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Smiles create smiles!

Smiles create smiles!

Once again, I choose happiness! My mind is still blown by the reality that it’s simply been a choice all along. No luck, no waiting for it to come. Just choose it now. Now! “Later” is just more talk. I love that many people keep reminding me of this free choice, because sometimes I forget, and happiness is way more fun!

Sure it takes practice. A pattern of negativity, whining and pouting doesn’t morph into refreshingly optimistic gratitude in an instant. Good things come to those who persevere!

I can’t deny that there are always beautiful, impressive, awe-inspiring things, thoughts, people, places and events wherever I am. The stark reality is that whether I appreciate and richly experience them is limited or enabled by my mind. My attitude, my openness, my closed-mindedness, my willingness and my awareness levels are key. Living fully is an option for all of us.

It’s not their fault or credit that you’re the way you are. Whatever, whomever and whenever. They can define you. Or not.

It’s a great opportunity!

What a bunch of blessings!




When the above is at least somewhat true, I experience spiritual freedom. To whatever depth I get this deep in my soul, I am freed. No longer in a stranglehold of ego, fear, greed, lust, jealousy, anger or disappointment, I can be present to the presents of the present. That’s a very “good” thing! Ha!

Judging “good” or “bad” can really waste my time. I don’t get much time (there I go, judging again), so does it make sense to spend it in dismay, disrupting my spirit and having “bad” days?

What if some powerful people at work made decisions that cost the company many millions of dollars? Spouse/partner wants out? Loved ones die? Kids or friends or associates do “crazy” things I don’t approve of? Government can’t figure out how to run a country effectively? Team lost a big game? Or most of their games? Outraced, outscored, overshadowed or put down? This list could go on forever. The simple truth is that life has a lot of twists and turns, if we’re lucky enough to live on. The longer we live, the wilder it gets! Perhaps that’s because we think we know more. We learn a bit. We make judgement calls. “That’s good. That’s bad. They’re dumb. I’m smart.”

Perhaps everything just “is.” When I observe others, their judgements can be a bit entertaining and enlightening, because seeing them helps me see me. When I can admit that I’m like them, I can lessen my judging. I can move towards acceptance. I can savor the pleasures that are always available, even during the seemingly toughest times. It’s a matter of perspective, focus, attention, honesty and willingness. Logically, it’s a no-brainer. In application, it’s a constant challenge. My wish for you is enlightened freedom!


Some days it feels like spiritual truths land on my soul. Today, I feel that I’m the sum of my choices. That seems like justice to a bean-counter, encouragement for one who has made some good choices lately.

Today I’m feeling fine, like a drive in the sun wearing musical goose bumps. I feel strength in my muscles and peace in my heart. My soul awaits adventure, in its dance of delight, curious and aroused.

I have so much to be grateful for. I am savoring the moments.  🙂

Parasailing Frank

That’s me!  I’m a youngster, because I feel that I am. If I’m lucky, there may be time for being old later. If not, such is life. This youthfulness is really fun!

Stretching. Massaging. Toning. Pushing. Re-fueling. Resting. Meditating. Letting go. Researching. Imagining. Believing. Embracing. Accepting. Observing. Staying the course. Helping. Loving. Feeling. Joining. Solving. Releasing.

Joy! Beauty! Love! Excitement! Passion! Challenge! Desire! Success! Freedom! Blessings!

Kindness. Compassion. Gratitude. Sharing. Being.

Life is new, fresh and full of mind-boggling possibilities! Spring has sprung again, in a place that is dear to me: my soul!

Happy new day!

It’s an exciting time to be alive! We read and hear so many interesting things. I sense that the biggest challenges give rise to the most amazingly inspirational people! Sometimes life seems surreal, or fantastically unbelievable. Feeling love, in its many forms, for people, activities, God, beauty, nature, achievement, adventure, excitement, creativity, music, food, meditation and more, can be awe-inspiring. It leaves me happy, peaceful, satisfied, invigorated, inspired, challenged and amazed, at various times. Perhaps this is the meaning of life: finding, enjoying and sharing these loves. Can there ever be too much of any of them? Perspective pollinates the blossoms of our souls. We get it from each other, when we’re ready, willing and able. Openness is beyond ego, greed, fear and blame. It’s kin to willingness and humility. It’s the best way to go. Thanks for being in the know and inviting me to the show! Let’s show God how grateful we are!

It’s never been more clear to me that attitude is everything.

I can always find many things to be grateful for. It is gratitude that carries me to happiness. Making a gratitude list has rescued me from despair, discouragement, loneliness and the like.  It’s medicine for self-pity.

I can always find many things to complain about. I can choose to be disgruntled.  That’s a silly way to live.  We only get so much time. I want to enjoy mine!

I can choose to live in happiness. It should be an easy choice! I haven’t always had this clarity. I’m so grateful to be grateful!

I woke up again!  Yippee!  I’d dance around the house, but walking is hard.  Judging “good” or “bad” is truly beyond me.  How would I know?  I’m just me.  That’s freeing.  No pressures, just opportunities.  How to see them all?  Both opportunities and the myriad of ways to respond to them.  How to choose well?  How to expand awareness?  Culture wellness?  Open new ideas to polish older ones?  Humility, variety, discovery, adventure, curiosity, surrender, honesty, open-mindedness, willingness and acceptance?

Happy new day!   🙂

I’m grateful for  many things.  The more I remind myself of them, the better off I am.  There is so much to be grateful for!  I think I’ll list a few of the many:

  1. Forgiveness.  Being able to forgive opens my heart more fully.  Being forgiven gives me another shot at having a place in the hearts of others.
  2. Health.  This blessing is a cornerstone for so many of my pleasures in life.  It is so sweet!  I hope to do all I can to keep it going.
  3. Friendly people.  I find them everywhere, especially when I am one myself.  You make my life great!
  4. Fortune.  These cool new toys are really fun, when kept in perspective.
  5. Sobriety.  Without it, this post isn’t happening!
  6. Fame.  I hear I have 15 minutes coming, so I’m busy preparing.
  7. Love.  Zippitydoodah!
  8. Work.  It’s nice to feel needed.
  9. Family.  These people are eerily like me in some ways.  ( :
  10. Trials.  Without them, who would I be?  Far less polished, I suspect.  It’s not like I’m asking for more though!
  11. Adventure.  Excitement!  Travel!  Discovery!  Anticipation!  Sensory overload!  ( :
  12. Food.  The more variety, the better!  I’m excited for today’s dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving!  May blessings continue to flow your way!  I hope you notice and appreciate them all!

Wow!  I think we’ve had around a hundred beautiful days in a row!  I admit to loving sunshine, warmth and bountiful harvests.  It’s been another stimulating round of one of my favorite times of year.

Can I find that all times of year are greatly prized?  What will I do and believe to treasure the dark, gray, damp and cooler days ahead?  At my age, and any age really, it seems silly to waste any of this gift of life.  So, what to do?  Care to help me out here?  My first thoughts:

  1. Writing.
  2. Reading.
  3. Hang out with fun people.
  4. Gym workouts.
  5. Movies.
  6. Nordic skiing.
  7. Alpine skiing.
  8. Head south!  I mean vacation, rather than moving.  Golf, swimming, snorkeling?
  9. Prayer.
  10. Meditation.
  11. Culinary refinement.
  12. Running.
  13. Call old friends/make new friends.
  14. Take dance lessons.
  15. Go to plays.
  16. Shopping.
  17. Snowshoeing.
  18. Photography.
  19. Refine processes at work; build a better budget.
  20. Volunteer.
  21. Go to church.
  22. Clean my house.
  23. Give away extra stuff.
  24. Ab exercises.
  25. Test out the 4Runner in the snow.
  26. Smile at everyone.
  27. Tell people what I like about them.
  28. Model self-restraint.
  29. Exude goodness.
  30. Plan new activities for next spring & summer.

Hmmm.  I guess hibernating is out of the plan again this year.  ( :

This journey we’re on seems to be filled with perpetual opportunity to live more fully in the present.  The present really is the present!  Our challenge is to embrace it with grateful attitudes, opening and expanding the riches.  I just love it when I get it more right!

Yesterday I savored coffee in the bath with “The Alchemist” before embarking on a fifty minute run around Kirkland with my daughter Annie.  It was gloriously sunny and a perfectly cool temperature.  Heaven!  A couple of my brothers suggested my shirtless appearance in the fancy hotel lobby was inappropriate, but I wanted vitamin D from the sunshine and route suggestions from the lobby staff.  It was a good call, as we jogged a part of the Lake Washington shoreline on board walks and a long pedestrian bridge.  The park was filled with happy people and Annie and I may have been among the happiest.  Endorphins rock!

Trusting God to deliver our needs is really impressive sometimes.  Just after we decided fifty minutes was enough running, we discovered a patch of beautifully ripened blackberries, where we ate our fill.  How perfect is that?

After leisurely preparing for Julie and Mark’s wedding, we discovered that we should have left sooner.  Oops!  We arrived in time to see them take their vows, however, but we didn’t need chairs.  They are so happy and so right for each other.  My heart is glowing!

The dancing was fun!  I almost felt like a chick, dancing with no one and everyone.  It wasn’t about finding someone for me.  It was about living fully and loving the moment.  Grooving to the tunes and enjoying the people in my life now.  Making the best day possible.  Honoring myself and others.  Then sleeping well and doing it again!  Thank you Lord!  ( :

Hooray for Monday!  Thank God for my job to go to.  What a blessing to have chores lined up.  Thank you Lord for healing my body parts, my mind, my soul and my spirit.  Thank you for putting all types of people in my life to help me move towards your ideal for me.  What should I do today?  First of all, get ready and get to work.  There’s a budget to craft.  There are people to inspire, joke with and serve.  There’s air to breathe deeply, feeling the boundless potential of this gift of life.  Let’s dance our way through all parts of our lives!  Let’s help each other laugh, smile, dance and grow.

Happy sunny summer day!

My dear, sweet mother gave me the core values that are the foundation for who I’ve become.  They’ve pulled me back from the brink of ruin!  They’ve helped me blossom into a kind, honest, adventurous, loving, funny, generous, passionate, fun and well-mannered man.  My Mom is in me.  I am in her.  Her deep love for God, family and other people is inscribed on my heart.  Her loving support taught me how to be a successful parent, despite all the parenting mistakes I’ve made.  Love overcomes!  I feel that God’s deep power is His love that he shares with us.  This is love of Him, people, beauty, nature, music, poetry, adventure, dancing, etc.  My Mommy passed this love to me.  She made it real.  She is my very first heroine.  She’s not injectable, but she has interjections!

Mom always encouraged me to look at women’s hearts and not worry too much about their outward appearance.  I’ve always looked for both, but one is more readily apparent than the other.  Imagine my delight at finding a stunningly beautiful woman, with an incredibly loving heart, who loved me too!  What a wonderful feeling!

Mom did many things to foster family bonds.  Grandkids remember getting a lot of two dollar bills in their greeting cards.  There were always treats to be had at Grandma’s house.  Treats, a twinkling smile and a “delighted to see you” attitude.  Mom flew on her wings of love.  She soared on the ground.  Dad, eleven kids, kids’ spouses, dozens of grandkids, grandkids’ spouses, and great-grandkids are her treasures.  She’s a treasure to us!

What would she like to see me doing?  For now, I’m heading out to open some doors and spread some smiles, in honor of my amazing mother!  ( :

Such advice is good.  Yesterday was a great chance to be obedient! 

Annie and Zach and I had a great time at the WSU Challenge Program’s ropes course.  I was awakened to my sometimes defeatist attitude, which I thought was long gone, when I became convinced that I would not be able to succeed on some of the elements.  Yet we did succeed on each one attempted!  I skipped the climbing intensive ones (Giant’s Ladder and Over Beam), as I’m rehabilitating my elbow, but tasted much success and the amazing powers of teamwork, perseverance and “can do” attitudes.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who has never experienced such a course.  I especially enjoyed the Track N Trail (multiple high challenges) and the Mohawk Walk (team assisted cable walking).  I wonder if the things I considered “failures” in my life, which were really just experiences, built up a defeatist attitude, as a warped “protection” against really trying to succeed.

I received an opportunity for bonus growth at the end of the day.  When we returned to gather our personal belongings after putting away the climbing gear, I discovered that someone had stolen my brand new rain jacket, which had the clip-on sunglasses for my prescription glasses in a pocket.  My first feelings were of  being violated, disappointment and anger.  Luckily, I quickly switched to making a gratitude list and putting it into perspective.  Sure, I was $275 poorer, presumably because of someone’s selfish, lazy greed.  But the worst option was to make myself spiritually poorer by holding the negative feelings.  I’ve been given many opportunities in my life to learn to let people and things go.  This was just another test in letting go.  So to the perpetrator: please send your address, so I can send you my shirt!  ( :


Do the smallish events in your life seem to parallel bigger life lessons?

It’s a lovely summer and I felt like taking a run.  Friday night!  For me, time for endorphins, not happy hour!  What could be better?  So I laced ’em up and headed out!  It was beautiful running weather:  a storm system was moving in, cooling the air and dropping a light, refreshing rain.  How sweet! 

The run felt good and my pace was fast.  But my right ankle became sore again.  It felt wise to stop running after 4.5 miles, leaving me about 1.8 miles from home.  My ankle pain eased as I walked, but the rain accelerated as the wind picked up.  I had only a cotton shirt, so despite walking steadily, I cooled rapidly.  My fingers became quite cold.  I could have carried a rain jacket.  Or taken a synthetic shirt.  Or stayed closer to home.  But my heart drew me into the unknown adventure.  I survived.  The warm house and bath felt good!

There’s a thought that simmers in my mind:  thank you Lord, for everything!

Good morning God.  Thank you for being up to the biggest job of all!  Thank you for knowing what we need.  Thank you for the strength you give us to learn, grow and love.  Thank you for this amazing gift of life!  Sometimes we treasure it most when we see it end.  Please bless the family of 1st Lieutenant Mathew Fazzari, a casualty from my adopted home town, killed in war in Afghanistan.  Please do the same for all who suffer losses.  Please help us to wisely use our gifted time to love, serve, grow and share.  Thank you for the love, sunshine, fresh air, beauty, kindness, laughter, camaraderie, adventures, challenges and opportunities that fan my flame!  Thanks for this amazing body with incredible tools like these hands and fingers!  I’m grateful for a brain, in my quest to do well at work, in my family, in personal recovery and as a friend.   May positivism, optimism, creativity and gratitude reign! 

Thanks for helping me recover from many forms of addictive behavior.   My life’s richness is directly related to how well I practice the steps of recovery, which boil down to a path to you.  An important key is to practice these steps in all of my affairs!  Essentially, it involves surrendering selfishness to faith, which taps into a much more powerful force!  You!!!  Please take all of me, good and bad, and return to me whatever is useful to you!

What a rush!

It feels like I’ve done the right things, more of the time.  More “good” things flow into my life, or at least I notice them!  Even the aches and pains show their purpose, sometimes right away.  Connected calm with enthusiastic joy seems to be at hand.  I get to show up each day on this amazing stage to play my part as lovingly, and with as much humor and spunk as I can muster.  No auditions required!  Happiness, joy and freedom of spirit are always available when I live a balanced, honest, sincere and loving life.  Yippee!!!

2010: spring came in August on the Pacific Crest trail near Winthrop, WA


Brother Dick slices North Twin Lake!

Far from the equator, we come to see

sweet summer days, as long as can be.

Just starved by winter, from needed sunlight,

so sleep in summer can be a fight

between restoration we really need

and diverse fun for which we  plead!

Pent up desires flow free and wild,

we dance and play just like a child!

 That’s if we’re open enough to be

aware of life’s blessed majesty!

Being fully alive, like a love affair,

finding contentment everywhere!

I used to see things looking bad,

but now to see, makes my heart glad!

To waste this gift, or live it well?

Easy choice?  It’s a rose I smell!

Nephew Tim sails over North Twin Lake!



I’m not sure, but I may be finally getting it.  Whatever “it” is!  I’ve always heard that we can choose to be happy any time we want.  That it’s not a matter of “getting” any thing or relationship or recognition or money or weather or anything else.  We simply need to be grateful for what is.  Whatever is.  Right now!  The thing is, it feels like I can now do it better than ever!  I don’t think it’s because external things are all that different; I think something’s different inside of me.  I don’t think it’s me doing it on willpower alone, but I do get the benefits.  I think I’m tapping into supernatural powers.  Yay!  How did it happen?  I don’t really know, but it’s been a long path with a lot of mistakes.  Perhaps I have enough honesty and open-mindedness to see my self-centeredness more clearly now.  Maybe regularly returning to surrender and consistently using good ideas like gratitude lists when life felt hard.  Perhaps I’ve finally prayed and meditated enough on spiritual truths that they are sinking in deeper.  

I found some reasons for gratitude in my weekend travels:

  1. Joyous, funny, provocative and inspirational conversations with family and friends at my niece Lauren’s graduation party and at the home of my sister Barb, my brother-in-law Ryan and their girls Claire and Isabel.  Familial love is such an amazing treasure.  One of the most memorable things my Dad ever told me was that friends may come and go, but family will always be there for you.  It’s been true in my life.  I have nothing bad to say about the awesome friends I’ve been blessed with.  My family has been and is incredible!  In our conversations, I was able to let everyone’s opinions be their own, taking what I could use and leaving the rest.
  2. Shopping for great bargains on clothes and other things we needed.  My daughter Annie is fun to shop with, and she’s such a great fashion adviser for me.  When we get together, it’s like the fun shopping part of the “What not to wear” television show.  Now I’ll be styling!  The clothes are so much less important than the precious time with Annie.
  3. Annie and I ate the biggest lobster they had!  We ate a three-pounder and a two-pounder for Annie’s first ever taste of lobster.  Yum!  Yes, we were blessed to have lobster this time, but we’ve been just as happy with our meals in our poorer days.
  4. Annie and I headed out to ride our bicycles from Pullman to Moscow on the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail.  It was a beautiful, sunny spring day.  We treated ourselves to frozen yogurt in Moscow as we basked in the sun in Adirondack chairs.  The sun and blood flow were awesome rewards, as was Annie’s wonderful company.  Yippee!
  5. After riding back to Annie’s place, we enjoyed tasty grilled turkey-mozzarella-cream cheese sandwiches on Dave’s Killer Bread.  His bread is the BEST I’ve ever tasted!  Yum!!!
  6. We then went to the Washington State University Recreation center and lifted weights for an hour or two.  Annie can now leg press more than me!  Go Annie!  ( :
  7. On my drive home tonight, I watched and heard a spray plane fly directly at and directly over me at a VERY low altitude.  Within a few hundred feet, another spray plane did the same thing!  Life is dangerous and exciting!
  8. A few miles later, I saw a coyote, stalking a rodent near the highway.  He was a thing of beauty, in his own way.  All life relies on other life!  ( :
  9. A small bird bounced hard off my windshield, reminding me of the precious and fleeting nature of life.  For however long I’m blessed with this incredible gift of life, how can I make the most of it?
  10. I arrived home safely and unloaded the bicycles without injuring my elbow.  God wants the best for me.
  11. I woke up again, I get to go to work today, to see how much positivity I can bring to dozens of other people.  I’m excited to see them!
  12. I was reminded while driving of some wonderful events that have transpired in my life, like love affairs, friendships, etc.  I was able to feel their warmth and let them go, moving back to gratitude for what is right now.  I don’t have the wife I’ve always thought would make me happy, but I have the happiness!  Hey!  Does that mean happiness really is just a choice, freely available at all times?
  13. I wonder what else may be coming?  I’m so excited!  I hope I get to see!!!   ( :


The war veterans I remember most are still alive.  One family friend came back from Vietnam with three fewer limbs.  The Vietnam war happened when I was young; I remember nightly casualty reports on television.  My cousin Tom Tesmar flew helicopters in Vietnam and survived with many wild stories.  His book gave me a clue of what war is like.  I hope I am thankful enough for my life filled with opportunities.  Today I enjoy the freedom that so many others fought for with spilled blood, dismemberment and death.  Now I’m blessed with affluence and chances to take the fight for freedom inward, rather than outward.  Thank you to all veterans!


If my assumptions are correct, this is a day for twos!  We can be two times as grateful as we normally are.  Any discontent will vanish.  Poof!  We can smile two times as much as normal.  Others will smile back.  This could get contagious!  I’m planning on two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners, albeit half-sized.  Thanks Annie!  I’ll even try to work two times as hard as normal.  I’ll do two workouts and tell two people how they add joy to my life.  I’ll make two posts on this blog, since I’ve slacked off.  ( ;  I will pray at least two times and set aside two meditation periods.  Hopefully I can do it all and get way more than two hours of sleep tonight!  I hope you have at least two loving experiences today!  Toodles!

Thank you for this life!  Thank you for this incredibly useful body.  Thank you for amazing love and amazing lovers.  Thank you for children, sunshine, smiles, tender words.  Thank you for nourishing food, comfortable beds, warm showers, supportive people and growth opportunities.  Thank you for automobiles, bicycles, skiis, snowshoes, boots, clothes, hackysacks, chairs, tables, medicine and second chances.  Thanks for mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, clouds, stars and the moon.  Thank you for sleep, healing, faith, hope and trust.  Where would I be without water, dirt and nutrients?  I greatly appreciate the kisses, hugs and laughter.  Thank you for kindness, generosity, forgiveness and understanding.  Thank you for gratitude, willingness, open-mindedness and honesty.  Thank you for grace!  Thanks for policemen, firemen, teachers, doctors, nurses, waitresses, cooks, masseurs, psychotherapists, housekeepers and all other servants.  Thank you for my job.  Thanks for compassion, shelter, vacations, indoor toilets, camaraderie, unconditional love, pain, joy, struggles, challenges, intimacy, isolation, sobriety, freedom, endorphins, strength, high-definition three-dimensional television, golf clubs and everything else I’ve forgotten to mention.  THANK YOU!!!  Now I feel like smiling and skipping!  Maybe I’ll go hit some golf balls……  May your days be filled with awareness, gratitude and love!  ( :

I wonder how much we’re like our ancient ancestors?  Did they like to barbecue?  The steaks I’m cooking look and smell pretty good!  What would cave man think?  He might think the cat in my jungle is a bit mild.  Tali, the orange Tabby, doesn’t quite intimidate like a cougar.  She wouldn’t eat my steak if I offered it to her!  Could the cave clan cook figure out how to use the grill?  He/she had a smaller brain, but I’m reportedly not using all that many of my brain cells, so maybe I’d learn a thing or two.  Did they sleep on dirt or branches?  My soft bed has me pretty spoiled!  Did Mr. Cave stink badly?  Maybe Mrs. Cave smelled just as bad?  Rib or rump steaks?  Who could be picky?  The salad might have been a bit lean.  What’s for dinner?  Steak and steak?  Again?  Why can’t we have fish?

I spent over an hour lifting weights and 45 minutes running last evening, trying to counteract sitting at my desk all day.  Did cave man get to throw spears, chase game, eat barbecue, sun bathe and chase cave woman around?  Today I spent half an hour mowing the lawn and a bit more doing laundry.  Would cave man laugh out loud at me?  Would he envy my high-definition three-dimensional television?  Might I envy his high-definition three-dimensional landscape?  Would he prefer texting and blogging over watching sunsets?

Is anyones grass ever really any greener?  Is the lens we use to view the grass the real issue?  Please pass the steak!  ( :

I feel like a kid again!  Was that a Heinz ketchup commercial that sang about anticipation?  Just testing to see how old you are.  I’m excited to do a footrace in about an hour and one-half.  Even though I’m a little slow.  Even for me!  I’ll finish in the middle of the pack, and this pack will not be 50,000 like at Bloomsday.  Maybe a few hundred, on a good day.  I’m still excited!  I guess I’m a social creature, because I love the pre-race and post-race interactions.  I hope I survive the in-race trials!  My mother promoted to heaven last year on Mother’s Day.  I will run in her honor.  I owe this amazing life to her; she gave me the gift that makes other gifts possible.  Her incredible faith molded who I am today.  Thanks Mom!!!  I am a very blessed man.  I will also run in honor of my children’s mother.  She gave me the next two most incredible gifts of my life.  Thanks Marie!!!  I will also run in honor of my psychotherapist, my AA sponsor, my children (Super Peach Annie and Hackysack Nick), my siblings, my in-laws, my nieces and nephews and all the amazing friends I’ve been honored with so far.  Holy Smokes!  It really does take a village to raise a rebel!  ( :



What’s your will, God?

The days of my life, they keep on rolling by…

Sometimes I pray to God, staring at his sky.

Do I find satisfaction in helping others grow?

What will measure my life, when it comes time to go?

Have I loved all the people who have filled up my days?

Have I built for the future, giving God his due praise?

When push came to shove, did I stand for what is right?

Did I lavish them with love, instead of showing them my might?

Did I often think of others and what might be said?

When I saw someone floundering, did I leave them for dead?

Did I reach out in love, telling stories of joy?

Did I speak of recovery and avoid being coy?

When confused did I pray to my savior to find

His spiritual answers which grace peace to my mind?

Have I learned to really trust in a God I can’t touch?

Or did I  turn to him only when I needed a crutch?

Have I seen him in others all the times that I can?

Do I see how God works through each woman and man?

Can I smile wide and say: thank you God for this day!?

How grateful am I, for all the times I get to play?

Do I thank him quite often, for the people I love?

Do I wear him on my soul, like a protective glove?

Have I seen his spirit radiate from many glowing smiles?

Have I thanked God enough for the growth gifted from trials?


I wonder who I’ll be today?  I wonder how many people I can help to smile?  Some good laughs?  Can I inspire someone?  Help them to solve their dilemmas?  Should I share my trials, the solutions and resultant gratitude?  Is today the day to update my bucket list?  Shall I clean my desk at work?  Take a bicycle ride?  Run?  Hackysack?  Prepare some tasty & healthy food?  Write another gratitude list?  Clean my house?  Whatever happens, today should be easy.  The sun is shining bright!  Yay!  ( :


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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