I’m hoping that I’m like a fine wine, in one way only.  Which way?  Getter smoother with age!  Life can turn us into vinegar, or enrich us with perspective, focus, wisdom and appreciation.

Life isn’t fair.  That is, it’s not all justice and equal opportunity.  We are dealt tragedy, heartbreak, illness, disease, pain, injustice, crime and abuse, in varying doses.  No one gets off totally free.  How we handle adversity decides how much we appreciate and optimize our gift of life.

People are irritating, irritable and irate at times.  We’re fun and funny.  Lovable and loving. People can profess deep love for us one day and leave us the next.  They can give us joy and rob us blind.  Reality is a tenuous thing.  What’s real to one person is delusion to another.  Adversity comes like a thief in the night.  The only certainty is uncertainty.  Is that scary?  Or exciting!  It can be either, or both.  Which sounds like more fun?  Which offers better possibilities?

Should we focus on the “wrongs” we’ve suffered?  Or look for the next right things to do?  How do we become the best possible versions of ourselves?  Is this the path to the best possible life?  Is there good nutrition?  Do we embrace regular exercise?  Meditative centering?  A focus on gratitude, fostering happiness?  Should we look for ways to serve other people?  Does it make sense to seek adventure, stimulating our curiosity, creativity and fun?  Should we break from routine?  What is there to be afraid of, beyond the misery of giving up?