I really do love life.  My new bike is amazingly cool.  But this week, due to the demise of my old car, I’ve ridden my 1986 Panasonic mountain bike several times.  It is so fun!  This bike is as great of a material friend as my old car was.  The three of us (yes, other people too!) have had hundreds of exhilarating adventures together.  These adventures add spring to my step and sparkle to my eyes.  They are as much of who I am as are the genes my parents blessed me with. 

I like the smell of my new rig.  Yes, the computerized navigation, voice activated Bluetooth, air bags, computerized traction and brakes and all the other modern amenities are nice.  But I was happy with the old car.  That’s because life is fun!  Adventure awaits!  Cool people to meet are around almost every corner!  There are many things to learn, experience and discover!  I’m off to stir up some new tales!!!