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I’ve got a hell of a buzz right now!  I’m tripping like it was the 1960’s!  Being the youngster that I am, I probably should have said the 1970’s or 80’s or 90’s. They all run together in my mind.  What’s left of it, that is!

This trip is especially good, because it’ll be hangover free!  No dead-head recovery time!  No remorse!  Compared to the cost of booze and other drugs, this trip should have cost me a fortune!  Wow!  I feel like I just won something big.  I can look forward to serenity, in place of the shakes.  Rather than withdrawal-induced anger, I’ll get peace of mind.  No headache; clear thinking instead.  There will be no craving.  In its place, quiet confidence.  I won’t be passing out soon.  I won’t be chasing any dragons.  No guilt, no loneliness, no isolation, no addiction.  All of that ugly stuff is gone.  And I still get the buzz!  Better than ever!!!

It’s pretty cool.  All I had to do was put one foot in front of the other.  Quite a few times in a row, with a decent pace, but amazingly simple and free.  So, to whomever said that the best things in life are free:  you’re right again!


The beauty of diverse ideas on the internet is that we get wonderful training in sorting out the usefulness of opinions shared.  It’s “take what you can use, and leave the rest.”  We’re all hopefully striving to grow, as we are not all-knowing.  Some people are farther along their journey on a particular topic, some not as far.  Perhaps any growth hinges on our open-mindedness.  Can we consider other views?  Especially if they seem like ideas that we previously discarded?  Can our egos allow us to admit when we are wrong?  Do we have that level of honesty?  A key question is not whether we will be wrong, since we will be.  Will we recognize truth and grow from it?  Or stifle our growth with stubborn pride?

Can we find in ourselves enough willingness to try new things?  Is this not a prerequisite to growth?  Let us not forget my favorite definition of insanity:  doing the same things over and over, while hoping for different results.  Again, stubbornness is NOT a virtue!

I struggled along for months with a computer that did not allow me to see WordPress’ reader function.  That is, I couldn’t see your new posts unless I went to your site.  On Black Friday, I bought a MacBook Pro; it’s truly a “Pro” compared to the old junker!  Now I can see your posts fly by, quickly filling my mind with information, opinions, humor, poetry, etc.  It’s fast-track training in evaluating information.  I think it’s teaching us a lot about life.  Will our future be enhanced by new perspectives?  Well, we really only have now, but for me, it feels good!

  1. Lighten up!  Going with the flow and finding humor.
  2. Brighten up!  Letting my light shine with optimism.
  3. Encourage!  Being the change I wish to see in the world.
  4. Explore.  Learning, enjoying, broadening.
  5. Experiment.  Opening my mind to better ways.
  6. Reach out.  Connecting, re-connecting, enlivening.
  7. Reach in.  Honesty, willingness, humility, acceptance, tolerance.
  8. Clean up.  Becoming more and more free!
  9. Share.  My blessings and my heart.
  10. Donate.  Stimulating, boosting, enriching.
  11. Carry on!  Persistence, dedication, faith.
  12. Smile!  My greatest gift?
  13. Dance!  Sharing the joy, living the love.
  14. Skip.  Freedom, playfulness.
  15. Run!  Staying young at heart.
  16. Read.  Learning, understanding, growing.
  17. Rest.  Recovering, rejuvenating, appreciating.
  18. Meditate…..  Centering, relaxing, gaining perspective.
  19. Love!  The meaning of life!
  20. Eat well.  Health, energy, focus.
  21. Connect.  Friendship, working together.
  22. Listen.  Supporting.
  23. Understand.  Considering & observing.
  24. Empathize.  Feeling their path.
  25. Contribute.  Getting involved.
  26. Participate.  Embracing life!

Hi Mary!  I want you to become pregnant, but no sex, okay?  It’s a little faith test for you!

I guess my trials are not even worth mentioning…..


Belief.  Faith.  Trust.  Confidence.  How self-limited are we?  Some of us do amazing things.  Are all of us capable of so much more?  What evidence do I have to support any claims?

Well, let’s consider physical achievement.  Obesity is a widespread health problem.  Do some of us feel that physical health is beyond us?  Other people can complete Ironman triathlons.  Were they destined to do so, or did they simply believe in health, practice healthy habits, continue to believe, and dedicate themselves to their chosen course?

Some amazing singers have jumped to the big time stage from shows like American Idol.  One day they’re a normal person with a normal life.  In a very short time, they become big stars.  They believed in their dream and found a way to make it happen.  I’m guessing many performers with even more talent have never become famous.  That’s just fine, if their path is what they wanted.

Many of us have big ideas about how to improve society.  It’s a bit tricky trying to control how others conduct themselves.  But we certainly can have faith in our own ability to live our ideas.  If they’re good, perhaps they’ll be contagious!  If I think the answer to the world’s problems lies in love, then I can practice loving!

There are thousands of impressive rags to riches stories.  Are the ones who succeeded simply the ones who never stopped believing and worked persistently?

I like to do a variety of things in life; perhaps variety really is the spice of life!  Does this lack of specialization prevent me from becoming great?  Perhaps, but should it be used as a rationalization to be less than my best?  Can I write something better than my best so far?  Can I work out just a bit harder, or in new ways?  Can I serve people better?  Can I listen more patiently?  Can I make tastier and healthier meals?  Can I seek out exciting adventures?  Can I do my best in everything I do?   Can I inspire others?  Can I find inspiration from their masterpieces?  Can we work together to do even more amazing things?  Look at what people have done so far!  They’re people like you and me.  Creative, open-minded, resourceful, inspired, dedicated, faithful, persistent, strong and loving people.  That sounds like us!

What a great way to celebrate the winter solstice: building muscles and watching a classic movie.  The common theme is ass whippings!  After work, I stopped by the gym to do leg weights and spinning.  I’m either building muscles or becoming a sadist. I hope it’s the first option!  Who does Bulgarian split squats for entertainment?  Leg presses for pleasure?  Why should dead lifts bring smiles to my face?  Why am I grinning after adduction and abduction?  Joyful lunges?  Is this perversion?  Or is there a wonderful secret hidden here?

Captain America was very fun to watch again!  The good guy wins!  It’s sad that he slept through his dream date, but the beauty of the romance before the preempted dance painted a masterpiece.  The joy of the chase!  Captain Steve was a great guy who won the heart of the soulful woman by being the best that he could be.  I LOVE happy stories!  Who needs more depressing examples of how not to live?  I love sagas that show good morals, positive living and faith!  It pleases me to see that sometimes, good movies are still made.  The Avengers is another one.  Maybe I should watch it again now!

Emotions can be like a roller coaster.  What if someone asks “how are you doing?”  Do you give them an automatic answer, or an honest assessment?  If you’re honest, do you give an emotional answer?  Or use a thoughtful awareness of the overall trends in your life, such as focus, open-mindedness, wellness, compassion, integrity and achievement?

I sense that things are going very well in my life.  I’m single, so I don’t enjoy the emotional highs of being in love.  I’m sober, so I don’t have the intense highs of drugs.  My kids are leaving the nest, so my focus is changing.  Yet I sense that I’m wiser, better conditioned, calmer, more centered and more accepting of who I am.  I have nostalgic moments, but I’m not losing myself in them.  I aim to do the next right things, striving to be the best possible version of myself.  I have faith that whatever else happens will thereby be good.

I went to a Christmas party this evening.  It was fun to enjoy the camaraderie, good-natured kidding, great food and friendly people.  Will my fire burn brightly?  Perhaps it depends on how well I prepare the fuel!

I’m hoping that I’m like a fine wine, in one way only.  Which way?  Getter smoother with age!  Life can turn us into vinegar, or enrich us with perspective, focus, wisdom and appreciation.

Life isn’t fair.  That is, it’s not all justice and equal opportunity.  We are dealt tragedy, heartbreak, illness, disease, pain, injustice, crime and abuse, in varying doses.  No one gets off totally free.  How we handle adversity decides how much we appreciate and optimize our gift of life.

People are irritating, irritable and irate at times.  We’re fun and funny.  Lovable and loving. People can profess deep love for us one day and leave us the next.  They can give us joy and rob us blind.  Reality is a tenuous thing.  What’s real to one person is delusion to another.  Adversity comes like a thief in the night.  The only certainty is uncertainty.  Is that scary?  Or exciting!  It can be either, or both.  Which sounds like more fun?  Which offers better possibilities?

Should we focus on the “wrongs” we’ve suffered?  Or look for the next right things to do?  How do we become the best possible versions of ourselves?  Is this the path to the best possible life?  Is there good nutrition?  Do we embrace regular exercise?  Meditative centering?  A focus on gratitude, fostering happiness?  Should we look for ways to serve other people?  Does it make sense to seek adventure, stimulating our curiosity, creativity and fun?  Should we break from routine?  What is there to be afraid of, beyond the misery of giving up?

I pray that victims of senseless violence, tragedies, and untimely deaths receive passages into a better place.  This would look like justice and lend acceptance to my bewildered mind.  I pray that the devastated parents, families and friends of victims find supernatural healing, forgiveness, faith and resolve to help love win their battles.  Amen.

I’m a red-liner.  Not on a tachometer.  Rather, on my main muscle.  It frees me from stress, monotony, grumpiness and lethargy.  If I settle for aerobic training, I feel guilty and lazy.  I need my endorphins!  I like the blood flow!  I like feeling fully alive!  I like the peaceful feelings that wellness brings!  I dream of wellness for everyone!  Now you see my vision of heaven…


Is that an alternate name for a sloth?  Maybe so.  Man, there was so much accumulated work: clutter and filth!  I know I’m going to love having a clean, organized and uncluttered home.  I just didn’t know how far away it was!

Today’s project was my bedroom.  Since it’s one of the bigger rooms in my home, it was packed with stuff.  Today I focused on getting to the carpet, so I could steam clean it.  I now have beautifully clean carpets in most rooms.  Yay!  Without really trying, I gathered two bags of disposables and two boxes of giveaways.  There will be so much more!  I still need to tackle a mountainous desk and an overloaded closet.  After I get through my room, there’s still Nick’s room and the mother of all challenges, the garage!  Lord, grant me the serenity to accept what is, the courage and persistence to grow and blossom, and the wisdom to love the journey!  🙂

The finest place I’ve ever lived

is anywhere.

The best job I’ve ever had

is all of them.

The sweetest joy is mine to share

when I’m over me.

The greatest freedom I’ve ever felt

is letting go.

The truest friends I’ve ever had

saw my spirit of love.

Peace is here

right in the now.

Love is here

in the giving.

Tranquility lies

in the deepest acceptance.

Wisdom flows from

exhausted options.

Our finest hours

can be yet to come!


It’s winter time finally, a wacky time to fly.  Yesterday’s Gonzaga @ Washington State basketball game treated us to a wildly thrilling finish.  Crimson clad fans waved the flag in style!  Sometimes, WordPress is truly fulfilling.  Women trigger fantasies.  Why treat friends?  Because wonderful true friends are worth the frustrations.  WTF else did you think I’d be talking about?

…will surely help you save your mind!  I’m engaging in more cleaning and more exercise, with a few plays of football watching, laundry, cooking and organizing.  Sound simple and boring?  Maybe, but it feels so good!  I love taking steps, however small or large, towards enhanced wellness.  It feels so good to have a cleaner home!  I love savoring endorphins in the sunshine!  I’ll cook a healthy dinner, do some more cleaning and de-cluttering and watch a fun movie!  🙂

Wellness is desirable.  It also involves big challenges.  An early challenge is recognizing what wellness is.  Physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social components suggest a need for balance.  Opposing forces include rationalization, addiction, compulsion, pessimism, unbelief, laziness, selfishness, denial, fear, lust, greed and mental imbalance, among others.

I’m embracing new exercise strategies, and my physical health has pleased me.  I’ve practiced complete sobriety, and I feel better than I ever have!  I’ve adopted healthier eating habits, and my energy level is steadily good.  I’ve faced my fears and looked into my soul.  I make mistakes, but I learn from them.  A clear, honest mind with willingness opens wonderful doors.

Wellness illuminates the interconnectedness of all aspects of our lives.  If I wish to become more well, I must look at all aspects of my life.  Today it was the despicable condition of my home!  Our carpet was filthy!  I’d rationalized that it’d get dirty again right away, and that it was more important to exercise, read, etc.  I’d given myself permission to live in a mess, thereby blocking the path to freedom.  Today, I decided to break that mold.  I’ve learned through repetition about many ways to NOT get help from Nicholas.  Today, I was not pushy.  I just gave him opportunity to choose to do the right thing.  Surprise!  He did!  The famously messy team of Nick and Frank evolved into cleaning machines.  We swept, vacuumed, steam-cleaned, dusted, washed, folded, cleaned, recycled, replaced, donated, scrubbed, disposed, organized, put away, deodorized, wiped and re-stocked.  We embraced a new facet of wellness.  It was much-needed, and perhaps opened a path to greater wellness.  I believe it to be so.  Removing blocks opens paths to new perspectives, opportunities, growth and belief.  What other false beliefs are holding me back?


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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