Eagle Cap from East Fork Lostine River Trail

It’s not every day I get to sun bathe on the top of a 9,572 foot mountain.  Glorious sunshine and amazing scenery gave splendor to my weekend.  Eagle Cap is a very special treat.  Yay!

The Matterhorn.

Packing a bunch of weight around is not normal for me.  Walking up a mountain is not normal for me either.  Walking up a mountain with a bunch of weight on my back requires desire, commitment, perseverance and faith that I can do it.  It didn’t kill me and it did make me stronger and richer, as well as more inspired, motivated and grateful!

Frankoshanko on Eagle Cap summit, fully alive! ( :

The hardest places to get to are often the most beautiful.  Mountain tops are wonderful examples of this.  Camping in a place where every direction offers heavenly views is a rare treat.

Lakes Basin.

On Friday, I’m hoping to get my first experience golfing the Palouse Ridge Golf Club with some of my brothers.  On Saturday the Washington State University Cougars take on the University of Colorado in Martin Stadium.  I’ll get chances to visit with family and hang out with Annie, enjoying fun, exercise and great food.  I think I’m learning to live my dream, little steps at a time.  ( :

View of glaciers from Eagle Cap summit, 9/16/12.