Themed potlucks are gaining traction at work.  Today I’m taking a crock pot of butternut squash chili.  I didn’t choose squash, but I’m choosing to embrace it.  This attitude makes my life more fun.  I sure hope the chili is good, because there’s a lot of it!  If not: free dog food anyone?

Life is filled with growth opportunities!  Building a 2013 budget has been fraught with continual overhaul and bureaucratic delays, pushing me to laugh out loud throughout last evening’s run.  My interpretation?  Wonderful spiritual growth!

It felt great to run!  I wore quasi-minimalist shoes, without orthotics, and felt a natural flow.  I relaxed my right ankle, so the soreness I felt early slipped away.  Often, it gets worse as I go.  Yesterday I ran at least six miles, with no throbbing at the end.  Some of my other bonuses were a re-charged spirit, renewed energy, toxin removal, boosted confidence and improved endurance.  Yay!

Dr. Dean Ornish’s book “The Spectrum” is awesome!  If everyone read it, I’m betting our health care dilemma would be largely solved.  He lays wellness facts out clearly and offers beautiful descriptions of the joyous fun that better health delivers.  Better sex!  Ability to do incredibly fun things!  More energy!  A positive view on life!  No guilt or shame.  Rather, opportunity to feel great about ourselves!  I’m stoked!