Nicholas is very much like me in many ways.  He is also very different from me in some ways.  Both help him be a good teacher to me.  Our teachers appear from everywhere!  We can learn much from careful observation of others.

Nicholas has a very kind heart.  He loves people and is very good at reading them.  He loves to laugh and play.  He does not love chores, but is getting better about doing them, because his heart tells him it is the right thing to do.  Mostly, he wants to have fun!

Nicholas believes in clean living.  He’s chosen to avoid drugs and alcohol without having to go through the learning pains of overuse/abuse.  What a great running start on life!

Nick is strong and agile.  His quickness makes him a fun hackysack partner.  His creativity helps him invent new shots, keeping the game fun and entertaining.  He is also very good at tennis.  He’s at a higher level than me, though I give him my best when I get the chance.

Nick’s creativity helps open my mind.  He’s not afraid to challenge my thinking, which is exactly what I need.  Examining my database helps crystallize the positive beliefs and overcome the hurtful ones.  What a blessing!

Nicholas has blossomed beautifully in recent years.  He’s learned to eat better, study consistently and work earnestly.  He’s building life skills that will be crucial to his continuing progress.  He’s learning to balance more parts of life, though he has a very strong passion for video gaming.  Luckily, he also is passionate about his girlfriend Jaslyn, which draws him back to non-virtual life!

Nick is blessed to have good guidance from his older sister Annie.  It’s easier for him to learn from her at times, and she is a great role model and source of ideas.  She’s helped Nick become an excellent student and a healthy eater.  Those are wonderful gifts!  ( :