I sense that the Olympics are not finished with me.  I have enough unseen material on my DVR to stretch them out, and I ignored much of the news, so they’re good for me.  Plus, I’m hopeful that the spirit of the games will live on for as long as possible!  The top-tier athletes are looking good!  I’ve ridden my bicycles and ran often, so I’m feeling pretty fit.  Today I visit an orthopedic specialist to assess my healing elbow.  It would sure feel good to be able to do more upper body work, play golf, throw a football, play tennis, etc.

Yesterday I ramped up my ab work and today I feel good.  I want to seize this Olympic after-glow to break past mental barriers and reach new heights.  I can be better, stronger, faster and more flexible.  I can also be more enlightened, more adaptable, more patient and more creative.  Last evening I hopped on my Kona mountain bicycle and was totally enthralled with it again.  It had been several weeks since I rode it, after a tire blowout, a car flattening windstorm and the resulting separation.  I’m just as amazed all over again.  It is an engineering masterpiece!  I feel like my legs are powerful pistons when I’m riding it.  I zoomed around for an hour last night, passing sundown and many people, out for their evening walks, runs and rides.  I embraced the burn in my legs, the pull of my abs and the pumping of my heart and lungs.  I was like a kid at Christmas, loving the moment, as well as measuring my progress.  I was a believer, full of hope, dedication and zeal for the moment.  I was fully alive!