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Learning what it is.  1 Corinthians 13 New International Version:

   “4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  8 Love never fails.”

Learning how to give it.  Thinking not of self, but of how to best serve others.  Consistently!

Learning how to graciously accept it.  Others need to love too!

Opportunities to love more fully stream into our lives.  The young man in a wheel chair in front of Goodwill, asking for money for coffee.  My son playfully punching me.  A co-worker seemingly haranguing me at every interaction.  A stressed out boss.  An attention starved associate.  A friend without confidence.  A pet.  Lost people.  Arrogant people.  Hungry people.  Selfish people.  Addicts, egomaniacs, empire builders, couch potatoes, exercise junkies, preachers, punks and gangsters.  I suspect we will never run low on diverse challenges in our quests to love fully, without conditions.  Am I judging or describing these people?  What might I do in my interactions with them that could bless them, or me, with growth?  How can I show patience, tolerance and kindness?


It was nearly noon today, sunny and sixty-some degrees fahrenheit.  One week until Bloomsday 2012, a twelve kilometer, or 7.46 mile, footrace.  One week since the WSU 100k Relay.  Two days ago I pulled up lame after two miles, cramping in my right calf.  It was so bad that my walk was more like a limp; it seemed to result from the race last Sunday.  My prayers from Friday were answered, as the cramping was relieved by yesterday morning.  As I ran today, I felt the same muscle start to tighten, so I focused on relaxing it and breathing deeply.  I am often amazed at how effective this can be, including today.  So I ran the entire loop I’d planned, about 6.3 miles.  I was slower than normal, but I finished in an hour and three seconds.  I just knew that the rest of my day would go well.  I had done my mental health therapy!  I did have aches in my legs, however.  Especially in my left foot and my right ankle and calf.  I needed to help my muscles recover as quickly as possible.  Good protein for sure, but I needed an extra edge:  an ice bath!

The ice cubes were melted.  I hopped in, knowing that delay would torture my mind.  Recent cold baths caused me to scream loudly.  This time I couldn’t.  The chill simply took my breath away.  It also led me to prayer:  Lord, help me survive this!  It was really cold!  It also took away the aches and pains.  Yay!

So I’m posting this at the risk of losing the only edge I may have on the youngsters I’ll be racing.  Their muscles recover more quickly, however, and they might be afraid of cold water.  Maybe I’ll be struck with an incredible surge of energy at Bloomsday!  If so, it’ll likely be a result of Annie’s pasta!  ( :

Washington State Cougars athletic logo

Washington State Cougars athletic logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cheering for the Washington State University Cougars is an experience like nothing else in my life.  I wouldn’t trade it!  Watching crimson clad warriors puts a spring in my step, belief in my heart and pride in my voice.  Sure, we’ve taken the underdog label to the extreme, but our tastes of success have included sweet apples, fragrant roses and San Diego sunshine!  Mike Leach brings us right back to the feeling of 2003; we’re the mighty Cougars again, expecting victory!  All Cougar fans have wandered in the desert of losses; those of us who’ve been around for a while have been there multiple times.  It yields perspective, that wondrous result of pain, that opens the door for the sweetest successes.  Go Cougs!!!

Yippee!!!  I’m getting excited about Bloomsday 2012!  Fifty thousand people rendezvous for health.  Plenty of people to race!  The energy of the crowd is indescribable.  Pre-game jitters multiplied by thousands and thousands.  Anxiety about surviving the first mile without getting tripped, run over or stepped on.  Doomsday dread.  Okay I said it.  I dread that fricking hill!  It’s not just a big, steep hill.  It comes after miles of racing, including another challenging hill.  It’s ominous.  It blasts into view, nature’s blatant attempt to psych us out.  How deep does our determination run?  Are we ready for the mind games?  Is it really bad to walk a little?  Does that make me a wimp?  Is it not actually healthier for me to walk, avoiding dangerous health complications?  It’s okay to walk, it’s only a run for fun.  Don’t worry, you’re still one of the healthier people, just being out here.  It feels too hard to keep running; I should walk.  I can’t breathe!  I can’t get enough air!  It’s too hot!  My ankle/foot/knee/hip/calf/quad/hamstring/glut/toe hurts!  Yeah right.  Annie, I’m coming for you!  This is a challenge of the wills!  May the best runner win!!! 

I wonder who I’ll be today?  I wonder how many people I can help to smile?  Some good laughs?  Can I inspire someone?  Help them to solve their dilemmas?  Should I share my trials, the solutions and resultant gratitude?  Is today the day to update my bucket list?  Shall I clean my desk at work?  Take a bicycle ride?  Run?  Hackysack?  Prepare some tasty & healthy food?  Write another gratitude list?  Clean my house?  Whatever happens, today should be easy.  The sun is shining bright!  Yay!  ( :

Do you love adventure?  I do!  I like trying new things.  Like tastes.  Food is so fun!  We all need it.  I like variety; I feel blessed to have such wide tastes in food.  I’m always happy with any restaurant choice!  At least my taste buds are happy.  Obviously, my health fares better at some places than others!

Experiences make life so rich!  I haven’t even tried skydiving yet.  Should it be at the top of my bucket list?  To be honest, I don’t know where my list is.  But I found my approach to life:  it’s generally open to new thoughts, new approaches and fresh experiences.  Willingness to try new things has saved me from the depths of desperate addictions.  It also invites sweet memories that infuse my soul with joy, inspiration and more willingness!  Then I can try more new things, making more wonderful memories, gaining more willingness and blossoming! 

I can become a better version of myself when my mind is open to new ideas.  You mean I’m not always right?  Correct!  Or is that incorrect?  There are many ways to learn to do things better, and I may be aware of darn few of them.  Reading, listening, considering and experimenting are pathways to growth.  Talking (and this typing!) simply express what I already think I know, right or wrong.  Listening is the door to expansion and connection.  Trust me, I’m reminding me of this as much as I’m suggesting it to you.  Whether my writing  benefits others or not, I feel that it is helping me, by cementing truths.  If it helps you, it’s a double bonus!  ( :

Wow!  I sometimes think and act like I am so important!  I am the center of my universe.  My thoughts are so wonderful.  How can I get others to notice?  What I want to happen is what needs to happen.  Why doesn’t it?  I’m pretty smart, handsome, funny……  Whoa!!!  That’s a slippery slope to discontent (even IF some of it is true, lol!).  Why do people cut me off in traffic?  Might they share my affliction?  How do I feel when I cut others off?  How do I feel when I patiently yield their right of way?  Am I truly the center of the universe, or simply one among many?  Where does focusing too much on my desires and the inevitable disappointments lead me to spiritually?  How about when I focus on contributing to the well-being of others?  Smiles?  Helping hands?  Flowers, meals, chores, treats, encouragement, humor, empathy and sympathy?  If I can get over me, maybe I’ll be good for you?

Majestic rays of glorious sunshine stream into our lives.  They illuminate our paths and foster natural beauty.  They re-charge our hearts and produce food for our bodies.  They are central to all that we do.  Sunshine lifts our spirits and triggers new hope.  Its warmth bronzes our bodies and soothes our souls.  It is a gift from God!  How lucky we are!

Ouch!  It’s been a while since walking hurt like this!  My quadriceps muscles are so sore!  My calves are so tight!  At least they take my mind off the blisters on my feet!  What a good time.  Seriously!  Maybe it was the half-dozen large speakers strapped to the top of a van, blaring inspirational music.  The yells of encouragement, the personal challenge, the elaborate costumes, the sense of accomplishment, the beautiful sunshine, the frozen yogurt afterward: they all added up to pleasure!  Bonding with Annie (daughter) & Zach (son-in-law), working the crowds at the exchange points, praising the youngsters who passed me by: I felt connected.  It was a fun day!  The excruciating walking today is worth it.  It really is.  That was the first time I’ve run six miles of serious downhill, for a total of 7.9 miles.  1,700 feet of elevation loss made my legs rubbery; I’ve done many longer runs, but this was the hardest “wall” I’ve hit so far.  I was humbled as my cross training plan, built around foot and ankle troubles, seemed to wilt.  I simply had to go lay down for a while.  Eat.  Drink.  Bathe.  Drink.  Stumble/waddle.  Eat.  Drink!  Then, return to the course to cheer some more!  Go healthy people!!!  ( :

Infiniti has a 2012 G37x sedan ($46k plus) and Lexus a 2013 GS350 ($61k plus) that both intrigue me.  I like their looks and rumor has it that they drive nicely and are well-built.  They come in all wheel drive.  Perhaps not Corvette sexy, but sporty and classy.  I can’t wait to drive them when I visit a bigger city!  Today might be that day…..

Toyota’s Highlander may be the best utilitarian option for me, if it’s big enough.  It gets the best reviews, from what I’ve read, for mid-size SUV’s.  $40-45k in 4WD Limited version.  $50k for loaded up hybrid version.

If I’m in decent physical, mental, emotional or spiritual condition, how much effort does it take to stay “in shape”?  Is that enough?  Am I trying to run from the inevitable aging process?  Do I feel less than adequate?  Or am I striving to be the very best version of myself?

Am I on a continual quest to live better?  Is better living produced by a certain routine that choreographs prized activities?  Or is the best life full of diversity, whereby freshness and flavor delight us, drawing us into creative thinking?  Is newness to be maximized, or sprinkled across a quasi-routine?  For months I savored non-fat mochas each morning, delighting in them!  Are they part of my best?  Is the current black java somehow better?  Or is no coffee at all the best?  Is variety part of enchantment?

Do I balance all aspects of my life, seeking to grow in all ways?  How do I pursue spiritual growth?  Is meditation prioritized?  Is meditation necessarily routine, or can it be fit in opportunistically?  What can I study that will satisfy my curiosity and develop my usefulness?  Has cynicism turned me away from political and social debate?  Is there a loving way to re-engage?

Endorphin highs are really fun for me.  I love working out hard, partly because of this afterglow.  I also like it when my body and brain function better, which always results from exercise.  Also from eating well.  I just ate Annie’s ( amazing stew and a side car of incredible roasted vegetables sprayed with olive oil and dusted with parmesan and feta: mushrooms, asparagus, brussels sprouts, onions, yams, green beans, potatoes, carrots, etc.  They were both culinary masterpieces and so pleasing to my body.  Hooray for health!

Whacking little balls with long sticks into tiny, faraway holes is not the easiest thing to do.  Apparently we enjoy challenge!  The lure runs even deeper: fresh air, majestic settings, timeless perspective.  What great opportunities to face our egos!  Humility may grow as double bogeys awaken us.   Wanting something too badly can make it unattainable (thanks to Deepak Chopra’s book entitled “Golf for Enlightenment”).  Staying within my natural gifts, by controlling the pace and length of my swing, has led to the purest stroking and best scores of my life.  Overswinging, a direct product of ego, has delivered horrendous results.  These can shatter confidence, divert focus and destroy succeeding shots.  It’s a vicious circle of decay!  It’s a commentary on life!  Stroke well!  ( :

I observed myself in the mirror after my lengthy workout today and saw the makings of a six-pack!  Are the months of hard training paying off?  Wait a minute.  I guess it’s really my aging eyes hallucinating on fat rolls.  Oh well!

I know this devotion to exercise must be making me stronger.  It has to!  But it feels more like a sore right elbow, painful left foot and aching right ankle.  Is this how it’s supposed to feel?  Frankly, I was hoping for something a little more joyous!

One of the main reasons I work out regularly is for my mental health.  It’s working!  It ‘s a damn good thing too.  Otherwise, would heavy sweating, labored breathing, aching muscles and a pervasive stench of sweat be considered a good time?

I’m afraid to miss my workouts.  I know how easy it has been in the past to slip back into less activity.  Physical health lessens.  Mental health slips away.  Pizzas replace push ups.  Chocolate substitutes for endorphins.  Rationalization reigns.  NO!  I don’t want THAT again.  So I’ll err on the side of overactivity.  I’ll keep time for God, before everything else, but the deep cleaning can wait.  It’ll just get dirty again!!!

Thank you for your love!  Thank you for the chances to show you my love!  God has illuminated His beauty and His love in your smiles, your spirits, your laughter, your curiosity and your service to your loved ones.  I have found great joy in incredible experiences of love.  They have been the highest of worldly highs, far better than any drug.  Thank you for the spiritual growth that your departures have blessed me with!  When you left, I was forced to turn to God.  Thank you for all of your human limitations.  These also brought me closer to God, for I was forced to accept outcomes that made no sense to me.  I continued to learn to surrender my will; the other choice was insanity!  I may never understand much of what has happened in life, but I can adapt to changes by relying on God.  He is my hope for sanity and serenity.  I see now that enriching my life springs from service to others and becoming a better version of me.  Each day that I awaken, I have a multitude of options to better myself relationally, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  As I take the steps to do these things, I am blessed with optimism, inspiration, excitement, compassion, commitment, curiosity and amazing adventures!  I have no idea what will come next in life, or how long it will continue, but I’m happy to take the next steps!  May God continue to bless you!  Live well!  ( :

I think Nick’s right:  Ninjas would make great hackysackers!  We hacked about half an hour in the sun yesterday, and the magic is coming back for us.  Yay!  We’ve had a winter layoff, so we needed remedial training, but it won’t take long.  Our creativity is there.  I could use more flexibility and quickness, but I’m grateful to be hacking at all!  Healthy body parts are delightful gifts we should never take for granted.  Foot and ankle trials of late have reinforced this for me.  Bold attempts at innovative shots tossed us into comedic stumbles, flops and lunges.  Never give up on a play!  Often, tardy attempts at new maneuvers expand our arsenal.  Muscle memory builds new shots via practice, willingness and perseverance.  It’s parallel to life!  Sack hacking is fun, creative and therapeutic!

Some hockey players are amazing!  I watched my third Tri-City Americans game last evening, and they were quite impressive.  The Americans ramped up their level of play in the third period to dominate the Spokane Chiefs.  Right now, however, I’m watching the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings, and the NHL players are absolutely incredible! The speed and grace of their skating and their puck handling skills are awesome to watch!  I’m not sure whether they’re way better than the players of thirty years ago, but big screen HD television brings the action alive!

I’m sore from weight lifting and running.  I hope that it’s mostly “good” sore, where I’ll come back stronger and better, ready for more adventures in sport!  ( :

Did someone just put karma and logic in the same word?  Who can deny karma?  Surely not I, when I’m honest.  When I embrace a positive perspective, I find it in others.  When I smile, they typically smile.  When I am kind and helpful, they tend to follow suit.  Perhaps there’s a glorious flip side to powerlessness.  Maybe we have a bit more influence than I sometimes think.  Hey!  We really do have continual chances to do our part to make the world a better place!  A smile, a few kind words, other positive actions or loving thoughts:  baby steps, one at a time.  Every moment of our days!  How good can we make this life we share?  Let’s see what WE can do!  ( :

What a blessing it is to face up to the ugly truths about myself.  I mean, it’s typically painful as hell at first, so I understand why it’s so common to stay in denial, or to settle for being a lesser version of one’s self.  About so many aspects of our lives!  There is a better way!  There is hope!  We can become increasingly better versions of ourselves!  It really is true!

Addiction ( including drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food, sex, etc.) and obsession turn free people into slaves.  Trust me, I have first-hand and second-hand knowledge.  There is a better life!  It’s SO awesome to break the chains of addiction and self-will!  It frees us to be childlike again: running, dancing, playing, learning, improving and maturing.  Instead of using, abusing, blaming, whining and settling.

Another wonderful benefit of continuing recovery is the ability to uncover and admit to the motives that lead to our actions.  Are we doing things to help others, or for selfish reasons?  Ironically, to truly be a better version of me, one who can really help others, I must focus on me at first.  What past experiences have colored my thinking in ways that hold me back?  What discourages me from trusting others?  Where have I learned to blame, and not face truths about me?  What things have limited my beliefs in how I can grow, achieve and expand?

Quite often, when I complain about a character defect in someone else, I am revealing MY character defect.  I can see clearly in others  the very things I dislike about myself.  “You’re selfish!” speaks clearly of my selfishness.  Gaining the honesty to admit to this basic truth opens the door to the personal growth that can lead to maturity.  This is the road to self-improvement.  To become better versions of ourselves, we must get to really know ourselves.  We are not so different.  Facing our humanity can foster compassion, cooperation, love, acceptance and serenity.  We can do together what one of us can not do alone.  We can learn that serving others graces us with the happiness that we’ve searched for all along.  Yay!  ( :

I love you forever!  I hope you have kids of your own someday, so you can experience life more fully, in ways that I’ve been blessed with.  I want you to know that being your father has been a great privilege.  Surely it’s been exasperating as well, but I am grateful for you in ways that you’ll understand only when you have kids of your own.  I am grateful for my loving parents to a degree that I wouldn’t have reached without the blessings of your character defects and your mistakes.  You’ve shown me how tolerant others, including you, have been of my failings!  You’re helped me become a better version of me.  Thanks for all the amazing laughs, especially when we could laugh uncontrollably at ourselves!  Thanks for the adventures, including hackysack, running, basketball, swimming, alpine skiing, sledding, nordic skiing, water skiing, tubing, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, ballet, target shooting, ice skating, hiking, bicycling, yoga, weight-lifting and more.  Thanks for the backrubs and the loving talks.  Thanks for loving me despite my shortcomings.  I dreamed of being a Daddy since I was very young, and it’s been a most amazing gift.  I feel a bond with you that nothing can break.  I enjoy your company and I am so happy about the many great choices you’ve made in living your lives.  I hope you continue to do what you know is right, even when it’s not popular.  I pray you continue to avoid the tragic addictions that befall so many of us.  If you seize life’s opportunities with gusto and commitment, you will avoid regrets and enjoy incredible experiences!  Life presents amazing gifts.  Approaching life with optimism and gratitude will magnify this reality.  Dream big, love constantly, serve continually and smile regularly.  Laugh at every opportunity and dance as much as you can.  Encourage creativity,  build on good ideas, see the beautiful aspects of each person you meet and tell them what you love about them.  Make your world better by empowering others and making their world better, every chance you get.  May God continue to bless you!  I love you forever!  Dad

Love is amazing, captivating, engulfing.  It can swallow me up.  It can leave me beaming.  It never leaves me discontent.  It is the highest of highs, the warmest feeling of all.  I crave it, but giving it is my only hope of getting it back.  It is not conditional.  It is God’s finest.  I feel so grateful to have given it and to have received it.  When I’ve been greedy for it, I’ve scared it away.  That is, when I wanted incoming love, I forgot to give outgoing love.  So I got not.  Then I missed it even more, and got lost in self-pity.  Again, no outgoing love, less incoming love.  This may be God’s great plan to teach me about the inadvisability of selfishness.  I have to get over me to become the best me.  Then people can love me if they want.  What matters most to my well-being is that I love them as best I can.  No matter what they’ve done or haven’t done.  Just love them!  It’ll do them good.  It’ll do me good.  Good karma will result.  It’s a win-win situation.  Really.  How can you beat that?

Reality:  I won’t get a “perfect” vehicle designed and produced, as I’m not on any Forbes lists.  Let’s try a process of elimination.  I can only afford one, so it should excel in all seasons. I’m in mid-life, so I may as well have a crisis!  Can I have something sporty and fun to drive?  I’ve been spoiled by all wheel drive, so I want it again.  Bam!  Gone are so many choices!  No Mustang or Corvette for me now.  Dang!  Logic suggests that dependability/quality is very important in this investment.  Damn!  It looks like the Charger is out too!  The Hemi V-8 is so fun to drive!  I have a very long torso, so back seats are often too short on head space.  I’d like comfort for four tall people, if possible.  Whoa!  Now more options are disappearing.  Must I sacrifice a sporty ride and settle on an SUV?  Help!

I sure picked well last time!  My 1990 Corolla All-Trac wagon has been awesome.  All of the plastic is breaking off, but it’s running strong after 238,000+ miles.  There are a few tricks, like lifting part of the female seat belt connector, to coax her into accepting the male.  Is that a life lesson?  If you want to add gas without help, you’d better have an old-fashioned coat hanger.  Want to open the hood?  Give the hood release cable a little extra tug.  Adjusting the heating or air conditioning in the dark?  I hope you’ve memorized the controls!  Slide the front passenger seat ahead?  Not any more.  Run the rear wiper?  You’ll be okay without it.  Old cars raise our ability to appreciate things.  I just installed new wiper blades.  It felt like a new car!  Last month’s new headlamps were equally impressive.  Both paled in comparison to the new spark plugs and spark plug wires that Nick and I installed last summer.  It ran like new again!  Yippee!  Every day I drive it I probably save about $20 in new car payments.  I know it won’t run forever.  I like the idea of a new vehicle.  The designers have dreamed up some really cool features!  I probably deserve them.  Yet Little Blue packs a lot of cool memories for me.  I’ve owned her through a wife, a near wife, multiple other girlfriends and all of my two kids’ lives.  She’s taken me on hundreds of amazing adventures, like mountain biking, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, backpacking, snow-shoeing, Christmas tree hunting, camping, kayaking, football games, foot races, family gatherings, etc.  Anyone think I can pick as well again?

Playing hacky sack is so fun!  It rivets me in the present moment, my senses fully aware.  Tracking the sack is crucial, as is readiness of mind and body.  Hacky sack differs from predictable movement sports, like swinging a golf club or baseball bat, or rolling or throwing or shooting a ball.  It’s akin to being a quarterback in football or a point guard in basketball: read the situation immediately and respond with cat-like quickness.  Practice is crucial, as it: (1) Prepares muscle memory for prompt response to familiar situations. (2) Improves focus, readiness and patience.  Hackysack and golf are two of my favorite games, though I love many, because: (1) Perfection is unattainable & challenge is perpetual. (2) Crucial life skills are developed, such as focus, dedication and humility.  Hacky sack also fosters cooperation. (3) Natural beauty of outdoor, grassy areas. (4) They are sports that can be enjoyed fully at many different stages of life. (5) Each shot or kick varies from most others, requiring creative response. (6) Social bonding.

History of hacky sack:

Basics on how to play:

It’s April 4 and it’s a beautiful snowstorm!  This is typically among the warmest spots in the beautiful state of Washington, so the snow is an unexpected pleasure.  I love watching snow fall!  Perhaps that’s partly related to the many wonderful experiences I’ve had while nordic skiing, alpine skiing, sledding and snow-shoeing.  Natural beauty,  as I see snow, seems to show God smiling at us.  Beauty helps me be grateful.  Life itself is a gift beyond description.  Gratitude for life and the amazing joys that it brings enables even greater joy.  Gratitude facilitates an upward spiritual spiral, just as self-centered thinking causes a downward spiritual spiral.  Basic truths cannot be changed; they can be useful.  Today I get to serve my son as he has his wisdom teeth removed and recovers from the procedure.  Thank you Lord for Nicholas and the chance to serve him.  Help me be the best servant I can possibly be.  Help me always seek your will for me and grant me the power to carry it out.  Open my mind to new ways to serve, surrendering my old ideas to better ones.  Help me spread love!

My therapist gives unquestionably wise advice.  We’ve been working with ways to help me release the grip of my mind and heart on my ex-fiance.  I’m simply powerless over all people.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t.  Wishing doesn’t change a thing!  My opportunities for a better life lie in acceptance of uncontrollable events and in spending my energy bettering myself and serving others.  Measures of success include spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth.  As a recovering alcoholic, spirituality, via prayer, meditation, inspirational readings and continuing service to other people is as vital to my well-being as air, water and food.  The very best times of my life have sprouted from dedication to spiritual growth.  Since beginning recovery, exercise has played an important role in my sobriety.  Endorphins are healthy highs for me.  They’re so much better than any drugs!  I’ve been doubly committed to exercise over the past five months, since it is an effective anti-depressant for me.  I’ve always enjoyed cardiovascular exercise, but now I’ve come to love weight training too.  Building strength builds my confidence and opens new doors for me.  Emotionally, I’m continually faced with human frailties, both mine and those of others.  Emotional growth is directly tied to spiritual growth for me.  In particular, I must regularly redirect my focus to finding ways to help others, freeing me from the bondage of self.  Intellectual growth is an area I’ve been neglecting.  Maybe it’s time for more novels and education and a few less movies!  I find that I cannot deny the truth that by becoming a better version of myself, my life will unquestionably be better.  I’ll attract healthier people, I’ll be happy with who I am and I’ll be much less likely to compromise my values in attempts to make someone else happy.  Serving others will continue to give me the truest, deep down joy that cannot be found any other way.  Being the best me, one whom we can love, will be the best path for me, regardless of uncontrollable events.  Faith tells me to keep doing the next right things and to not worry about what may come next.  We’ll be free to enjoy the ride!  ( :

I’m learning some of my best information about weight training from a woman!  I hope that means I’m open-minded.  I like her recommendation (link below) to generally do weights before cardio; I really do feel stronger when I lift first.  Greater strength gives me more self-confidence.  Regular exercise, especially cardio, helps my brain work better.  Yay!

Now that’s a win/win/win/win solution!  The cool thing is that it really does work!  I love how good I feel from eating great fuels.  I’m excited about how alive I feel as my body gets stronger, faster, leaner and more agile.  I like a bounce in my step.  What a treasure to see my muscles become more defined.  Natural highs are the best highs of all!  ( :

Dang!  Is my dreaded plantar fasciitis back?  I was noticing pain in the ball of my foot.  Now it’s in the heel.  Seems familiar.  Dang!  I love to run!  I committed to teammates to run in a 100k relay ( in a couple of weeks.  I’ve planned to run Bloomsday ( with Annie ( also; it’s really a fun and challenging experience.  Can I hop on one foot for 7.46 miles?  Am I now eligible for the wheelchair division?  Perhaps Annie will push me in a stroller?  I’m guessing not, for some reason.  Is this self-pity?  Am I spoiled?  Hey, I recently heard about the local woman who qualified for the Boston Marathon: she became injured and is doing all cross training before her big race.  No running, just swimming and other things to stay in shape.  I could do jaw crunches!  It’ll put those dark chocolate covered fruits from Costco to good use!  I really should get some credit for those arm curls too, lifting those healthy nuggets to my strenuously exercising mouth.  Hey!  Maybe saliva is really just jaw muscle sweat!  Yes, this plan is truly coming together.  I could mix in yoga poses; I’m adept at “corpse” and my personally adapted specialty, “lazy dog.”  I could also “run” a bath, “lift” a huge cup of coffee and “stretch” my mind with some new movies.  I can’t wait to see how much my metabolism rises!


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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