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If sore muscles are a sign of progress, things are looking good!  Today I’m resting, hoping to work out hard again tomorrow.  Seeing really healthy people, whether it’s physically, spiritually, emotionally and/or socially, really inspires me.  How healthy can we be?

There’s a lot of time to talk during a ten-mile walk.  About two and one-half hours for us.  I guess that’s proof that Annie and I are talkers, as we didn’t stop!  Maybe that’s why we’re so similar?  We’ve heard each other’s ideas a bit!  The sunshine was gloriously uplifting!  🙂

Leg muscles can take a lot of use.  We pounded them pretty hard during Saturday’s leg workout, then walked ten miles on Sunday.  My legs felt tight at the start of the walk, but once warmed up, they felt like powerful pistons, driving me anywhere I wanted to go.  What a great feeling!  My legs and lower back were tight again this (Monday) morning, but a hot shower stretch felt wonderful.  I’m excited to work my upper body and do some moderate spinning today.  “Use it or lose it” gains greater meaning for me! 🙂

I’ve spent many years doing a lot of cardiovascular exercise, including running, bicycling, skiing, etc.  I have no regrets about doing any of that.  But I’m glad I can still learn.  Annie has opened my mind to doing focused weight lifting sets, including days focusing on building leg muscles.  I used to believe that my legs got plenty of work from my varietal activities.  Perhaps they got enough endurance work, but the lifting is building muscle like running never could.  Old Cats (go WSU Cougars!) can learn new tricks! 🙂

So today I’m sore and happy about it!  I’ll still work on my biceps and other upper body muscles.  But now I’ll have three different focus days a week:

  1. Legs.
  2. Back and biceps.
  3. Chest, shoulders and triceps.

Mixing in lots of abdominal and cardiovascular work, of various types, and shuffling the lifting exercises should keep my muscles confused, and growing healthier.  Then I can do whatever I want for fun!  🙂

I’m grateful for  many things.  The more I remind myself of them, the better off I am.  There is so much to be grateful for!  I think I’ll list a few of the many:

  1. Forgiveness.  Being able to forgive opens my heart more fully.  Being forgiven gives me another shot at having a place in the hearts of others.
  2. Health.  This blessing is a cornerstone for so many of my pleasures in life.  It is so sweet!  I hope to do all I can to keep it going.
  3. Friendly people.  I find them everywhere, especially when I am one myself.  You make my life great!
  4. Fortune.  These cool new toys are really fun, when kept in perspective.
  5. Sobriety.  Without it, this post isn’t happening!
  6. Fame.  I hear I have 15 minutes coming, so I’m busy preparing.
  7. Love.  Zippitydoodah!
  8. Work.  It’s nice to feel needed.
  9. Family.  These people are eerily like me in some ways.  ( :
  10. Trials.  Without them, who would I be?  Far less polished, I suspect.  It’s not like I’m asking for more though!
  11. Adventure.  Excitement!  Travel!  Discovery!  Anticipation!  Sensory overload!  ( :
  12. Food.  The more variety, the better!  I’m excited for today’s dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving!  May blessings continue to flow your way!  I hope you notice and appreciate them all!

Sometimes, you just need to do the dishes.  Well, when Annie’s around, you ALWAYS need to do the dishes!  She loves to cook.  How many people are having ten course meals for a group of 3-5?  We may be the only ones.  I think mental health services are in order.  For Annie’s addictive cooking?  For my support of her grandiose spreads?

The good news is that we should be able to burn off the food she’s preparing for us in time to face Christmas and New Year’s celebrations!

I’ve recovered from recent exercise, spending today on chores, massage, hair cut, etc.  My muscles are ready to go!  It feels a bit unusual to not be too sore.  If Annie reads this, I may regret saying that!  More jumping lunges!  More killer weight sets!  More Stairmaster!  More!  More!  More!  Fricken moreaholic!  Have I created a monster? 

Check out our menu here.  I wonder how many hours I should work out tomorrow morning…

Muscles!  We want them!  We love what they do!

They lift us, they love us, they carry us through!

All kinds of adventures come streaming our way

when strong supple muscles prepare us for play!

Run faster!  Jump higher!  It’s all in the script,

lift heavy, pump often, come on, let’s get ripped!

Live better, live longer, enjoy your stay!

Trip out on endorphins and savor your days!

  1. Mind altering substances aren’t solutions.  Mind altering choices and activities are!
  2. No one ever became less sloppy, more coordinated, less promiscuous or more intelligent from drinking alcohol.  In this case, less is better.
  3. Laziness never helps a person or a society.  Entitlements are laziness defined.
  4. Integrity, cooperation, humility, persistence and creativity are often found in successful people.
  5. Nobody owes me anything, unless I’ve loaned them money.
  6. I am responsible for how my life is going.  Blame is denial, or a stifling, futile avoidance of the truth.  People do whatever they choose to do.  They have no control over my responses, unless I’m silly enough to grant it to them.
  7. I have no idea what’s happening next.  I have opportunity to respond well!
  8. I face continual choices that decide who I am.  Opportunity NEVER stops knocking!
  9. New trucks, bikes, golf clubs, televisions, clothes and other material things are rewarding.  They’re nice rewards for working hard.  They’re also like dust in the wind compared to relationships.
  10. The most fun days at work are dressing up in wild outfits for Halloween.  Someone suggested that I wish every day was Halloween! 
  11. Exercise is like breathing – don’t stop!
  12. My health is directly related to what I eat, drink, breathe, do and believe.  “Do” is a short word with a lot of impact!

First unassisted pull-up!

Now my wonderful daughter reminds me and teaches me!  Go Annie!!!

I think this should be Annie’s new moniker.  She has little mercy on me when we exercise together.  It’s a love-hate relationship:  I love the way she opens my mind to new ways to mix up workouts.  I sometimes hate the soreness.  Tomorrow just may be one of those days!  Today, before the Dad’s weekend concert in Pullman, we joined Lauren at the awesome Rec Center for weight lifting and extreme incline climbing, as wells as interval running.  My hamstrings were already sore from dead lifts a couple of days back.  A song has come to mind:  “you ain’t seen nothing yet….”  If I can walk tomorrow, we’ll hit arms weights hard before watching a basketball and football doubleheader.  Watching Mike Leach interviews has been nearly as much fun as watching the games!

Dancing at the concert was invigorating!  Maybe that’ll push out enough lactic acid to save me?

It’s autumn, so there is talk of football, holidays, soups and stews, sunny retreats, hunting trips and visits to the gym.  Today, it’s also “fall back” morning.  I’m magically up an hour earlier than I thought I was!  What to do with this bonus hour?  How about a nice, invigorating run?

I’ve run fairly often for the past fourteen years; never every day, but sometimes every other day.  In recent years, perhaps more like twice a week, as I love to mix in bicycling, weight-lifting, skiing, hiking, rowing, stair-stepping, etc.  But running is different from most activities for me.  Sometimes, it seems more daunting, perhaps almost dreadful.  Occasionally I start out on a run and feel tired, sore, weak, breathless or injured.  I’ve even bailed quickly a few times, reasoning that the time just wasn’t right.  More typically, I’ve pressed on, warmed up and flowed into a rhythm.  Nearly always, I’ve enjoyed inspired thoughts.  Quite often, I’ve welcomed a surge of endorphins.  The inevitable increase in blood flow is therapeutic for all parts of my body, mind and spirit.  I get high on running!  ( :


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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