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All city 08 18 2016Wow!  I overcame a 6-6-6-6 start in the first round of the Walla Walla City Championship, steadying my nerves to post my best round of the year.  Eight over after four, I finished the front nine in ten over 46.  A decent comeback for a twenty handicapper.  After double-bogeying number ten, the magic began. Par saves and a birdie chip-in were mixed with long, powerful, straight drives. I left a few wedge/9-iron shots WAY short of greens, only to hit sweet recovery wedges and crucial putts on some of them.  It was so fun!  I toured the back in 39, netting 65 for the day. It put me in position to challenge in the open division (white tees), sandwiched between the championship contenders (blue tees) and the seniors (gold tees).  I am so excited for tomorrow!


Wow!  It’s so amazing to me how life/God deals me what I need when I need it.  Or maybe I see what I need exactly when I’m ready to see it.  In any case, there are many lessons for me to learn along the path to a better version of myself.

Annie is so fun!  We went to our second concert in as many days on Friday, and it was incredibly inspiring!  Jo Dee Messina had more life perspective than when we saw her at the Pendleton Roundup concert about five years ago.  Marriage and giving birth to and caring for two kids changed her world quite a bit.  But she has not lost her love of the stage, nor has she lost her powerful voice, or her passionate delivery.  Asked if marriage had dampened her tendency towards man bashing, she suggested that it had only given her more material!  Jo Dee delivered humor, songs about bouncing back from life’s hardships, and commitment to her dream when others thought her career was winding down She was better than ever.  Richer in the ways that matter.  She was real and she was in her element.   The crowd was not huge, but we were passionate, and she felt the love.  Her encore lasted half an hour!  We all left richer, inspired and full of treats for our souls!

Annie and I treated our bodies to her amazing culinary creations:  whole wheat pizza, zesty pesto, protein cinnamon bread, red pepper humus and quinoa with vegetables.  My taste buds and my health are loving them!  We also organized my kitchen and rode our bicycles for 95 minutes yesterday on the Bennington Lake/Mill Creek trails.  I was excited to keep finding ways to better my life, so I went to “The Dark Knight Rises” last evening and ran five miles this morning.  I plan to continue the re-organization and purging of my possessions today.  It feels good!  ( :

My therapist gives unquestionably wise advice.  We’ve been working with ways to help me release the grip of my mind and heart on my ex-fiance.  I’m simply powerless over all people.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t.  Wishing doesn’t change a thing!  My opportunities for a better life lie in acceptance of uncontrollable events and in spending my energy bettering myself and serving others.  Measures of success include spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth.  As a recovering alcoholic, spirituality, via prayer, meditation, inspirational readings and continuing service to other people is as vital to my well-being as air, water and food.  The very best times of my life have sprouted from dedication to spiritual growth.  Since beginning recovery, exercise has played an important role in my sobriety.  Endorphins are healthy highs for me.  They’re so much better than any drugs!  I’ve been doubly committed to exercise over the past five months, since it is an effective anti-depressant for me.  I’ve always enjoyed cardiovascular exercise, but now I’ve come to love weight training too.  Building strength builds my confidence and opens new doors for me.  Emotionally, I’m continually faced with human frailties, both mine and those of others.  Emotional growth is directly tied to spiritual growth for me.  In particular, I must regularly redirect my focus to finding ways to help others, freeing me from the bondage of self.  Intellectual growth is an area I’ve been neglecting.  Maybe it’s time for more novels and education and a few less movies!  I find that I cannot deny the truth that by becoming a better version of myself, my life will unquestionably be better.  I’ll attract healthier people, I’ll be happy with who I am and I’ll be much less likely to compromise my values in attempts to make someone else happy.  Serving others will continue to give me the truest, deep down joy that cannot be found any other way.  Being the best me, one whom we can love, will be the best path for me, regardless of uncontrollable events.  Faith tells me to keep doing the next right things and to not worry about what may come next.  We’ll be free to enjoy the ride!  ( :

Age really is a state of mind!  Maybe it’s a state of sore ankles, tight back and slower recovery too…. NO!  That’s my mind trying to trick me again.  I need to rest, I need that giant Costco chocolate muffin….  Ha!  I want to be child-like, not childish.  I want to be adventurous, not fool-hardy.  I prefer to be athletic, but not obsessed.  I remember some cool old adages:  variety is the spice of life, moderation in all things, etc.  A balanced life: the elusive, alluring goal that draws me on.  When I was a young man, I was too lazy to build the strong muscles that now tease me on.  Some days I think I’m making good progress and other days I think I’m losing the battle, physically speaking.  I refuse to surrender, as my belief is that the aspects of health are so inter-related:  physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.  Life has dealt me blows, as it naturally does.  I want to bounce back, better than ever before.  My belief is that God makes all things possible.  He’s done amazing things in my life.  My recovery from the pits of despair and hopelessness fired my faith.  If the value in life is loving others the best I can, then I need to be the best version of me that I can be, to be spiritually capable of such love.  Today I ran 8.5 miles in glorious sunshine!  I tried to serve my kids as best I could today, which strangely led to the start of this blog.  My loving daughter Annie, aka, masterfully pointed out that the worst case scenario is that I’ll have documented part of my life and thoughts for my kids to read.  Cool!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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