Some things sound so obvious, but I need the reminders anyway.  So to say I need to do more to become able to do even more seems unnecessary.  But these types of reminders help me push myself, so that my conditioning improves.  This opens beautiful doors to me!  Reading Cheryl Strayed’s book “Wild” has me fantasizing about hiking more of the Pacific Crest Trail.  The parts I’ve seen and heard of are spiritual magnets.  But I’m the guy who found a thirty pound pack to be heavy on my recent hike.  So I think leg and core strengthening is in order.  Now I have special motivation to do it!  I’ve never seen the High Sierras.  There are 1,700 miles of Pacific Crest Trail calling my name!  Who wants to go with me?  I think we’ll be in for heaven on earth!  ( :

Gran Fondo’s bike ride was fun!  As the leader announced two groupings, I guessed mountain bikes would lean towards the slower group.  But when I saw some join the first group, I hopped on my bike and followed.  Starting at the back, I started passing the slower riders.  I typically ride only an hour and a half or less, so I tend to push the pace.  Maybe I’m an endorphin junkie.  I’ve had worse addictions!  After passing the mountain bikes and slower road bikers, I pedaled furiously to keep the medium quick road bikes in sight.  There were a lot of turns, so I finally lost sight of them, limited to a rather slow top gear.  Somewhere I missed a painted red arrow, and got off course.  Too bad for me and the half-dozen people who followed me!  A kind lady’s smart phone got us back on course.  I was grateful, because I got to tour several beautiful vineyards, orchards and wineries that I’d never visited before.  It felt so good to ride hard.  The challenge of chasing lighter bikes was just what I needed!

After watching football and the Ryder Cup, I was primed for more sunshine today.  So I went for a run.  I was a bit surprised by how good my legs felt, so I ran my full training loop.  It was a little slow, partly because of the warm weather, but the sun and the workout felt so good!  Maybe I”m getting in better shape.  What adventures will open up to me?  I’m hoping for new discoveries, new achievements, new foods and new friends!  ( :