I surely didn’t expect to write this, but it’s true.  I’m inspired by my new 4Runner!  It reminds me of who I am.  It helps me visualize who I want to be.  It flashes me back to amazing discoveries, free-spirited friends and exhilarating adventures.  I’m a wild thing!  I like to go back to nature.  I’m fired up to climb mountains, ski slopes and bike wild trails.  I want to do more kayaking, snow-shoeing and sight-seeing.  I’d like to try paddle-boarding and wind surfing.   

I like listening to the sounds of nature.  I enjoy the splendor of a starlit night in the deep darkness of the backcountry.  Escape from electricity!  I love mountain-top views and alpine lakes.  Natural beauty polishes my spirit!

I enjoy college football games on snowy Saturday afternoons.  Go Cougars!  It’s a huge blessing to have a sure-footed vehicle on slippery days.  Modern safeguards like air bags and computerized traction and braking also add to my peace of mind.  

I appreciate having a rig that can handle a variety of conditions.  I’m enjoying the chance to sit up higher.  It’s a new perspective on life.  Exceptional ground clearance and a stiff suspension make my world bigger.  I have room to carry several friends, or a lot of gear.

This ride will help me live fully.  Time to get wild!  ( :