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Pat loves fine desert living!

Pat loves fine desert living!

Today is a transition, sandwiching golfing utopia and high-level football. Stanford travels to Washington State University in a battle for PAC-12 north supremacy. Pat and I savored swimming and stretching in warm water and weather at his home before cruising to Sky Harbor today. The Nevada mountains below me are topped with snow as the sun shines brilliantly. It’s been a dreamy week. Lyn and Pat are such great hosts. A victory tomorrow would taste like dessert. We’ve enjoyed a resurgence of kick-ass football. Pullman boasts one of the most exciting teams in the country, with remarkable players. Rain and wind are expected to return, granting the Cougars a chance to redeem their season-opening slop-drop against Portland State.

With the looming time change, lunches on the golf range sound appropriate. I hope for rounds at Veteran’s Memorial, Canyon Lakes and perhaps Palouse Ridge/Wildhorse/Othello on the near horizon. Autumn golf in the north will beg patience and restraint. How low can I go?

I’m wondering if my exposure to warm desert golf will be a life-changing event for me. To follow masterful links with a soothing swim is a great way to live. Would it be awesome for a month or more?

I hit golf balls from small mountains and soon I will ski across bigger ones. I believe that core work, strength training and high energy cardio-vascular adventures like hiking, spinning, squatting, running and climbing offer me avenues to greater achievement, firing my body and soul. How many mountains will I summit this winter? How fully will I savor the fruits of life as I dance to the passage of time?

I sense a need to mix it up, see the world and greet new adventures with a fiery passion, recognizing the fleeting nature of life. Work has enriched me and play has treated me even better. My spirit soars and dances and blossoms in wild community. These are the greatest treats. Want to play with me soon?

Many adventurers prefer self-propulsion. There are no noisy motors. Rather, there can be breeze in your face, sun on your skin and the beating of your heart, in rhythm with your soul, if you’re lucky. Delightful endorphins, abundant discovery and enriching fresh air transcend the routine, erasing complacency. Such privileges stoke my spirit and motivate me to pursue my elusive, greatest freedom.

Yesterday’s footrace was all of that and more, adding social interaction and competition. I’ll hope to do it again!

Today’s variation involved bicycles, enthusiasm and the sheer joy of pedaling. We happened to be in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. This heavenly experience offered soothing greenery, sweet fresh air, freedom from cars and invigorating blood flow. It was delightful!

During yesterday’s run, I may have approached ten miles per hour, at my fastest. Today, aided by gears and gravity, I entered a wilder zone. After a pleasant ascent of Cottonwood’s hill, the pavement ended. It was time to zoom! We hit thirty-three miles per hour. What a rush! Annie’s first thought? Let’s do it again!



Curiosity took me on a new trail today; adventure beckoned! More excitement! But then there were punctures. Dozens of them! Oops. Maybe I should have been wary of tack weed. I pulled them all out, listening to the air ooze out of my tires. The goop worked. Yay! I lost half of my air. Thank God I’d put in extra pressure last time. I still had air in my tires! Ride on! I didn’t know how much air I’d lost until I got to my pump/pressure gauge.  I just knew I still had air! That’s better than some other times.

It's dangerous out here!

It’s dangerous out here!

Something told me to stay on “clean” roads for a while. That sounds a little funny, because I have two very dirty pairs of shoes from this weekend’s activities. It was fun to race up and down the hilly gravel roads. Then my rear tire looked a little too flat. I realized I’d better get home to the pump. Maybe I shouldn’t have raced 30 mph down the road to get there, since the tubeless tires can pop off the rim when the pressure gets too low.  It sure was fun! I filled the tires with air and headed back out for lots of pedaling.

Getting dirty!

Getting dirty!

It feels good to work my muscles. It also prepares me for a full life. I’m a lucky man!

Fresh air, fun and exercise! How good can it get?

Fresh air, fun and exercise! How good can it get?

Sometimes I fly like an eagle!

Sometimes I fly like an eagle!

Bicycling is cool cross-training. I can pedal hard for a couple of hours without feeling sore or overly tired. It’s fun, scenic, invigorating and healthy. What a win!

Weight-lifting leaves me sore, most often. It suggests a hint of masochism, mixed with egotism. Sometimes it feels great, sometimes it’s really hard. It always keeps me more fit, more youthful and better prepared.

Standup paddle boarding is a new addition to my life. It fits in beautifully with a self-propelled lifestyle, delivering great abdominal, back, arm and leg endurance training. It always feels adventurous to me.  Yay!

Nordic skiing has a very special place in my heart. I’ve skied into heaven on earth. The risk of cold, remote places is enhanced by beauty, adventure, invigoration, inspiration and wonderful endurance training. I love it!

Running is in my spirit, woven into my soul. It offers endurance or speed. Self-propulsion feeds self-confidence and a willingness to tackle new pursuits. Running opens doors to greater adventures, like awe-inspiring backcountry hikes!

Hiking with a heavy backpack, for many hours, feels like a marathon to me. I like that it makes me stronger. The process gets really tough. I learn mental discipline. I learn that “can do” trumps “can’t do” almost every time I really want it to.  The views are painted on the front page of the newspaper of my soul. Treasures!

Golf is the best game I’ve ever found. It challenges my mind in every way imaginable. It offers physical challenges in beautiful locations. It can not be mastered. I’m lured by the feeling of balls struck well. It’s been a busy couple of decades, but golf teases my spirit with a sense of impending reunion.

Volleyball is one of my favorite team games. It tests quickness, creativity, coordination and spirit. It’s fun to learn teamwork. Basketball and football are other favored team sports. The excitement makes these almost as much fun to watch as to play.

When I was a kid, riding my motorcycle was part of my daily routine. My bike gave me freedom and wild adventures. It got me high! I’m sticking with non-motorized bikes now, because I want to extend life if I can. But I still love to get high.

One way is water-skiing. Cold water slaps my face and everywhere else. Bam! The boat jerks hard, testing strength, balance and mental toughness. I rise above the fish and skim across the water, as free, wild and crazy as a teenager. Yeah! Hit it!

Beautiful Annie savors God's incredible art!

Beautiful Annie savours God’s incredible art!

Can you train for a marathon by bicycling? Well it’s surely fun to try! I believe riding can be a key part of a wellness program. My heart desires variety, so I won’t be changing into a bikeaholic. But it’s fun!

That's me, enjoying incredible blessings!

That’s me, enjoying incredible blessings!

Annie’s husband Zach joined us for a ride in our favorite playground, around Bennington Lake. We pedaled our bikes from home to get there.  We are so lucky!

Zach refreshes with iced lemonade.  Yummy!

Zach refreshes with iced lemonade. Yummy!

I haven’t run for over two weeks, since the Coeur d’Alene marathon. Annie and I are trying to heal our foot injuries, before embarking on more running in preparation for the Portland marathon on October 6, 2013. It’s reputed to be an incredible experience. We have not been lying around getting lazy. Lots of biking, paddling, weight-lifting and other activities have kept us busy.  We’re loving bicycle season!

Technical riding is fun!

Technical riding is fun!

We tend to mix in single track riding, where we don’t prefer to race, with fast gravel road riding. It gives us a nice blended experience and chances to work on technical skills and cardio-vascular training. Neither of us prefer too much speed on the single track and the gravel roads allow side by side talking while riding.

Lost in time, in the zone...

Lost in time, in the zone…

Annie’s plotting her first ever open-water swim race this weekend. I think I’ll dust off the golf clubs, if I’m not too busy biking or standup paddling or ???? Life is so fun!

Wild thing!

Wild thing!

Thank you Lord for these amazing days! They just fill our hearts with joy and blood flow! Yay!

Biker chick. She loves it!

Biker chick. She loves it!

Foot too sore to run? Get your bike out!

Foot too sore to run? Get your bike out!

Flat tire. What a great opportunity! Especially the three miles of pushing my bike home; it bestowed more time to talk with Annie. Ultimately, another lesson in patience, which must be needed. I’m grateful for the opportunity to ride for an hour and walk another, after my sore foot derailed our running plans. The fresh rain kept us off the single track trails, but fun is always available!

Rainy day? No problem! Fun is around every corner!

Rainy day? No problem! Fun is around every corner!

What a great toy! This Go Pro Hero 3 will be a fun way to document some adventures. Maybe we’ll be on the water soon! Where will the weather lead us?

Bennington dike. If there's wind, you'll find it here.

Bennington dike. If there’s wind, you’ll find it here.

What a fun life! What a fun girl! Just call me Mr. Luckyman……

I almost took a nap instead. I'm so glad I rode and pushed my bike home instead!

I almost took a nap. I’m so glad I rode and pushed my bike home instead!

My sweet summertime ride - 2012 Kona Hei Hei 29 Deluxe.

My sweet summertime ride – 2012 Kona Hei Hei 29 Deluxe.

I hope I feel something like that on marathon Sunday!

I left work before six, fed Nick and hopped on my quick fix machine. On it, I can get high in almost no time at all. It never fails me. It always helps me feel like a kid again. I like that!

It’s nice when it’s so warm that exercise time doubles as sun-tanning. I love soaking up glorious rays of energy while my heart pumps, my legs spin and my mind and body engage in following the single track. Two women on horses appeared as happy as me. Rabbits darted, deer pranced and bugs swarmed. The more I pedaled, the stronger my legs felt. The sun finally gave up on me after ninety-two minutes, but I was fed. I had my buzz on. I can face work with a bigger smile, after eating joyously and sleeping like a baby. All is well! Some days you’ve got it, and some days you don’t. Today I believe I could have raced up Doomsday Hill. Perhaps we’ll meet again. I hope so!

Do you enjoy analogies and parables?  It seems like seemingly unrelated parts of life teach about many other parts.  Perhaps when we watch carefully, we see more common threads.  Maybe we can learn important lessons!

I just returned from another glorious bicycle ride in the sunshine.  I rode the same route as yesterday, as it’s scenic, hilly, fun and relatively safe.  I love sun-tanning in October!  The succeeding months might be even better for sun-tanning, but I think an airplane will be needed.  ( :  As I pedaled shirtless, early in my ride, I met a small herd of deer racing towards me on the asphalt.  They were seemingly being chased by a car headed towards me.  When the deer saw me, the two large females leaped a fence on my side of the road.  Their two youngsters tried to do likewise.  Wham!  Seemingly in denial, or perhaps panic, they tried it again.  Wham!  It almost made my head hurt to watch, having stopped to take it all in.  The Bambis may have suffered brain damage, as they whirled and raced back towards the car, which had also stopped.  Now I know how intimidating I am!  Did I just see a replay of my life in fast-forward?

Today’s ride really made my day.  I’d spent five hours at work budgeting, responding to other people’s procrastination (and a little of my own too!).  Afterwards, I stopped by the YMCA to lift some weights, which was okay, but I had the old deep-down unsettled feeling.  It was time for some cardiovascular exercise!  Time for some fresh air!  Time to re-charge, rejuvenate and re-evaluate.  I’m so glad I did!  ( :

Today’s the first anniversary of my new-found freedom.  Sometimes life gives me beautiful gifts when I think it’s just giving me pain.  As some brilliant person may have said, it isn’t what happens to you that’s important, it’s how you respond to it!  Another one probably said something like: you made your own bed, and now you get to sleep in it!  Maybe they had a friend whose motto was something like:  the hell with what other people think; live the way you believe is best!

I’m so happy to be me!  ( :

I sense that the Olympics are not finished with me.  I have enough unseen material on my DVR to stretch them out, and I ignored much of the news, so they’re good for me.  Plus, I’m hopeful that the spirit of the games will live on for as long as possible!  The top-tier athletes are looking good!  I’ve ridden my bicycles and ran often, so I’m feeling pretty fit.  Today I visit an orthopedic specialist to assess my healing elbow.  It would sure feel good to be able to do more upper body work, play golf, throw a football, play tennis, etc.

Yesterday I ramped up my ab work and today I feel good.  I want to seize this Olympic after-glow to break past mental barriers and reach new heights.  I can be better, stronger, faster and more flexible.  I can also be more enlightened, more adaptable, more patient and more creative.  Last evening I hopped on my Kona mountain bicycle and was totally enthralled with it again.  It had been several weeks since I rode it, after a tire blowout, a car flattening windstorm and the resulting separation.  I’m just as amazed all over again.  It is an engineering masterpiece!  I feel like my legs are powerful pistons when I’m riding it.  I zoomed around for an hour last night, passing sundown and many people, out for their evening walks, runs and rides.  I embraced the burn in my legs, the pull of my abs and the pumping of my heart and lungs.  I was like a kid at Christmas, loving the moment, as well as measuring my progress.  I was a believer, full of hope, dedication and zeal for the moment.  I was fully alive!

After lifting weights for 45 minutes today, mostly with my legs, I went for a ride on my bike.  At first, my legs felt sluggish, presumably from the weight lifting.  The more I rode, the better I felt.  I actually felt my mind and legs shift into a higher gear at one point.  From then on, I engaged my abs, pulled on the handlebars and stroked the pedals with consistent power.  It was the most powerful pedaling I’ve felt from my legs in some time.  It felt so good!  ( :

Wow!  I rode this amazing bicycle yesterday.  I really like it!  Quality oozes from it; smooth shifting, twenty-nine inch wheels for an amazing ride, state of the art suspension on the front and the rear, hydraulic disc brakes.  Only two sprockets on the front and ten gears on the back, for better shifting.  The price shocked me a little, but it felt so good!  It’s a Kona Hei Hei 29 Deluxe.  Should I get one?

No donkeys.  Not even a pickup truck!  We chose bicycles on a packed gravel path.  Ricky Bobby would have been proud; we went fast!  Do you know what it was like?  Very much like sprinting fast at the Balloonsday Run, riding my bicycle at top speed made me feel young!  Yay!  Cranking the pedals made me feel strong.  Alive!  I got high without sucking down a cocktail, firing up a cigarette or using other drugs.  This was SO MUCH BETTER!!!  ( :

It was a true pleasure to ride with my son Nicholas.  It fired me up, both for his well-being and for my own.  Before the ride, I felt a bit tired, lazy and indifferent.  Afterwards, I’m stoked, energized, motivated and inspired!  Yippee!  Exercise truly is an amazing high!  It’s fun, good for my body, re-charging for my spirit and soothing for my soul.

Super Peach and I lifted weights for two hours and walked for an hour and a half on Sunday.  Our bond is amazing!  Thank you Lord for my amazing kids!!!  ( :


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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