So tasty!  So healthy!  How could one go wrong?  I’m leaving the mainstream, abandoning white flour and sugar laced cookies and cakes for much healthier treats.  Greased white flour pizzas are replaced with whole wheat crusts and healthier and tastier cheeses.  There are many simple carbohydrate junkies running free, so most restaurants still cater to them.  Oh well.  My body knows the truth.  My energy levels show the wise path.  My creative inspirations and excited anticipation show me the ways to eat and live.  Recognizing the signs of how our choices affect us is a crucial first step.  Short-term highs correlate with long-term crashes.  Steady energy flows from healthful balance.  The complex interactions of health fostering health play out on all levels:  physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  Spiral up or spiral down?  Faith means knowing the truth and sticking with it.  Discipline is a cornerstone of moving towards a utopian freedom.  Spaghizza plays a beautiful role.  Combining wonderful things opens up new wonders.  Now my body wants to run and jump and skip and dance!  Yay!  ( :