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Last night I learned to do squats correctly. I’m glad I’m able and willing to learn. My ego wants my drives to fly farther and my legs to run faster. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. But my legs can get stronger.

Yesterday I bought Qualcomm stock. Perhaps it will reward me, but maybe not. At least I have a financial plan that is likely to work out well.

I roll with the punches at work. It’s important for my mental health. The cycle of change has accelerated to unfathomable speed. Nothing is for sure or for long. Black and white precision is now mottled gray approximation. High level perspective is more fun than frenzied muddling.

WSU Cougar fans get to roll with the punches again too. Two losses replaced expected wins. C’est la vie! Will the crowd be big and supportive in the newly improved football complex? Will the noise be deafening for the opponents? We only have one week to practice for the mighty Ducks, so let’s get it on!



Who? Who? Who? Who?

Songs get stuck in my head. This three-letter question is key to me. It can open doors I really want opened. I simply need to figure out where they lead!

Proactive living is considerably different from reactive living. Making this change involves diving inside, deeper and deeper. When I find ugly, scary, lazy or arrogant, I can work to replace them with beauty, faith, dedication and openness. Because everyone wins!

I can expand my mind, if I’m honest and willing. I can learn, experience and believe. I believe that I can become more compassionate, wise, adventurous, dedicated, considerate, athletic and fun. More and more of the same thinking, activities and stubbornness aren’t likely to get it done. Surrender, faith and willingness to try new ways of thinking and experience new places and people and activities can really help.

I want better. I mean, my life is great! It’s gotten better each year. But I want better! Why not?

The beauty of diverse ideas on the internet is that we get wonderful training in sorting out the usefulness of opinions shared.  It’s “take what you can use, and leave the rest.”  We’re all hopefully striving to grow, as we are not all-knowing.  Some people are farther along their journey on a particular topic, some not as far.  Perhaps any growth hinges on our open-mindedness.  Can we consider other views?  Especially if they seem like ideas that we previously discarded?  Can our egos allow us to admit when we are wrong?  Do we have that level of honesty?  A key question is not whether we will be wrong, since we will be.  Will we recognize truth and grow from it?  Or stifle our growth with stubborn pride?

Can we find in ourselves enough willingness to try new things?  Is this not a prerequisite to growth?  Let us not forget my favorite definition of insanity:  doing the same things over and over, while hoping for different results.  Again, stubbornness is NOT a virtue!

I struggled along for months with a computer that did not allow me to see WordPress’ reader function.  That is, I couldn’t see your new posts unless I went to your site.  On Black Friday, I bought a MacBook Pro; it’s truly a “Pro” compared to the old junker!  Now I can see your posts fly by, quickly filling my mind with information, opinions, humor, poetry, etc.  It’s fast-track training in evaluating information.  I think it’s teaching us a lot about life.  Will our future be enhanced by new perspectives?  Well, we really only have now, but for me, it feels good!

Do you love adventure?  I do!  I like trying new things.  Like tastes.  Food is so fun!  We all need it.  I like variety; I feel blessed to have such wide tastes in food.  I’m always happy with any restaurant choice!  At least my taste buds are happy.  Obviously, my health fares better at some places than others!

Experiences make life so rich!  I haven’t even tried skydiving yet.  Should it be at the top of my bucket list?  To be honest, I don’t know where my list is.  But I found my approach to life:  it’s generally open to new thoughts, new approaches and fresh experiences.  Willingness to try new things has saved me from the depths of desperate addictions.  It also invites sweet memories that infuse my soul with joy, inspiration and more willingness!  Then I can try more new things, making more wonderful memories, gaining more willingness and blossoming! 

I can become a better version of myself when my mind is open to new ideas.  You mean I’m not always right?  Correct!  Or is that incorrect?  There are many ways to learn to do things better, and I may be aware of darn few of them.  Reading, listening, considering and experimenting are pathways to growth.  Talking (and this typing!) simply express what I already think I know, right or wrong.  Listening is the door to expansion and connection.  Trust me, I’m reminding me of this as much as I’m suggesting it to you.  Whether my writing  benefits others or not, I feel that it is helping me, by cementing truths.  If it helps you, it’s a double bonus!  ( :


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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