Half marathon chick!

Half marathon chick!

Survival. Working parts. Yay! I finished the 2013 Tri-Cities half marathon in around 2:08, or about seven minutes faster than my goal time. I remembered the advice about setting achievable goals and blew off the part about making them difficult! Β πŸ™‚

For me, today, a half marathon is difficult, regardless of time. That became crystal clear later in the race, which is a time of discovery. Early miles are relatively easy and inspired. Later miles are tougher tests!

Annie and Β I passed quite a few people as the miles rolled by, and our layers were peeled off. We were running each mile a little faster than the last, and feeling good. Β The limits of my training began to appear after the ten-mile mark. I encouraged Annie to go for it; she had more spunk than I did today. She looked strong and youthful as she pulled away during mile eleven. My leg and groin muscles started to tighten up. I was determined not to walk, but my pace slowed. How much mental toughness did I have today?

As it turned out, people were done passing me, and I passed a few more, including the guy with a marijuana leaf shirt endorsing “Washington: the Evergreen State.” I wasn’t surprised to see him slow to a walk! Then a big guy passed me. Not fat, just big. After the last aid station, he was my inspiration. I needed a diversion from my mind’s games, so my new game was to race big guy to the finish. I guess I could have told him the game was on. But it was a race, after all! It turned out that he was more tired than I was.

I had to put on a decent show at the finish! Did they all really need to know how spent I was? Nope. I decided to show a little ending “speed.” I could have outrun every turtle I’ve met! Annie finished a few minutes ahead of me in her first half marathon ever. Way to go Annie! You’re the champion of the family! Just remember, there’s a 10k re-match in three weeks…..

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