Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks Katie!  I hope this means more than my brain is scrambled!  ( :    My most memorable experience from Katie’s blog was when she opened my mind to the concept of five-minute friends.  I absolutely love the perspective on how to treat people who may be in my life for only five minutes.  Katie reinforces the beauty of choosing to live fully in the present.  Yay!

So the award rules suggest I share some random facts about me:

  1. I love almost all foods.
  2. I exercise a LOT, partly because of number one above.
  3. I believe that love is more powerful than hate.
  4. I was once a City Councilman.
  5. I love to see and hear people laugh.
  6. I have made so many mistakes that I’ve now been blessed with some perspective on life.
  7. My hope springs eternal.

Blogs I recommend:

Candid Concourse – Shantelle notices, as many of us do, that blogging can be therapeutic and revealing, when we’re truly able to be honest.

Where’s my T-back and other stories – Eva tackles a hard subject – Alzheimer’s disease.

There are more, but I still can’t access my “following” list.  So I’m off to shopping for a new bicycle or car or something!  ( :