Here I am, delivering my acceptance speech in my birthday suit!  Please forgive me, as this hot bath feels SO good after the 6.3 mile run I just finished.  The Powerade Zero/frozen banana/frozen strawberry/vanilla whey powder shake even tastes decadent.  Ahhhhh…… the sweetness of life.  Not your idea of a perfect Friday evening?  Well, I’m glad I’m learning to go with the flow and love as much as I can of whatever comes.  ( :  If a serial pyramid blogging award is a hair lower than a Pulitzer Prize or an Academy Award, so be it.  It can be just as precious to me!  Thanks Prissy!  My favorite posts by Prissy are about her last day in one occupation, it’s followup sequel, a New York taxicab tale, today’s feature  on love and about startling medical news.  Her other posts are quite different from these!  ( :

If Prissy can nominate thirteen of us, then I can pick a number too!  Here are sites I’ve been blessed with recently that strike my fancy:

Blessed with a Star on the Forehead  – Although I plan to go back and read more, reading just this one post captivated me.  She may in fact be a female version of me, in a sense.  In any case, I see good stuff about relationships and healing.

Kerstenbeck Photographic Art – Cool pictures AND cool words!  ( :

Either WordPress has lost the list of blogs I follow or this computer is losing it!  That’s a bummer, because there are more I’ve love to recommend!  Prissy modified the award rules to ask for questions, not answer unasked questions – ????  So if you have any questions about me, fire away!