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Pat loves fine desert living!

Pat loves fine desert living!

Today is a transition, sandwiching golfing utopia and high-level football. Stanford travels to Washington State University in a battle for PAC-12 north supremacy. Pat and I savored swimming and stretching in warm water and weather at his home before cruising to Sky Harbor today. The Nevada mountains below me are topped with snow as the sun shines brilliantly. It’s been a dreamy week. Lyn and Pat are such great hosts. A victory tomorrow would taste like dessert. We’ve enjoyed a resurgence of kick-ass football. Pullman boasts one of the most exciting teams in the country, with remarkable players. Rain and wind are expected to return, granting the Cougars a chance to redeem their season-opening slop-drop against Portland State.

With the looming time change, lunches on the golf range sound appropriate. I hope for rounds at Veteran’s Memorial, Canyon Lakes and perhaps Palouse Ridge/Wildhorse/Othello on the near horizon. Autumn golf in the north will beg patience and restraint. How low can I go?

I’m wondering if my exposure to warm desert golf will be a life-changing event for me. To follow masterful links with a soothing swim is a great way to live. Would it be awesome for a month or more?

I hit golf balls from small mountains and soon I will ski across bigger ones. I believe that core work, strength training and high energy cardio-vascular adventures like hiking, spinning, squatting, running and climbing offer me avenues to greater achievement, firing my body and soul. How many mountains will I summit this winter? How fully will I savor the fruits of life as I dance to the passage of time?

I sense a need to mix it up, see the world and greet new adventures with a fiery passion, recognizing the fleeting nature of life. Work has enriched me and play has treated me even better. My spirit soars and dances and blossoms in wild community. These are the greatest treats. Want to play with me soon?

Beaver Beatdown!

Beaver Beatdown!


It’s another great day! It’s early, in Pullman, Washington. To me, this is the home of college football. There’s no place I’d rather be today, and I know some very cool places.

It’s the excitement! Muscle toned studs in their prime doing battle on the great American battlefield. So awesome! My competitive juices are already flowing, and I haven’t even had coffee yet. I’ve showered and shaved and trimmed and flushed, so I am primed. But, about that coffee…..

After a tough season, the Wazzu Cougars opened with what many called their worst game in years, losing to a lower tier team from Portland State. Doomsayers called for the coach’s head, projecting a dismal season. I only laughed. Though also disheartened by the sub-par effort, I knew a season is not about one game. I knew the Cougars were better than they showed. But how much better?

Well, last-minute victories over Rutgers and Oregon and a giveaway to Cal showed that these Cougars can play. How much more will they improve as the schedule toughens? That’s an exciting question whose answer will develop over seven weeks. Perhaps even weeks after that!

Family/friendly tailgates are special treats. I loved hanging with Nick and Jaslyn and visiting with so many cool people at Jim’s superb bash.


Wow! We were treated to a half of Cougar offense that was near perfection. Luke Falk spirited the Cougar offense to six touchdown passes in seven possessions, plus a field goal. They moved the ball at will, executing beautifully on varietal passes and runs. Falk avoided sacks and found open teammates. The Cougars are so exciting!

Sometimes. They stumbled in the second half, after 45 – 17 at the break. They lost their edge, when they no longer needed it to win. The defense gave up a lot of yards, yet made great hits and plays. Special teams had success, like a fifty yard kickoff return, stopping a fake punt, and holding some kickoff returns in check. They also allowed a one-hundred yard kickoff return, a blocked punt and a muffed onside kick. But this win feeds momentum, excitement and imagined possibilities. Still, the Cougars must practice hard and play each play. Next Saturday’s game in Tucson is again pivotal.  GO COUGS!!!

About that being anywhere else thing.  Here’s a cool place I’ve been at least close to. Thank you great and powerful adventurers!

Is that Colchuck from Aasgard? Photo courtesy of Northwest Wildass Adventurers, Ltd.

Is that Colchuck from Aasgard? Photo courtesy of Northwest Wildass Adventurers, Ltd.

I just keep getting higher! Maybe it’s in my nature. How lucky can you get?

On top of Eagle Cap, with Lostine River Valley in the background.

On top of Eagle Cap, with Lostine River Valley in the background.

Annie and Linda and I hiked at least 28 miles over our three-day weekend. On Friday we hiked to Upper Mirror lake and pitched my new tent at a heavenly campsite, with views of Mirror Lake, Upper Mirror Lake, Eagle Cap Mountain and the Lostine river valley.  Annie was so excited to become a certified mountain woman!

My new tent saved us a couple of pounds of weight to carry!

A new tent saved us a couple of pounds of weight to carry.

We had a day to play while the rest of our group hiked up on Saturday, so we headed for the summit experience. Sunshine, exercise and smiles filled our day.

Like father, like daughter!

Like father, like daughter!

Do you think she likes it? I might call her Annie Adventure!

Spirit lady blossoms again!

Spirit lady blossoms again!

Gary and Laura and Chris joined us for a Saturday afternoon hike around the Lakes Basin before Mark and Georgia and Isaac arrived in time for dinner.  We shared tales and bright stars before sleeping hard and hiking to the summit again the next morning. We encountered more beautiful sunshine and then a few clouds.

Sunday morning service, Wallowa Mountain style!

Sunday morning service, Wallowa Mountain style!

Some of our lucky party were experiencing their first overnight backpacking trip ever. This wonderful place creates lasting memories!


Perma-smile! That’s the Matterhorn on the right. I hear the view from the top of it is perhaps even better. Let’s go!

What better way to raise kids than this? We can do amazing things when we believe that we can. If we learn this early in life, how much more might we do?

4,000 plus feet of elevation gain over ten miles while carrying overnight packs? Kid stuff! Mark, Georgian and Isaac rock!

4,000 plus feet of elevation gain over ten miles while carrying overnight packs? Kid stuff! Mark, Georgia and Isaac rock!

What a life! Everywhere we looked we saw beauty. Can we apply this to everything we do? It’s there for the seeing; it’s just a little easier to notice in places like this!

Bring on the fun!

Bring on the fun!

Any guesses what’s next? Suggestions?

Living fully!

Living fully!

Sometimes I fly like an eagle!

Sometimes I fly like an eagle!

Bicycling is cool cross-training. I can pedal hard for a couple of hours without feeling sore or overly tired. It’s fun, scenic, invigorating and healthy. What a win!

Weight-lifting leaves me sore, most often. It suggests a hint of masochism, mixed with egotism. Sometimes it feels great, sometimes it’s really hard. It always keeps me more fit, more youthful and better prepared.

Standup paddle boarding is a new addition to my life. It fits in beautifully with a self-propelled lifestyle, delivering great abdominal, back, arm and leg endurance training. It always feels adventurous to me.  Yay!

Nordic skiing has a very special place in my heart. I’ve skied into heaven on earth. The risk of cold, remote places is enhanced by beauty, adventure, invigoration, inspiration and wonderful endurance training. I love it!

Running is in my spirit, woven into my soul. It offers endurance or speed. Self-propulsion feeds self-confidence and a willingness to tackle new pursuits. Running opens doors to greater adventures, like awe-inspiring backcountry hikes!

Hiking with a heavy backpack, for many hours, feels like a marathon to me. I like that it makes me stronger. The process gets really tough. I learn mental discipline. I learn that “can do” trumps “can’t do” almost every time I really want it to.  The views are painted on the front page of the newspaper of my soul. Treasures!

Golf is the best game I’ve ever found. It challenges my mind in every way imaginable. It offers physical challenges in beautiful locations. It can not be mastered. I’m lured by the feeling of balls struck well. It’s been a busy couple of decades, but golf teases my spirit with a sense of impending reunion.

Volleyball is one of my favorite team games. It tests quickness, creativity, coordination and spirit. It’s fun to learn teamwork. Basketball and football are other favored team sports. The excitement makes these almost as much fun to watch as to play.

When I was a kid, riding my motorcycle was part of my daily routine. My bike gave me freedom and wild adventures. It got me high! I’m sticking with non-motorized bikes now, because I want to extend life if I can. But I still love to get high.

One way is water-skiing. Cold water slaps my face and everywhere else. Bam! The boat jerks hard, testing strength, balance and mental toughness. I rise above the fish and skim across the water, as free, wild and crazy as a teenager. Yeah! Hit it!

Eagle Cap from East Fork Lostine River Trail

It’s not every day I get to sun bathe on the top of a 9,572 foot mountain.  Glorious sunshine and amazing scenery gave splendor to my weekend.  Eagle Cap is a very special treat.  Yay!

The Matterhorn.

Packing a bunch of weight around is not normal for me.  Walking up a mountain is not normal for me either.  Walking up a mountain with a bunch of weight on my back requires desire, commitment, perseverance and faith that I can do it.  It didn’t kill me and it did make me stronger and richer, as well as more inspired, motivated and grateful!

Frankoshanko on Eagle Cap summit, fully alive! ( :

The hardest places to get to are often the most beautiful.  Mountain tops are wonderful examples of this.  Camping in a place where every direction offers heavenly views is a rare treat.

Lakes Basin.

On Friday, I’m hoping to get my first experience golfing the Palouse Ridge Golf Club with some of my brothers.  On Saturday the Washington State University Cougars take on the University of Colorado in Martin Stadium.  I’ll get chances to visit with family and hang out with Annie, enjoying fun, exercise and great food.  I think I’m learning to live my dream, little steps at a time.  ( :

View of glaciers from Eagle Cap summit, 9/16/12.

Truly, it’s just one step at a time.  Thinking about the size of the mountain might leave me on the couch.   But I can do the next step.  The step after that is too far in the future to worry about!

Achieving physical challenges is a form of spiritual art to me.  Faith means believing in something.  Gaining this faith in my physical ability grows from taking all the baby steps that have molded me into a person who can go climb a mountain.  Climbing the mountain may yield many positive benefits.  The forecast is for sun, so some soul igniting views are highly possible!  Views of heaven from earth?  It really excites me to think about it!

Other potential benefits are that I may be spurred to climb the other mountains in my life.  A cleaner home?  New ways to relate to challenging people?  Paddle boarding?  Making new friends?  Chasing my passions?  Embracing the beauty of all types of days, encounters, personalities, styles, activities and challenges?  Living fully more of the time?  Could it be?  Am I limited only by my decisions to believe or not believe?  Wow!  It’s a sunny September day!  I’m very blessed!  Thank you Lord!  Help me live this day really well.  Help me make it better for some other people.  Help me feel complete gratitude for all of my blessings!  ( :


I love health, humor, adventure, exercise, romance and competition. Well, I just love life! ( :

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