Wow!  Even the act of writing is taking me out of living in the moment, so should this be my last post?  Perhaps not, but I learn more from reading than writing.  Zen Golf clarified that we live in sensory perception or in thought.  That is, one is often exclusive of the other.  Perhaps they’re opposed to each other.  Deep thinking is living in the past or the future, while being acutely aware of our senses demands living in the now.  Now is very real.  Reminiscing or planning have less relation to reality.

Some of my best living in the moment occurs when I really need a shower, and then get one.  After a stay in the wilderness, a long sweaty workout, or a hard day of manual labor, I deeply appreciate a good shower.  Warm, soothing water caresses my skin, washing away the filth, and relaxing my muscles.  I luxuriate in the moments.  Still, my mind wanders to thought.  Perhaps with more practice, I’ll get better and better at living in the now.  I’ve accepted in my mind that this is best, yet that same mind still wanders!  ( :