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Lessons are interchangeable for various parts of our lives.  Let’s open our minds to applying them!

Keep your head steady.  This is so important for consistent ball striking in golf, getting along with others and positive living.

Let it go.  Everything, everyone, especially ego.  Because it opens possibilities and removes barriers.

Relax.  Our minds and muscles both work better.  We think of creative solutions and stroke beautiful shots when we release the near paralysis of tension.

Practice makes us better.  Speaking, all types of golf shots, running, writing, making music and art, etc.  Masterpieces are not a result of luck.

Moving is grooving.  Nobody enhances their life via less activity, if they have a choice.  Some overcome amazing challenges, but anyone who can move should keep it up!

Good fuel helps us think and perform better.  When we are in tune with how food and drink affects our body, we open the doors to amazing enhancements!

Living well is far from hell.  It’s cool to allow ourselves to succeed.  I hope I do it soon in golf.  Or I’ll have to practice even more!


WSU Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Summa Cum Laude, 2014, Annie the Adventurer!

WSU Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Summa Cum Laude, 2014, Annie the Adventurer!

Often, we get what we deserve. How we live paints the canvas of our lives. Persistence pays off. Going for what we want usually gets us there. Persistence, dedication, patience, perseverance and faith foster success. It’s cool to see people live this way. It’s nice to see my offspring do so! Annie’s college journey has delivered her to the job she wants. Her graduation culminates a transition between childhood and adult life. Her dreams include adventure, motherhood and providing health care to others. She is one fun lady!

Looks like she made it!

Looks like she made it!

Perhaps coincidentally, the sweet kitten Annie picked out over twelve years ago took her last breaths recently. Tali gave us a lot of love. She will be missed. She stayed when others left. Perhaps her last mission was teaching me that when everyone else leaves, God remains.  What more could we need?


Wild things!

Wild things!

Tali is always home!

Tali is always home!

I see great things when I look through centered eyes. I see misery when I look through the fog of discontent. Details of conditions are mostly irrelevant. My mission is clarified: live a centered life. Be a ray of hope, a wave of optimism, a laugh in the night, a smile in the rain and a hand when it’s needed. Embrace spiritual connectedness. I hope you dance!

I woke up again!  Yippee!  I’d dance around the house, but walking is hard.  Judging “good” or “bad” is truly beyond me.  How would I know?  I’m just me.  That’s freeing.  No pressures, just opportunities.  How to see them all?  Both opportunities and the myriad of ways to respond to them.  How to choose well?  How to expand awareness?  Culture wellness?  Open new ideas to polish older ones?  Humility, variety, discovery, adventure, curiosity, surrender, honesty, open-mindedness, willingness and acceptance?

Happy new day!   🙂

Hooray for Monday!  Thank God for my job to go to.  What a blessing to have chores lined up.  Thank you Lord for healing my body parts, my mind, my soul and my spirit.  Thank you for putting all types of people in my life to help me move towards your ideal for me.  What should I do today?  First of all, get ready and get to work.  There’s a budget to craft.  There are people to inspire, joke with and serve.  There’s air to breathe deeply, feeling the boundless potential of this gift of life.  Let’s dance our way through all parts of our lives!  Let’s help each other laugh, smile, dance and grow.

Happy sunny summer day!

Wow!  I am free to run, free to dance, free to do anything I want!  I can go shopping, kill weeds, clean house and take a bicycle ride!  I can play hackysack with my son, cook whatever sounds good, watch Olympic trials, change the tail light on my car.  Enough typing for now!  Life in action is calling!!!  ( :

Wow!  I feel so alive!  I forgot how high I can get by running faster than I’m used to.  Somehow I ran considerably faster than I thought I could today.  The start is always easy, because there is excitement and adrenaline.  Today, at mile marker one, my mind tripped on “oh no, I’ve started out way too fast” and quickly skipped to “dang!  I’m going to run out of steam,” rehashing old experiences of defeat.  I let these thoughts pass on through, and settled on “good start; let’s see how long I can keep this pace.  Just keep running!”  That’s what runners do.  They run!  Yes, I’ve stopped and walked before.  Sometimes it was ego deflating.  Perhaps it even made walking permissible in challenging times, draining my fortitude and determination.  But all of that was in the past.  The past has no impact on the present, unless I grant that permission.  Today, as always, some people flamed out early and switched to walking.  Not me.  Not today.  I just needed to believe.  I just needed to have faith.  I only had to do the next right thing.  Lucky for me that was really easy to figure out this morning.  Left.  Right.  Left.  Right……. I was able to keep up the fast pace for the entire ten kilometers, and even sped up at the end.  In fact, when a friend snuck up and passed me near the finish, I sprinted madly to pass him back just before the line!  It reminded me of the way I test drive cars.  It felt really good to put the pedal to the metal!  ( :

Our bodies are like sexy sports cars:  they want to be pushed!  Blood flow.  Oxygen.  Clarity.  Achievement.  I remember running advisers claiming that we shouldn’t run too fast in training.  They’re probably wiser than me, but I also remember experience teaching me that we must run fast to run fast.  Deepest thought I could come up with?  I’ve had three fun and progressively faster runs in the past seven days, with two days rest between each.  Some experts say that older bodies need more recovery time.  Damn near makes me want to take a nap!  But I may be too excited about planning more adventures…..

Live well!

Today’s race is about life.  Someone’s always faster, smarter, taller, stronger or better looking.  Someone else is not.  Do we mesh?  Do we cherish differences and similarities?  How well have we trained ourselves?  Will we take the evidence and use it to enhance our future?  With a smile?  Humility?  Have we done our best and graciously accepted it?  Let’s do this!

Thank you for your love!  Thank you for the chances to show you my love!  God has illuminated His beauty and His love in your smiles, your spirits, your laughter, your curiosity and your service to your loved ones.  I have found great joy in incredible experiences of love.  They have been the highest of worldly highs, far better than any drug.  Thank you for the spiritual growth that your departures have blessed me with!  When you left, I was forced to turn to God.  Thank you for all of your human limitations.  These also brought me closer to God, for I was forced to accept outcomes that made no sense to me.  I continued to learn to surrender my will; the other choice was insanity!  I may never understand much of what has happened in life, but I can adapt to changes by relying on God.  He is my hope for sanity and serenity.  I see now that enriching my life springs from service to others and becoming a better version of me.  Each day that I awaken, I have a multitude of options to better myself relationally, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  As I take the steps to do these things, I am blessed with optimism, inspiration, excitement, compassion, commitment, curiosity and amazing adventures!  I have no idea what will come next in life, or how long it will continue, but I’m happy to take the next steps!  May God continue to bless you!  Live well!  ( :

I love you forever!  I hope you have kids of your own someday, so you can experience life more fully, in ways that I’ve been blessed with.  I want you to know that being your father has been a great privilege.  Surely it’s been exasperating as well, but I am grateful for you in ways that you’ll understand only when you have kids of your own.  I am grateful for my loving parents to a degree that I wouldn’t have reached without the blessings of your character defects and your mistakes.  You’ve shown me how tolerant others, including you, have been of my failings!  You’re helped me become a better version of me.  Thanks for all the amazing laughs, especially when we could laugh uncontrollably at ourselves!  Thanks for the adventures, including hackysack, running, basketball, swimming, alpine skiing, sledding, nordic skiing, water skiing, tubing, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, ballet, target shooting, ice skating, hiking, bicycling, yoga, weight-lifting and more.  Thanks for the backrubs and the loving talks.  Thanks for loving me despite my shortcomings.  I dreamed of being a Daddy since I was very young, and it’s been a most amazing gift.  I feel a bond with you that nothing can break.  I enjoy your company and I am so happy about the many great choices you’ve made in living your lives.  I hope you continue to do what you know is right, even when it’s not popular.  I pray you continue to avoid the tragic addictions that befall so many of us.  If you seize life’s opportunities with gusto and commitment, you will avoid regrets and enjoy incredible experiences!  Life presents amazing gifts.  Approaching life with optimism and gratitude will magnify this reality.  Dream big, love constantly, serve continually and smile regularly.  Laugh at every opportunity and dance as much as you can.  Encourage creativity,  build on good ideas, see the beautiful aspects of each person you meet and tell them what you love about them.  Make your world better by empowering others and making their world better, every chance you get.  May God continue to bless you!  I love you forever!  Dad


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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