It’s a Saturday in September.  It’s game day!  Even if I didn’t enjoy watching American football, the social spectacle would probably still draw me in.  I’ll join 35,000 others in Pullman today to celebrate the art of body slamming.  It’s right up there with boxing and head butting on my list of good things to do with my body.  But I’m always excited to watch other people do it.  For myself, I’ve always loved throwing and catching the ball, as well as using shifty moves and speed to avoid tackles.  The more brutal aspects are manly fun, but perhaps not worth limping around for the rest of one’s life.  Wars like these lead to many casualties.

It’s only a game!  This is a great lesson for those of us who’ve invested our egos in fanhood.  Can victory by “our” team validate our worth in any way?  Celebration of competition is fun and exciting.  Wanting to win is human.  Losing is smothered in beautiful lessons.  Achieving our best and watching others do so is magnificent.  Hoping to see such mastery draws us back, searching for more proof that everything is possible.  Let’s re-kindle our fires!  Go Cougars!!!