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Spicing up the 'hood!

Spicing up the ‘hood!

Do you have any faded shades in your life?

Boringville, USA

Boringville, USA

If you’re going to live, live fully! If you’re going to paint, paint vibrantly!

Our new happy color!

Our new happy color!

I promise myself that I will live passionately, choosing health, adventure, discovery and growth. It is a fine way to spend my gift of life. If you agree, let’s get wild!

This makes me smile!

This makes me smile!

Foot too sore to run? Get your bike out!

Foot too sore to run? Get your bike out!

Flat tire. What a great opportunity! Especially the three miles of pushing my bike home; it bestowed more time to talk with Annie. Ultimately, another lesson in patience, which must be needed. I’m grateful for the opportunity to ride for an hour and walk another, after my sore foot derailed our running plans. The fresh rain kept us off the single track trails, but fun is always available!

Rainy day? No problem! Fun is around every corner!

Rainy day? No problem! Fun is around every corner!

What a great toy! This Go Pro Hero 3 will be a fun way to document some adventures. Maybe we’ll be on the water soon! Where will the weather lead us?

Bennington dike. If there's wind, you'll find it here.

Bennington dike. If there’s wind, you’ll find it here.

What a fun life! What a fun girl! Just call me Mr. Luckyman……

I almost took a nap instead. I'm so glad I rode and pushed my bike home instead!

I almost took a nap. I’m so glad I rode and pushed my bike home instead!

Some days it feels like spiritual truths land on my soul. Today, I feel that I’m the sum of my choices. That seems like justice to a bean-counter, encouragement for one who has made some good choices lately.

Today I’m feeling fine, like a drive in the sun wearing musical goose bumps. I feel strength in my muscles and peace in my heart. My soul awaits adventure, in its dance of delight, curious and aroused.

I have so much to be grateful for. I am savoring the moments. ¬†ūüôā

What a day! Yesterday was a really big day for me. I’m not sure what was most important, but growth happened.

We anticipated our twenty-mile run, the pinnacle of our training for next month’s Coeur d’Alene marathon. To fuel up, Annie made green smoothies (Kale for breakfast; move over Popeye!), followed by coffee smoothies (over the top AMAZING!!!) and peanut butter and jelly toast. These accompanied hours of more research and then final selections of toys for our next big thing: standup paddle boarding. I ordered boards, paddles, racks, leashes and personal flotation devices. I’m so excited!

Throughout the day, I learned and re-learned about myself, noting impatience, apprehension, frustration, determination, perseverance and jubilation. When I recognize my motives, they can teach me valuable lessons. It’s even possible to grow from them! ¬†Who knew? Serve, rest, recover, fuel, release, praise, accept, observe, enjoy, admire, bask, encourage and belly up! Food never tastes better than after a long-ass run. I don’t know it there are tougher “walls” yet to come, but we tackled some tough ones yesterday!

Perhaps we needed this mental challenge to round out our preparation. The eighteen-miler seemed almost easy to me; if it wasn’t, my mind has beautifully blocked out the tough parts. The half marathon up and down Badger mountain boosted our confidence further. Yesterday boosted it again, in a new way. We started with little spunk, and our bodies became tired, sore and weakened rather early in the run. Maybe that’s “the wall”? Did something inspire us to add those big hills early on, to help our growth? As we faced trepidation, around halfway done, a cool inspiration re-surfaced: “when your legs get tired, run with your heart.” ¬†Yes! Now we know that even when we start partially tired and weakened by our training, we can still push through a long run. ¬†Strong or weak, high or low, we can get it done!

You never know what you’ll feel like on race day. You never know about any day! But bringing our best, enjoying the process, loving the now, seeing the beauty, slowly blossoming and keeping the faith are paths to growth, joy and peace. ¬†Sometimes they even end with curry! Yay!

John Denver’s “Colorado Rocky Mountain High”:

But the Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullabye
Rocky mountain high

A delirium recollection from yesterday:

On that Bennington twenty-mile high…I’ve seen a lot of country passing by…The rush of adrenaline is sweeter than chocolate pie….Bennington High…Walla Walla…

Twenty miles give a LOT of time to talk, think and trip out! ¬†ūüôā

These legs are made for running! ¬†Lips? Must be for kissing! Arms? Hugging, holding, lifting, swinging, etc. Eyes? Beholding beauty, seeing the way. Nose? Smelling delightful foods, flowers, etc. Hands? A wide gamut, including massaging, cooking, recording, feeling. Tongue? Well, you get the idea…

Living fully is a broad topic. Perhaps encompassing all of our time and all of our being. It may be described by the intensity of the feelings it conveys. Born of faith, raised by curiosity, fueled by intrigue and married to love, fullness suggests discovery, adventure, challenge, risk, dedication, accountability, honesty, forgiveness, appreciation and flexibility.

We’re left to find our own ways. The clues are everywhere. How does it make me feel? When do I feel truly ALIVE? Not just short-term feelings, but long-term healthy vigor. Wellness of spirit, mind and body. What steps lead to a path of fulfillment? Which sacrifices pay us back in overwhelming abundance of energy, strength, vitality, endurance and passion? Which roads lead to the person we’re truly meant to be? Who am I? When I find me, will I then find my truest and deepest joys? I am convinced the answer is yes, as the joy along the way has been tremendous!

Where does this path lead? I don’t know, but the view is amazing!


It’s an exciting time to be alive! We read and hear so many interesting things. I sense that the biggest challenges give rise to the most amazingly inspirational people! Sometimes life seems surreal, or fantastically unbelievable. Feeling love, in its many forms, for people, activities, God, beauty, nature, achievement, adventure, excitement, creativity, music, food, meditation and more, can be awe-inspiring. It leaves me happy, peaceful, satisfied, invigorated, inspired, challenged and amazed, at various times. Perhaps this is the meaning of life: finding, enjoying and sharing these loves. Can there ever be too much of any of them? Perspective pollinates the blossoms of our souls. We get it from each other, when we’re ready, willing and able. Openness is beyond ego, greed, fear and blame. It’s kin to willingness and humility. It’s the best way to go. Thanks for being in the know and inviting me to the show! Let’s show God how grateful we are!

Belief.  Spiritual centering via faith.

Acceptance.  Honesty, letting it be, without spiritual disruption.

Love.  Emotional maturity, embracing the beauty in others.

Adaptation.  Accepting powerlessness, optimizing our power.

Nurturing. Ourselves first, via diet, rest, inspiration.

Commitment.  Intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally.

Exercise. ¬†Today = 70 minutes level 9 intervals = 305 floors. ¬† ūüôā

What if I soar, right out that door?

What if I fly, all across the sky?

Why should I miss such a delicate kiss?

Why pass by another endorphin high?

Perhaps I will smile at Ms. Grumpy-head;

maybe it’s time her spirit is fed!

Shall I serve Mrs. Pain-in-the-ass?

Provide her with help, in lieu of more sass?

How to get through to Mr. Know-it-all;

what if he’s me? ¬†Can I take that fall?

If pessimism rears up and darkens the day,

what will I do?  What will I say?

What about dismay?  What of despair?

How will I become a breath of fresh air?

Will I bring joy?  Will I spout love?

Riding a spirit sent from above?

I’ll try, yes I will, it’s the best plan I’ve found!

If I miss it a bit, I’ll do better next round!

A day in the life of the Shankster

I tackle the challenges that keep streaming in

to an electronic in-box that measures my wins,

since our mission is worthy: we help people heal.

Addressing co-workers, I try hard to peel

back the layers of pessimism, contempt and dismay

while laughing and joking and mixing in play.

Extra stress builds up, so I head to the Y,

Striding and lifting and stepping to highs!

I’m inspired by soreness, I feel that it’s good.

It promises muscles that work as they should.

Depleted, yet smiling I seek out some chow

Delicious re-charging that sweetens the now.

I spar some with Nicko, in words or in play,

his spirit’s a bright spot in almost every day!

I move off to blog world to see what you’ve found

blissfully noticing my feet on the ground!

We are offered unlimited life paths, with so many forks in our roads.  Bountiful chances to stray, play, grow and show just who we are.  These choices define exactly who we are.  If we truly accept that we do indeed have all these choices, and believe that we can follow any path we like, we are free in spirit.  When we search our heart and soul to discover who we really are, we can make conscious choices to follow our values.

I had to start with empowerment.  Conscious or not, EVERYTHING we do is a choice.  How powerful!  So I am responsible for who I am.  No one else did it.  They did do everything they did.  I chose, often passively, reactively, irrationally, emotionally, defensively, selfishly and/or irresponsibly, how to respond or act.  These are lessons, whether I learned them or not.  They tend to repeat themselves.

So the troubles I’ve faced¬†resulted from choices I’ve made. ¬†Likewise for the sobriety, growth, peacefulness, acceptance, joy and gratitude. ¬†I know in my heart that when I make the best choices I can, with as much faith, honesty and humility as I can muster, life will go better than if I reverted to making choices based on greed, pride, lust and fear. ¬†The details make the story fun. Every step we take is on the biggest stage of all. ¬†It’s almost always “take one.” ¬†There are few Mulligans, do-overs or re-takes. ¬†It seems like a good idea to be on our best behavior!

What a great way to celebrate the winter solstice: building muscles and watching a classic movie. ¬†The common theme is ass whippings! ¬†After work, I stopped by the gym to do leg weights and spinning. ¬†I’m either building muscles or becoming a sadist. I hope it’s the first option! ¬†Who does Bulgarian split squats for entertainment? ¬†Leg presses for pleasure? ¬†Why should dead lifts bring smiles to my face? ¬†Why am I grinning after adduction and abduction? ¬†Joyful lunges? ¬†Is this perversion? ¬†Or is there a wonderful secret hidden here?

Captain America was very fun to watch again! ¬†The good guy wins! ¬†It’s sad that he slept through his dream date, but the beauty of the romance before the preempted dance painted a masterpiece. ¬†The joy of the chase! ¬†Captain Steve was a great guy who won the heart of the soulful woman by being the best that he could be. ¬†I LOVE happy stories! ¬†Who needs more depressing examples of how not to live? ¬†I love sagas that show good morals, positive living and faith! ¬†It pleases me to see that sometimes, good movies are still made. ¬†The Avengers is another one. ¬†Maybe I should watch it again now!

The finest place I’ve ever lived

is anywhere.

The best job I’ve ever had

is all of them.

The sweetest joy is mine to share

when I’m over me.

The greatest freedom I’ve ever felt

is letting go.

The truest friends I’ve ever had

saw my spirit of love.

Peace is here

right in the now.

Love is here

in the giving.

Tranquility lies

in the deepest acceptance.

Wisdom flows from

exhausted options.

Our finest hours

can be yet to come!


It’s winter time finally, a wacky time to fly. ¬†Yesterday’s Gonzaga @ Washington State basketball game treated us to a wildly thrilling finish. ¬†Crimson clad fans waved the flag in style! ¬†Sometimes, WordPress is truly fulfilling. ¬†Women trigger fantasies. ¬†Why treat friends? ¬†Because wonderful true friends are worth the frustrations. ¬†WTF else did you think I’d be talking about?

Muscles!  We want them!  We love what they do!

They lift us, they love us, they carry us through!

All kinds of adventures come streaming our way

when strong supple muscles prepare us for play!

Run faster!¬† Jump higher!¬† It’s all in the script,

lift heavy,¬†pump often,¬†come on,¬†let’s get ripped!

Live better, live longer, enjoy your stay!

Trip out on endorphins and savor your days!

You drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy!

Annie and Nick went to great lengths to create a Halloween costume for me last weekend; they LOVE being creative!¬† Saturday afternoon, just as I was preparing to paint my face, I was overcome with light-headedness, then mild nausea.¬† C’est la vie!¬† Sandy and Linda¬†did my¬†face painting today.¬† I’m so grateful for fun people to work with!!!¬† What do you think of my evolution?

You show us everything you’ve got, you keep on dancin’ and the room gets hot, you drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy!

What a fun day at work!¬† I’m excited to go back now!¬† ( :

2012 tour…..

Eagle Cap from East Fork Lostine River Trail

It’s not every day I get to sun bathe on the top of a 9,572 foot mountain.¬† Glorious sunshine and¬†amazing scenery¬†gave splendor to my weekend.¬† Eagle Cap is a very special treat.¬† Yay!

The Matterhorn.

Packing a bunch of weight around is not normal for me.¬† Walking up a mountain is not normal for me either.¬† Walking up a mountain with a bunch of weight on my back requires desire, commitment, perseverance and faith that I can do it.¬† It didn’t kill me and it did make me stronger and¬†richer, as well as more¬†inspired, motivated and grateful!

Frankoshanko on Eagle Cap summit, fully alive! ( :

The hardest places to get to are often the most beautiful.  Mountain tops are wonderful examples of this.  Camping in a place where every direction offers heavenly views is a rare treat.

Lakes Basin.

On Friday, I’m hoping to get my first experience golfing the Palouse Ridge Golf Club¬†with some of my brothers.¬† On Saturday the Washington State University Cougars take on the University of Colorado in Martin Stadium.¬† I’ll get chances to visit with family and¬†hang out with Annie,¬†enjoying¬†fun, exercise and great food.¬† I think I’m learning to live my dream, little steps at a time.¬† ( :

View of glaciers from Eagle Cap summit, 9/16/12.

Truly, it’s just one step at a time.¬†¬†Thinking about¬†the size of¬†the mountain might leave¬†me on the couch.¬†¬† But I can do the next step.¬† The step after that is too far in the future to worry about!

Achieving physical challenges is a form of spiritual art to me.  Faith means believing in something.  Gaining this faith in my physical ability grows from taking all the baby steps that have molded me into a person who can go climb a mountain.  Climbing the mountain may yield many positive benefits.  The forecast is for sun, so some soul igniting views are highly possible!  Views of heaven from earth?  It really excites me to think about it!

Other¬†potential benefits¬†are that I may be spurred to climb the other mountains in my life.¬† A cleaner home?¬† New ways to relate to challenging people?¬† Paddle boarding?¬† Making new friends?¬† Chasing my passions?¬† Embracing the beauty of all types of days, encounters, personalities, styles, activities and challenges?¬† Living fully more of the time?¬† Could it be?¬† Am I limited only by my decisions to believe or not believe?¬† Wow!¬† It’s a sunny September day!¬† I’m very blessed!¬† Thank you Lord!¬† Help me live this day really well.¬† Help me make it better for some other people.¬† Help me feel complete gratitude for all of my blessings!¬† ( :

Rodney Atkins is quite a show man!  His spirit blazed and his love for his fans was obvious.  His voice was pleasing and his passion was contagious.  Nick and I were a little too close to the speakers, so the drummer gave my heart some good tests.  Thank God for all the exercise lately!  We were slightly outside the range of the dozens of guitar picks he flicked into the crowd, but we were close enough to see his face well.  He was loving his life!

Rodney’s skinny jeans made his long legs look even longer.¬† His tight shirt made his arms look bigger.¬† His simple ball cap covered wild spirited hair and framed his laser eyes, which showed his appreciation¬†for all of us.¬† A lot of us were there last night!¬† It was so fun!¬† ( :

Is this the way we wish to live?

If not, then why not strive to give

focused effort to change our ways?

Living fully, in regret-free days!

FEAR be gone, you’ve done your part!

You’ve taught me¬†every day to¬†start

to take more steps towards being free,

as healthy practice sculptures me.

Baby steps towards a better life

with much more fun and much less strife!

I’ve learned from¬†fear that life’s¬†less fun

when from pain I try to run.

Befriended pain polishes to a shine

deep, lasting faith that all is fine!

I’m lovable, it’s true I see,

with¬†a wellness¬†focus to¬†who I’ll¬†be.

 If nourishing love comes to my side

I hope she finds me free of pride.

Staying healthy and letting go

an easy role in the natural flow.

No grabbing on, no lesser me,

rock¬†solid values¬†guiding who I’ll be.

I wish to grow and love with zest.

I do not want to be a pest.

We are precisely what we choose.

May our examples be great news!


How fun!¬† I hadn’t been to a concert for a while.¬† Ana stirred the idea, Annie checked the web and spur of the moment fun won out.¬† Yay!¬† The crowd was a bit small, but the music was wonderful!¬† It’s so invigorating to see and hear passionate singing.¬† As Josh said, the best songs are the ones about direct personal experience.¬† Some of his were about lost loves, a commonality for so many of us.¬† I could relate and heal at the same time I experienced a masterpiece.¬† Josh’s soul was beautifully illuminated by his¬†diverse vocal talent and enthusiastic delivery.¬† We were fully alive!¬† ( :

The first part of my bucket list got me thinking I need to add more:

  1. Do the high ropes challenge course at Washington State University Recreation.  DONE!  ( :
  2. Do the low ropes challenge course at Washington State University Recreation.  DONE!  ( :
  3. Drive a Corvette.
  4. Drive a Camaro.
  5. Drive a Challenger.
  6. Drive various Lexus РSUV & sporty sedans.  DONE!  ( :
  7. Run track events at the Eastern Washington Senior Games.  Skipped for 2012 to do #1 & #2 above.
  8. Run a marathon.  Perhaps in Portland in 2013?
  9. Write a short book about the fun events of my life, like large family gatherings, adventures, love affairs, being child-like, meditation, etc.
  10. Assemble some of my best photographs; use to enhance and inspire the book!
  11. Fly in a helicopter.
  12. Sail across a lake and back.
  13. Complete a mini triathlon.
  14. Visit Washington, DC.
  15. Love unconditionally, consistently.  Getting there!
  16. Find a hackysack practice group to refine skills.
  17. Get rid of half of my stuff; find freedom of spirit!
  18. Fear nothing, freeing me to be fully present.  Getting there!
  19. Be the best version of me that I can.  Working on it!
  20. Run one mile in under six minutes.
  21. Hike on Mount Rainier.
  22. Fly around Denali.
  23. Pray for anyone whom I find resentment for.  As I go Рthis is freedom!  ( :
  24. Travel to South America.
  25. Travel to Europe.
  26. Travel to Australia.
  27. Travel to Asia.
  28. Drive a Scion FR-S.  DONE!  (
  29. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail.
  30. Help!  ( :

I just remembered an inspiration I had to write about inspirations.¬† This blog may be the closest I get to writing a book, or my memoirs, and that’s okay.¬† Writing is writing!¬† After decades of procrastination, I can’t believe I’ve written this much.¬† It feels rewarding.¬† I recently¬†thought that I should cut back on writing to do more reading.¬† Nonetheless, I want to get this idea started on the path to fruition.¬†

In the book of my life, many of the most important chapters are about the people who have inspired me along the way.¬† In various ways, they’ve helped me become a better version of myself.¬† My life has been blessed with many inspiring people, so there is a huge risk that I will overlook some of the most important ones.¬† I might take them for granted.¬† My¬†life path¬†offers chances to¬†open up my tunnel thinking, so I’m willing to take this risk.¬† I’ll rectify these mistakes¬†if I see them.¬† I won’t be able to talk about all the¬†important interactions of my life.¬† I don’t know how many of them I even remember.¬† I do believe I am a reflection of¬†where I’ve been, and the people who’ve formed me, so there may be therapeutic value in this review.¬† If not,¬†then perhaps there¬†will be¬†pleasant memories and a resolve to take care in whom I spend my time with!

I don’t know yet whether¬†to discuss¬†the¬†people who seemed to pull me down.¬† My fourth and fifth step of recovery dealt much with them and really, about me.¬† They could have been anyone.¬†

What about the exciting prospects of the unknown future?¬† I’m praying that I’m open enough to let¬†great chapters unfold as they can!

Most mornings I¬†listen to a Christian music CD that a friend gave me about two years ago, because it is so uplifting!¬† I never tire of it.¬† It’s a collection of¬†songs by artists from Lifecenter in Spokane.¬†¬†The title of the album is also the¬†line that sticks in my head:¬†¬† “This is Love!”¬† I get¬†fired up¬†every time I hear it!¬† I want to go put it on now!¬† I will!¬† It’s a mantra for life that can never, ever be wrong.¬† Thank God for love!!!


Brother Dick slices North Twin Lake!

Far from the equator, we come to see

sweet summer days, as long as can be.

Just starved by winter, from needed sunlight,

so sleep in summer can be a fight

between restoration we really need

and diverse fun for which we  plead!

Pent up desires flow free and wild,

we dance and play just like a child!

¬†That’s if we’re open enough to be

aware of life’s blessed majesty!

Being fully alive, like a love affair,

finding contentment everywhere!

I used to see things looking bad,

but now to see, makes my heart glad!

To waste this gift, or live it well?

Easy choice?¬†¬†It’s a¬†rose I smell!

Nephew Tim sails over North Twin Lake!



We explored abundant splendor at the Manito Park greenhouse, so our senses were stimulated.  The pleasing scents aroused us as the amazing sights and diverse textures captivated us.  Colorful joy burst from varied blooms and foliage.  We tired, so we retreated for a rejuvenating late afternoon nap.

Refreshed, the call of the wild drew us to the Little Spokane River.  Old growth Ponderosa pines towered above us, untouched by loggers, yet sculpted by nature.  Some were tall and magnificent, with trunks up to five feet in diameter.  Others were scraggly or broken, mangled and toppled, yet clinging to precious life, and telling wild tales.  The river meandered aimlessly, yielding to gravity and fostering life.  Just how much life, we would soon come to appreciate!

The setting sun was a magnet, drawing us along the trail in obedience to a higher power.  Wild turkeys spoke to each other, while reminding us of the majesty of creation.  Drawn to the gobbling, we approached several turkeys roosted high in the majestic pines.  From a distance, others spoke to them, in response.  We sat down to soak it all in.  Several whitetail deer huffed loudly as they pranced up the hillside.

Turkey talk continued as we admired stark silhouettes of deciduous giants.  As our souls quieted, the symphony of the forest came into clear focus.  Diverse creatures sang to us, announcing the beauty and majesty of creation.  We were in awe of God’s gifts to us.

Realizing the coming of darkness, we began our reluctant retreat as a chorus of frogs bellowed their delight.  We were truly at home.  Sharing these natural gifts was a treat beyond words.  Our faith walk to the car was elegant, not eerie, and it was capped by an encore eruption of frogs.  It was a fitting climax to a heartwarming experience!

Thank you Sherry! 

Thank you Shantelle! 

Any day that I can bring sunshine into someone’s life is a great day!¬† It warms my heart and soothes my soul if I feel like I’m a positive impact on the lives of others,¬†as well¬†as¬†myself!¬† Actually, starting with myself!¬†

  • My favorite Color~¬† Blue, though they’re all nice!
  • Favorite Animal~ Many, maybe humans at the top.
  • Favorite number~ ???¬† I work with numbers a lot, and they’re all just okay.
  • Favorite Non-alcoholic drink~ Chocolate-banana protein milkshakes.
  • Facebook or Twitter~ Is there a “none of the above” choice?
  • My Passion~ my passion is having passion about many things – living life fully!
  • Prefer getting or giving presents~ All of the above.
  • Favorite pattern~¬† a life patterned on wellness.
  • Favorite Day of the Week~¬† Today.
  • Favorite Flower~ extra fragrant roses.

Here are some cool blogs I appreciate and nominate:

I missed Silkie Baby, whatever to do?

Slip into despair, or lace up my shoes?

Breathe deeply the air that inspires my brain,

and build up my muscles while easing the pain.

Heart healing’s a process where faith saves the day,

God blesses us all as we search out our ways.

I know that He loves me, I feel it inside!

His challenge to me is to trust in the ride!


Sweet delicate rain, you came to say,

cheer up plants, I’ll help you stay!

I’m the stuff of life, I’m just what you need,

 I saw you sprout from a baby seed.

You soak me up, and blossom into life.

You’re as beautiful as a¬†smiling wife!

Every one of you, with such diversity,

depend on me, plain as can be.

I’m a simple thing, who with my friend the sun,

creates beautiful things – every single one!

Well now!¬† The experts say we can’t get to where we want to go if we don’t know where that is.¬† Or do they say we can’t get what we want unless we know what it is that we want?¬† Or¬†is it something like,¬†we have to go after what we want, to get it?¬† Maybe they’d say¬†my memory lapses make my repetitive “ideas” seem original?¬† Whatever!!!¬† It feels right to take a stab at a bucket list, so here goes!¬† Thank you to Lesley Carter for inspiring me to assemble this post, which may prove to¬†be pivotal in making a better me!¬† Trying to rank order them blows my mind, so they’re numbered only for reference:

  1. Live happily ever after, deeply in love!
  2. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  3. Run a half marathon with Annie.
  4. Jump out of an airplane AND live to tell about it!  ( :
  5. Help people to smile and laugh every day.
  6. Make a hole in one.
  7. Be an inspiration to others.  Thanks Sherryl!
  8. Watch a PAC-12 football championship game in Pullman, WA.
  9. Watch the Washington State Cougars WIN a Rose Bowl.
  10. Purchase a fun, sporty vehicle.  Thanks to everyone who has tolerated Little Blue!
  11. Snorkel in Hawaii.
  12. Play with grandkids.
  13. Write a story that lives on after I’m gone.
  14. Eat great sushi.
  15. Do 12 pull ups in a row.
  16. Love those who persecute me.
  17. Dance at Nicholas’ (son) wedding.
  18. Swim with dolphins.
  19. Dance at my wedding.
  20. Live peacefully, contentedly, generously and socially connected.
  21. Write a popular blog.
  22. Help Eric solve the obesity problem, inspiring people to better their lives.
  23. Enjoy tea in England.  Thanks Bullu!
  24. See Niagara Falls.
  25. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  26. Do 50 push ups in a row.
  27. Record a great hackysack video of Nicholas & Annie & friends.
  28. See Alaska in person.
  29. Take a vacation in Italy.
  30. Take a Mediterranean cruise or vacation.
  31. Visit Australia.
  32. See Celine Dion sing live.
  33. Live a long, healthy life.
  34. Shoot great photographs.
  35. Hike more of the northern section of the Pacific Crest Trail.
  36. Write a collection of poems.
  37. Collect friends, including five-minute friends Рthanks Katie!
  38. Grow fresh herbs & prepare gourmet meals.  Thanks Annie!
  39. Score three or more birdies in one round of golf.
  40. Earn a single digit handicap in golf.
  41. Catch a big fish, say 20 pounds or more.
  42. Visit each of the United States of America.
  43. Add to this bucket list………and get busier on checking things off!¬† ( :¬† I welcome any and all feedback, such as critiques and more ideas!¬†


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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