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Golf is mysteriously enticing. How to stay mentally primed? Focused on positivity, visualizing sweet, pure strokes. Loving the feel of solid contact and skyrocketing shots, often nestling near the target. So sweet! I did that for much of the time tonight, and it soothed my soul. But the mystery lives on: I slipped off at times, for three holes especially, before swinging smoothly for the final two holes. Six pars, four bogeys and a double bogey. I missed two ten foot birdie putts but had good distance feel. Even some of the bogeys included beautiful shots. Practice breeds consistency. My heart knows some practice I need is in my mind. Tee it up!


Pat & Lyn live in golf heaven!

Passionate exuberance!

Passionate exuberance!

“Splendid” means “shining, brilliant, magnificent or excellent.” The suffix “fix” means “making” or “causing.” The suffix “ation” means “the action or process of doing something.”

Experts suggest to not fear success. Other say to dream big. Believe in yourself. Be confident. Well, they are right! I think it’s time for me to focus on splendification! I’ll believe it for you and for me. It’s up to me to do my part. I’ll do my very best at everything I do. I will commit to the baby steps that will lead to greater splendor. I will not fear, limit or shrink. I will glow like my creators desire. It will be splendid!



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