I feel freedom sometimes.  I want it often.  I keep finding different definitions for it.  I sense this is because I’ve tasted its serenity without being completely free.  That is, waves of freedom arise from surrender, but my surrender has not been complete, so the peacefulness has been intermittent.  Whether this is the definition of being human or not, I’m not sure.  I know in my heart that I crave this freedom, and that my greatest wish is for everyone to have it.  I pray for it for those I’ve loved who still search for it.  I pray for it for those who don’t even know to want it.  I pray to move towards more complete surrender in my heart, my soul and my mind, so that I can be an example of acceptance, compassion, love, tolerance, contentment, happiness, joy and service.  Hey!  Someone told me to dream big!  ( :