Wellness is desirable.  It also involves big challenges.  An early challenge is recognizing what wellness is.  Physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social components suggest a need for balance.  Opposing forces include rationalization, addiction, compulsion, pessimism, unbelief, laziness, selfishness, denial, fear, lust, greed and mental imbalance, among others.

I’m embracing new exercise strategies, and my physical health has pleased me.  I’ve practiced complete sobriety, and I feel better than I ever have!  I’ve adopted healthier eating habits, and my energy level is steadily good.  I’ve faced my fears and looked into my soul.  I make mistakes, but I learn from them.  A clear, honest mind with willingness opens wonderful doors.

Wellness illuminates the interconnectedness of all aspects of our lives.  If I wish to become more well, I must look at all aspects of my life.  Today it was the despicable condition of my home!  Our carpet was filthy!  I’d rationalized that it’d get dirty again right away, and that it was more important to exercise, read, etc.  I’d given myself permission to live in a mess, thereby blocking the path to freedom.  Today, I decided to break that mold.  I’ve learned through repetition about many ways to NOT get help from Nicholas.  Today, I was not pushy.  I just gave him opportunity to choose to do the right thing.  Surprise!  He did!  The famously messy team of Nick and Frank evolved into cleaning machines.  We swept, vacuumed, steam-cleaned, dusted, washed, folded, cleaned, recycled, replaced, donated, scrubbed, disposed, organized, put away, deodorized, wiped and re-stocked.  We embraced a new facet of wellness.  It was much-needed, and perhaps opened a path to greater wellness.  I believe it to be so.  Removing blocks opens paths to new perspectives, opportunities, growth and belief.  What other false beliefs are holding me back?