Who named them standup paddle boards? I think they’re just as much fun while sitting down, or kneeling. In fact, they’re great for laying down too. Personal, portable sun tanning stations. Nice!

It seemed like a good idea to try my sandals on the board, since they have custom orthotics to fit my feet. The theory was that my feet would not tire as quickly. Balancing was tougher, however. I felt unstable. So I sat down! I still got a great core and arm workout. One fun version involved paddling hard and fast on one side until I’d carved about half a circle, then switching to the other side. The result was big S curves and focused work for my muscles.  I liked it!

Annie lazed through my S work, but then approached for more paddling. I “accidentally” showered her with a well placed toss and the game was on! She was standing while I was sitting. She’s a natural on the board, so she approached me with a refreshing splash on my back. I fired back and paddled hard, trying to outrun her. She sped up, flanking me on the left. I pulled hard three times on the left, back paddled hard once on the right and darted off to temporary safety. Until we master the step back quick turn, sit down paddling offers easier maneuvering.

The movie “Mavericks” is fun to watch and great perspective on boarding in general. For now, for me, learning to paddle different water conditions is the plan. But who knows? Surfing sure looks fun!