I think this should be Annie’s new moniker.  She has little mercy on me when we exercise together.  It’s a love-hate relationship:  I love the way she opens my mind to new ways to mix up workouts.  I sometimes hate the soreness.  Tomorrow just may be one of those days!  Today, before the Dad’s weekend concert in Pullman, we joined Lauren at the awesome Rec Center for weight lifting and extreme incline climbing, as wells as interval running.  My hamstrings were already sore from dead lifts a couple of days back.  A song has come to mind:  “you ain’t seen nothing yet….”  If I can walk tomorrow, we’ll hit arms weights hard before watching a basketball and football doubleheader.  Watching Mike Leach interviews has been nearly as much fun as watching the games!

Dancing at the concert was invigorating!  Maybe that’ll push out enough lactic acid to save me?