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Good morning God.  Thank you for being up to the biggest job of all!  Thank you for knowing what we need.  Thank you for the strength you give us to learn, grow and love.  Thank you for this amazing gift of life!  Sometimes we treasure it most when we see it end.  Please bless the family of 1st Lieutenant Mathew Fazzari, a casualty from my adopted home town, killed in war in Afghanistan.  Please do the same for all who suffer losses.  Please help us to wisely use our gifted time to love, serve, grow and share.  Thank you for the love, sunshine, fresh air, beauty, kindness, laughter, camaraderie, adventures, challenges and opportunities that fan my flame!  Thanks for this amazing body with incredible tools like these hands and fingers!  I’m grateful for a brain, in my quest to do well at work, in my family, in personal recovery and as a friend.   May positivism, optimism, creativity and gratitude reign! 

Thanks for helping me recover from many forms of addictive behavior.   My life’s richness is directly related to how well I practice the steps of recovery, which boil down to a path to you.  An important key is to practice these steps in all of my affairs!  Essentially, it involves surrendering selfishness to faith, which taps into a much more powerful force!  You!!!  Please take all of me, good and bad, and return to me whatever is useful to you!

What a rush!


Fun is part of balance!

I search for a balanced life because I have faith that it will be the best.  Have I tasted true balance, or is intuition and/or a higher power guiding me towards an ideal?  Do the rewards in different aspects of life make me “want it all?”

When in love, it seems I’ve gone all in.  All my eggs in one basket.  The whole retirement fund bet on one investment.  Nearly singular focus.  Addiction to substances also created severe imbalance.  Overemphasis on play detracted from intellectual discovery.  Other people say that they “want it all.”  Is this a wish to target balance, managing a meaningful job, lover, play, exercise, prayer, meditation, friends, learning and emotional balance?  It seems that the healthier I get in some aspects, the more efficient I become, freeing up time.  Does this make “having it all” possible?  I’m really excited, hoping that I’ll get to find out!

If I wake up to Mr. Grumpypants, I get to see a version of myself, interacting with me.  Now that’s a spiritual growth opportunity!  I get to see how I can be, reflected in him, and I am granted another chance to be patient, tolerant and kind.  I can also subtly challenge him to grow!

If I encounter Ms. Negative at work, I again see a reflection of myself.  I can then see clearly how my negativity has drained others, as I experience this draining effect.  But I don’t have to be drained.  I can smile and offer optimism!  Am I spiritually up to the task?  Have I prepared, via prayer and meditation, to let God help me handle anything?

Have you met Mr. Addict?  Mrs. Whiner?  Mr. Egobuild?  Ms. Blamer?  Mr. Putchadown?  When I’ve been like these people, I’ve been a less than desirable version of myself.  I’ve been a drag on the world.  Conversely, I really can continue to grow into a better version of myself, each day.  Belief that it can happen is the cornerstone.  Actions that lead in the proper direction are essential.  Now is the only time.  Feeling overwhelmed is useless.  Simply doing the next right thing is crucial.  When I’m able to really get to know myself, with complete honesty and thorough review, I can become ready to ask God for help.  Help in changing the things about me that keep me from being whom I want to be.  Then I can be a good example for others.  When I am able to see myself as loveable, I can better love other people.  This love is without the limitations of ego:  justifications, rationalizations, put-downs, attempts to control or any other blaming or using.  Freedom in me can spur freedom in others, via example and calm demeanor, which invites no blame.  Fully facing the truth about ourselves is hard work!  It is worth it!  ( :


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