Sometimes, you just need to do the dishes.  Well, when Annie’s around, you ALWAYS need to do the dishes!  She loves to cook.  How many people are having ten course meals for a group of 3-5?  We may be the only ones.  I think mental health services are in order.  For Annie’s addictive cooking?  For my support of her grandiose spreads?

The good news is that we should be able to burn off the food she’s preparing for us in time to face Christmas and New Year’s celebrations!

I’ve recovered from recent exercise, spending today on chores, massage, hair cut, etc.  My muscles are ready to go!  It feels a bit unusual to not be too sore.  If Annie reads this, I may regret saying that!  More jumping lunges!  More killer weight sets!  More Stairmaster!  More!  More!  More!  Fricken moreaholic!  Have I created a monster? 

Check out our menu here.  I wonder how many hours I should work out tomorrow morning…