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Nick and Jaslyn

Nick and Jaslyn

My son Nicholas is graduating from high school this week. What a wonderful time to reflect on what has been. It’s a great opportunity to consider what might be. Ultimately, it’s still most important to simply be!

Nick is better prepared for life in some ways than I was at his age. He is less ready in other ways. I have complete faith that he can handle whatever his life brings. I am excited about the paths he chooses to follow.

How will our lives become richer through this time of transition? I trust that Nick and I will learn much as he ventures out of the nest. Will he return to share the joy and knowledge he encounters? I hope so. Ultimately, my greatest hope is that he uses these gifts: faith, friendliness, fortitude, adaptability, appreciation, curiosity, hunger and desire.

I wish the same for you and I.


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