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 I just read that I can build three pounds of lean muscle in a couple of months of weight training, thereby boosting my metabolism by seven percent.  This intrigues me, as I love to eat!  I’ve been very regular at weight lifting (mixed with other types of exercise) for over four months now, and I see progress.  I’m guessing that at this rate I’ll be comparable to an NFL lineman in about seven years.  Brett Favre would seem young!  Are you feeling skeptical?  What if I merely feel stronger, more energetic and more confident?  Will all the sweat and exhaustion be worth it?  I have this perverse goal to trick the actuaries and outlive my expected lifespan.  Since I can’t afford to “retire” yet, I’m plotting to become so healthy that I’ll be rewarded with years of happy, joyous living when I do end my current employment.  If it works out that way.  For now, I’m loving the anti-depressant effects and the challenge of trying to keep up with my kids.  Can I become the world’s oldest hackysacker?  Who knows!


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