There’s a lot of time to talk during a ten-mile walk.  About two and one-half hours for us.  I guess that’s proof that Annie and I are talkers, as we didn’t stop!  Maybe that’s why we’re so similar?  We’ve heard each other’s ideas a bit!  The sunshine was gloriously uplifting!  🙂

Leg muscles can take a lot of use.  We pounded them pretty hard during Saturday’s leg workout, then walked ten miles on Sunday.  My legs felt tight at the start of the walk, but once warmed up, they felt like powerful pistons, driving me anywhere I wanted to go.  What a great feeling!  My legs and lower back were tight again this (Monday) morning, but a hot shower stretch felt wonderful.  I’m excited to work my upper body and do some moderate spinning today.  “Use it or lose it” gains greater meaning for me! 🙂