American football seems like modern warfare!  The warriors can shake hands afterwards; maybe we are evolving…

Yes, the injuries are sad.  Head trauma is prevalent and debilitating.  Ex-players are hobbled by joint injuries.  Steroids are used to add muscle bulk, degrading health.  I am grateful that my son chose to quit football, related to concerns over the head trauma.  He’s a great student and his joints still work.  He’ll be grateful for this for the rest of his life.

But the excitement of football is undeniable!  Testosterone-filled warriors pound, race, chase and battle with chiseled bodies.  Their incredible athleticism adds to shows of grace, quickness, power and brute strength.  Is it modern warfare with fewer casualties?  Fans feel the excitement, sometimes with the vigor of the players.

It’s an improvement over dueling with guns.  It’s preferable to spears, clubs, arrows, cannons, machine guns, bayonets and knives.  It’s a huge improvement over the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Men need to battle.  Football is better than many other options!  Go Seahawks!  🙂