I often think of the Heinz ketchup commercial and Carly Simon’s voice! “These are the good old days” is a philosophy I’ve embraced for a while. I wonder if this song helped place it in my soul? I’m not a prophet, any more than Carly is, but I do have now. When I’ve embraced the moments, I’ve savored many good old days! I’ve basked in true joy, contentment, wonder, appreciation and excitement. I’ve often anticipated interactions, relationships, events, challenges, trips, adventures, discoveries and celebrations. There is much to anticipate! But spending too much time in the future, in a sense, can rob me of the present. So I try hard to stay in the present as much as possible. Currently, my mind wants to anticipate how a 13.1 mile run will feel on Saturday! How will I feel? What will the weather be like? How to dress? What to eat? A bit of preparation is good, but today is here. I’d better not miss THIS good old day!