Truly, it’s just one step at a time.  Thinking about the size of the mountain might leave me on the couch.   But I can do the next step.  The step after that is too far in the future to worry about!

Achieving physical challenges is a form of spiritual art to me.  Faith means believing in something.  Gaining this faith in my physical ability grows from taking all the baby steps that have molded me into a person who can go climb a mountain.  Climbing the mountain may yield many positive benefits.  The forecast is for sun, so some soul igniting views are highly possible!  Views of heaven from earth?  It really excites me to think about it!

Other potential benefits are that I may be spurred to climb the other mountains in my life.  A cleaner home?  New ways to relate to challenging people?  Paddle boarding?  Making new friends?  Chasing my passions?  Embracing the beauty of all types of days, encounters, personalities, styles, activities and challenges?  Living fully more of the time?  Could it be?  Am I limited only by my decisions to believe or not believe?  Wow!  It’s a sunny September day!  I’m very blessed!  Thank you Lord!  Help me live this day really well.  Help me make it better for some other people.  Help me feel complete gratitude for all of my blessings!  ( :