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I may have tennis elbow, or golfer’s elbow, or both.  In my wish for attention and uniqueness, I’m thinking of calling it “Crazy man’s elbow.”  Presumably, it’s an overuse/misuse injury to the tendon(s) in my right elbow.  On-line sites recommend a doctor’s visit, rest, ice and careful rehabilitation under a doctor’s supervision.  So those new golf clubs may stay new for a while!  Excessive mouse use is one cause of such injuries.  I have a cat, so I’m guessing mine arose in a different way.  ( ;  Bad weight lifting technique?  Too heavy on the weights?  Easy there Ego-man!  So there are lessons here, and my job is to learn them.  Go easy when adding weight?  Stick with lighter weights?  Rest when joint soreness comes on?  Vary the activities more?  Buy a $264 home ultrasound unit, warm arm brace and cold arm brace?  Take a lesson from a woman and ask for directions?  Okay, okay; I’ll see how soon my well check appointment is. 

What do I see for opportunities?  Please tell me what I’ve missed!

  1. Gain more empathy for people with body pains.
  2. Branch out into new activities.
  3. Learn to accept slow growth; avoid trying to make too much progress too quickly.  Enjoy the process!
  4. Collect sympathy; wear an arm sling!  Just kidding…..
  5. Meditate and pray.  Trust God!  Always!!!
  6. Gain left hand skills and strength.
  7. Play hackysack.
  8. Ride a bike.
  9. Run, adding ChiRunning technique to reduce injuries.
  10. Trust the experts.  See a doctor as soon as possible. 
  11. A whole new topic for workplace jokes about myself.  I don’t want them to be bored!
  12. More massages for me!  Maybe even prescribed and covered by insurance?  Please!
  13. Greater self-awareness
  14. Another crazy blog topic.
  15. Another test of my ability to handle life as it comes.  There is no final test in this class.  They just keep coming and coming and coming……

Now I’m almost grateful for the sore elbow!  Happy Thor’s Day!



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