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Pat loves fine desert living!

Pat loves fine desert living!

Today is a transition, sandwiching golfing utopia and high-level football. Stanford travels to Washington State University in a battle for PAC-12 north supremacy. Pat and I savored swimming and stretching in warm water and weather at his home before cruising to Sky Harbor today. The Nevada mountains below me are topped with snow as the sun shines brilliantly. It’s been a dreamy week. Lyn and Pat are such great hosts. A victory tomorrow would taste like dessert. We’ve enjoyed a resurgence of kick-ass football. Pullman boasts one of the most exciting teams in the country, with remarkable players. Rain and wind are expected to return, granting the Cougars a chance to redeem their season-opening slop-drop against Portland State.

With the looming time change, lunches on the golf range sound appropriate. I hope for rounds at Veteran’s Memorial, Canyon Lakes and perhaps Palouse Ridge/Wildhorse/Othello on the near horizon. Autumn golf in the north will beg patience and restraint. How low can I go?

I’m wondering if my exposure to warm desert golf will be a life-changing event for me. To follow masterful links with a soothing swim is a great way to live. Would it be awesome for a month or more?

I hit golf balls from small mountains and soon I will ski across bigger ones. I believe that core work, strength training and high energy cardio-vascular adventures like hiking, spinning, squatting, running and climbing offer me avenues to greater achievement, firing my body and soul. How many mountains will I summit this winter? How fully will I savor the fruits of life as I dance to the passage of time?

I sense a need to mix it up, see the world and greet new adventures with a fiery passion, recognizing the fleeting nature of life. Work has enriched me and play has treated me even better. My spirit soars and dances and blossoms in wild community. These are the greatest treats. Want to play with me soon?

My sweet summertime ride - 2012 Kona Hei Hei 29 Deluxe.

My sweet summertime ride – 2012 Kona Hei Hei 29 Deluxe.

I hope I feel something like that on marathon Sunday!

I left work before six, fed Nick and hopped on my quick fix machine. On it, I can get high in almost no time at all. It never fails me. It always helps me feel like a kid again. I like that!

It’s nice when it’s so warm that exercise time doubles as sun-tanning. I love soaking up glorious rays of energy while my heart pumps, my legs spin and my mind and body engage in following the single track. Two women on horses appeared as happy as me. Rabbits darted, deer pranced and bugs swarmed. The more I pedaled, the stronger my legs felt. The sun finally gave up on me after ninety-two minutes, but I was fed. I had my buzz on. I can face work with a bigger smile, after eating joyously and sleeping like a baby. All is well! Some days you’ve got it, and some days you don’t. Today I believe I could have raced up Doomsday Hill. Perhaps we’ll meet again. I hope so!

I’m learning to listen to my body.  Here’s to hoping it’ll soon have more encouraging things to talk about!  Just kidding, sort of.  I have little trials, but I’ve been blessed with a lot of health and a body that’s allowed me to do so much.  Yay God!  ( :

ChiRunning talks about focusing on our form, starting with basics that make a lot of sense.  For instance, spending energy efficiently allows us to go farther.  Good postural alignment lets our spine handle our body weight, instead of our muscles.  Good alignment while running avoids the multitude of problems that people face, which often turn them away from running.  This is a tragedy if it makes them less active.  Moving leads to grooving!  In running, we make the same moves so many times over that it’s particularly important to do them with good mechanics. 

The tendonitis in my right elbow is blessing me with a chance to appreciate the challenges that others go through in life.  It’s also granting me opportunity to think positively, switching quickly away from what I cannot do and honing in on what I can do.  This is a chance to run again!  I did sixty minutes, or 281 floors, on the stair-stepper machine Tuesday evening.  I’ll be ready if I ever need to climb a skyscraper!  I ran for 45 minutes after mowing the lawn and fertilizing the plants on Wednesday evening.  If I have to rest my arm, I can still move my legs!

Snake River Canyon half marathon in 2007; my second best time so far……

I may have tennis elbow, or golfer’s elbow, or both.  In my wish for attention and uniqueness, I’m thinking of calling it “Crazy man’s elbow.”  Presumably, it’s an overuse/misuse injury to the tendon(s) in my right elbow.  On-line sites recommend a doctor’s visit, rest, ice and careful rehabilitation under a doctor’s supervision.  So those new golf clubs may stay new for a while!  Excessive mouse use is one cause of such injuries.  I have a cat, so I’m guessing mine arose in a different way.  ( ;  Bad weight lifting technique?  Too heavy on the weights?  Easy there Ego-man!  So there are lessons here, and my job is to learn them.  Go easy when adding weight?  Stick with lighter weights?  Rest when joint soreness comes on?  Vary the activities more?  Buy a $264 home ultrasound unit, warm arm brace and cold arm brace?  Take a lesson from a woman and ask for directions?  Okay, okay; I’ll see how soon my well check appointment is. 

What do I see for opportunities?  Please tell me what I’ve missed!

  1. Gain more empathy for people with body pains.
  2. Branch out into new activities.
  3. Learn to accept slow growth; avoid trying to make too much progress too quickly.  Enjoy the process!
  4. Collect sympathy; wear an arm sling!  Just kidding…..
  5. Meditate and pray.  Trust God!  Always!!!
  6. Gain left hand skills and strength.
  7. Play hackysack.
  8. Ride a bike.
  9. Run, adding ChiRunning technique to reduce injuries.
  10. Trust the experts.  See a doctor as soon as possible. 
  11. A whole new topic for workplace jokes about myself.  I don’t want them to be bored!
  12. More massages for me!  Maybe even prescribed and covered by insurance?  Please!
  13. Greater self-awareness
  14. Another crazy blog topic.
  15. Another test of my ability to handle life as it comes.  There is no final test in this class.  They just keep coming and coming and coming……

Now I’m almost grateful for the sore elbow!  Happy Thor’s Day!

Dang!  Is my dreaded plantar fasciitis back?  I was noticing pain in the ball of my foot.  Now it’s in the heel.  Seems familiar.  Dang!  I love to run!  I committed to teammates to run in a 100k relay ( in a couple of weeks.  I’ve planned to run Bloomsday ( with Annie ( also; it’s really a fun and challenging experience.  Can I hop on one foot for 7.46 miles?  Am I now eligible for the wheelchair division?  Perhaps Annie will push me in a stroller?  I’m guessing not, for some reason.  Is this self-pity?  Am I spoiled?  Hey, I recently heard about the local woman who qualified for the Boston Marathon: she became injured and is doing all cross training before her big race.  No running, just swimming and other things to stay in shape.  I could do jaw crunches!  It’ll put those dark chocolate covered fruits from Costco to good use!  I really should get some credit for those arm curls too, lifting those healthy nuggets to my strenuously exercising mouth.  Hey!  Maybe saliva is really just jaw muscle sweat!  Yes, this plan is truly coming together.  I could mix in yoga poses; I’m adept at “corpse” and my personally adapted specialty, “lazy dog.”  I could also “run” a bath, “lift” a huge cup of coffee and “stretch” my mind with some new movies.  I can’t wait to see how much my metabolism rises!


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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