It’s over three weeks until the Portland marathon and I’m already loading up on carbohydrates. Am I too early? I didn’t want to procrastinate. It did taste really good!

Polish Pesto

Polish Pesto

Don’t try to tell me pesto is not a Polish dish. I have 50% Polish blood and I’m here to tell you my pesto is as good or better than any others I’ve tasted. This is not bragging; it’s simply the result of practice and starting with high-grade ingredients. The basil and green pepper were freshly plucked from my garden. Local sweet onions, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, Portobello mushrooms, pine nuts and whole grain pasta, plus optional chicken breast. How could it not be good? Would you like some? Come on over to the True Blue Cafe’!

Reservations available if you can find me.....

Reservations available if you can find me…..