s a good thing she’s nice. Maybe she’ll carry me and my board back to the car. But then crush it…..

We tried the Go Pro Hero 3 surf mount today.  We also tried paddling while kneeling, sit-down paddling, lying down paddling and crossing over logs.  We saw two beavers, various large birds and a whitetail doe, very close by. We played in windy rough water, refining our skills, interspersed with calm water. It was more fun than ever!

Beautiful Annie savors God's incredible art!

Beautiful Annie savours God’s incredible art!

Can you train for a marathon by bicycling? Well it’s surely fun to try! I believe riding can be a key part of a wellness program. My heart desires variety, so I won’t be changing into a bikeaholic. But it’s fun!

That's me, enjoying incredible blessings!

That’s me, enjoying incredible blessings!

Annie’s husband Zach joined us for a ride in our favorite playground, around Bennington Lake. We pedaled our bikes from home to get there.  We are so lucky!

Zach refreshes with iced lemonade.  Yummy!

Zach refreshes with iced lemonade. Yummy!

I haven’t run for over two weeks, since the Coeur d’Alene marathon. Annie and I are trying to heal our foot injuries, before embarking on more running in preparation for the Portland marathon on October 6, 2013. It’s reputed to be an incredible experience. We have not been lying around getting lazy. Lots of biking, paddling, weight-lifting and other activities have kept us busy.  We’re loving bicycle season!

Technical riding is fun!

Technical riding is fun!

We tend to mix in single track riding, where we don’t prefer to race, with fast gravel road riding. It gives us a nice blended experience and chances to work on technical skills and cardio-vascular training. Neither of us prefer too much speed on the single track and the gravel roads allow side by side talking while riding.

Lost in time, in the zone...

Lost in time, in the zone…

Annie’s plotting her first ever open-water swim race this weekend. I think I’ll dust off the golf clubs, if I’m not too busy biking or standup paddling or ???? Life is so fun!

Wild thing!

Wild thing!

Thank you Lord for these amazing days! They just fill our hearts with joy and blood flow! Yay!

Biker chick. She loves it!

Biker chick. She loves it!

Freedom and fun!

Freedom and fun!

Nick’s done with school!  He, Jaslyn and Zach all got their first experiences with standup paddle boarding today. Their master guide was Annie, since she’s been out half a dozen times. It sounds like they love it as much as we do!

After work and weight lifting with Annie, Nick and I had our first hackysack game in a while. We haven’t lost our touch. Annie captured some images.  You’ll have to wait for a video or a live game to appreciate Nick’s amazing quickness and flexibility. I tend to focus on getting the sack somewhere near him, and letting him do the rest.


I hit many nice toe shots:

Staying young?

Staying young?

Nick has a wide arsenal of shots. Sometimes he makes them up as he goes.

Winging it!

Winging it

Reaction time, athleticism and creativity are useful in hackysack.  Nick makes some amazing shots by never giving up.  Sometimes misses are progress towards pulling off amazing shots later.

Stretching it!

Martial arts?  Nick missed a line drive pass I sent him…

The adrenaline can really flow:

Sometimes hackysacks take high rides.  Perhaps even over a fence...

Sometimes hackysacks take high rides. Perhaps even over a fence…

Hackysack is fun and great training for agility, flexibility, balance, quickness, focus and creativity.  Hack on!

Nick and Jaslyn

Nick and Jaslyn

My son Nicholas is graduating from high school this week. What a wonderful time to reflect on what has been. It’s a great opportunity to consider what might be. Ultimately, it’s still most important to simply be!

Nick is better prepared for life in some ways than I was at his age. He is less ready in other ways. I have complete faith that he can handle whatever his life brings. I am excited about the paths he chooses to follow.

How will our lives become richer through this time of transition? I trust that Nick and I will learn much as he ventures out of the nest. Will he return to share the joy and knowledge he encounters? I hope so. Ultimately, my greatest hope is that he uses these gifts: faith, friendliness, fortitude, adaptability, appreciation, curiosity, hunger and desire.

I wish the same for you and I.


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