Is that an alternate name for a sloth?  Maybe so.  Man, there was so much accumulated work: clutter and filth!  I know I’m going to love having a clean, organized and uncluttered home.  I just didn’t know how far away it was!

Today’s project was my bedroom.  Since it’s one of the bigger rooms in my home, it was packed with stuff.  Today I focused on getting to the carpet, so I could steam clean it.  I now have beautifully clean carpets in most rooms.  Yay!  Without really trying, I gathered two bags of disposables and two boxes of giveaways.  There will be so much more!  I still need to tackle a mountainous desk and an overloaded closet.  After I get through my room, there’s still Nick’s room and the mother of all challenges, the garage!  Lord, grant me the serenity to accept what is, the courage and persistence to grow and blossom, and the wisdom to love the journey!  🙂