Freedom and fun!

Freedom and fun!

Nick’s done with school!  He, Jaslyn and Zach all got their first experiences with standup paddle boarding today. Their master guide was Annie, since she’s been out half a dozen times. It sounds like they love it as much as we do!

After work and weight lifting with Annie, Nick and I had our first hackysack game in a while. We haven’t lost our touch. Annie captured some images.  You’ll have to wait for a video or a live game to appreciate Nick’s amazing quickness and flexibility. I tend to focus on getting the sack somewhere near him, and letting him do the rest.


I hit many nice toe shots:

Staying young?

Staying young?

Nick has a wide arsenal of shots. Sometimes he makes them up as he goes.

Winging it!

Winging it

Reaction time, athleticism and creativity are useful in hackysack.  Nick makes some amazing shots by never giving up.  Sometimes misses are progress towards pulling off amazing shots later.

Stretching it!

Martial arts?  Nick missed a line drive pass I sent him…

The adrenaline can really flow:

Sometimes hackysacks take high rides.  Perhaps even over a fence...

Sometimes hackysacks take high rides. Perhaps even over a fence…

Hackysack is fun and great training for agility, flexibility, balance, quickness, focus and creativity.  Hack on!