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My therapist gives unquestionably wise advice.  We’ve been working with ways to help me release the grip of my mind and heart on my ex-fiance.  I’m simply powerless over all people.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t.  Wishing doesn’t change a thing!  My opportunities for a better life lie in acceptance of uncontrollable events and in spending my energy bettering myself and serving others.  Measures of success include spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth.  As a recovering alcoholic, spirituality, via prayer, meditation, inspirational readings and continuing service to other people is as vital to my well-being as air, water and food.  The very best times of my life have sprouted from dedication to spiritual growth.  Since beginning recovery, exercise has played an important role in my sobriety.  Endorphins are healthy highs for me.  They’re so much better than any drugs!  I’ve been doubly committed to exercise over the past five months, since it is an effective anti-depressant for me.  I’ve always enjoyed cardiovascular exercise, but now I’ve come to love weight training too.  Building strength builds my confidence and opens new doors for me.  Emotionally, I’m continually faced with human frailties, both mine and those of others.  Emotional growth is directly tied to spiritual growth for me.  In particular, I must regularly redirect my focus to finding ways to help others, freeing me from the bondage of self.  Intellectual growth is an area I’ve been neglecting.  Maybe it’s time for more novels and education and a few less movies!  I find that I cannot deny the truth that by becoming a better version of myself, my life will unquestionably be better.  I’ll attract healthier people, I’ll be happy with who I am and I’ll be much less likely to compromise my values in attempts to make someone else happy.  Serving others will continue to give me the truest, deep down joy that cannot be found any other way.  Being the best me, one whom we can love, will be the best path for me, regardless of uncontrollable events.  Faith tells me to keep doing the next right things and to not worry about what may come next.  We’ll be free to enjoy the ride!  ( :

I’m learning some of my best information about weight training from a woman!  I hope that means I’m open-minded.  I like her recommendation (link below) to generally do weights before cardio; I really do feel stronger when I lift first.  Greater strength gives me more self-confidence.  Regular exercise, especially cardio, helps my brain work better.  Yay!


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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