1. Lighten up!  Going with the flow and finding humor.
  2. Brighten up!  Letting my light shine with optimism.
  3. Encourage!  Being the change I wish to see in the world.
  4. Explore.  Learning, enjoying, broadening.
  5. Experiment.  Opening my mind to better ways.
  6. Reach out.  Connecting, re-connecting, enlivening.
  7. Reach in.  Honesty, willingness, humility, acceptance, tolerance.
  8. Clean up.  Becoming more and more free!
  9. Share.  My blessings and my heart.
  10. Donate.  Stimulating, boosting, enriching.
  11. Carry on!  Persistence, dedication, faith.
  12. Smile!  My greatest gift?
  13. Dance!  Sharing the joy, living the love.
  14. Skip.  Freedom, playfulness.
  15. Run!  Staying young at heart.
  16. Read.  Learning, understanding, growing.
  17. Rest.  Recovering, rejuvenating, appreciating.
  18. Meditate…..  Centering, relaxing, gaining perspective.
  19. Love!  The meaning of life!
  20. Eat well.  Health, energy, focus.
  21. Connect.  Friendship, working together.
  22. Listen.  Supporting.
  23. Understand.  Considering & observing.
  24. Empathize.  Feeling their path.
  25. Contribute.  Getting involved.
  26. Participate.  Embracing life!